USC-Stanford Pick The Score

It’s the battle of the backups tonight at the Coliseum. And when I look at the rosters, I can find plenty of reasons for USC to win this game.

Especially when Stanford could not manage a point without K.J. Costello last week against Northwestern.

But last week’s USC victory over Fresno State left such a sour taste with its resemblance to 2018, that I am going to take Stanford.

If Fresno State solved the new Air Raid after about a quarter, wouldn’t Stanford be able to contain it? David Shaw is going to want to run the ball but I’m more concerned about what happens if QB Davis Mills is able to exploit USC’s secondary. He didn’t do that vs. Northwestern but USC’s secondary is probably worse.

I don’t think the USC offense will be much different with JT Daniels or Kedon Slovis, so I’m not dwelling on the QB change.

I’m going with Stanford, 27-17.

84 thoughts on “USC-Stanford Pick The Score

  1. Lord, I hate to agree with Wolf. I think the talent on the two teams favors USC. This game will probably come down to coaching and game planning, and also be able to adapt to unexpected situations. Unfortunately that is not Helton strong suit. Stanford 31 – USC 14

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      1. I’ll be thinking of you the first time the refs turn the ball over to USC on a non fumble…..


  2. hmmmmm… special teams and turnovers are the key, me thinks…
    I like the Stanford kickers name–Jet Toner. However, Stanford’s special teams are up against Bax and his boys, and rumor has it that the Bax has
    cooked up a play that will bedazzle and stupefy, Stanford—on SC’s first kick off—all 8 or 9, 11 or 14 players on the field for the Trojans will be wearing–the same number! You think Helton looks confused before?
    SC 23–Stanford 17….or Stanford 23–SC 17….

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  3. Ordinarily I would have Stanford winning by 14. After watching Davis last week….he makes me uncomfortable. Little is hurt. Their defense is under rated.
    So…….depending on Helton to be himself……..Stanford 24 USC 23.

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  4. If execution and coaching are as advertised during the summer, then:

    Trojans 27, Tribe 16

    If we have a replay of last week’s performance, then:

    Tribe 24, Trojans 13

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      1. Yeah —The meteor thing seems excessive. Reminds me of the motorcyclist in California who drove into a brick wall and killed himself when the helmet law went into effect……

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      2. Good point, 67. When you put it that way, I totally get it…..
        Hey, did you see that the Cincinnati team that destroyed UCLA got beat like a 100 to nothin’ today?

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  5. I keep thinking the script writers for USC are the same sorry bunch leftover from crappy Disney sports movies of the 90s and before. Movies like Air Bud or Mighty Ducks that have improbable situations with semi-happy endings are what I am thinking about.
    So last week the hard luck coach had improbable penalties, such as two guys with the same number or a lineman a few yards too far up field, call back spectacular touchdown plays. I think the writing was a little too Disney because although these penalties existed for a reason, neither had any effect of unfair advantage during the play.
    In the spirit of the original pick the score post I decided to run with the ending script for tonight’s game.
    Setting: Dimly lit corridor under stadium, one end leads to the field, the other to the street and beyond.
    The locker room door opens, the home team’s lockers are quiet and subdued. The Head coach exits toward the corridor where he meets the athletic director.
    Coach: “might as well get the press briefing over with. “
    AD: “that won’t be necessary Clay, I’ll take it tonight.” Puts arm on coach’s shoulder.
    AD: “walk with me.” Spoken calmly.
    Coach: look of surprise and resignation on his face, dropping countenance, walks beside AD towards the street and beyond.
    AD : Returns alone, straightening tie and clearing throat. Greeted by the School President by pressroom door. “I have to make an announcement. “
    College President: “That won’t be necessary, I’ll take tonight, please walk with me.” Spoken calmly. Places arm on AD’s shoulder—-to be continued …

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    1. Would that were the case here….so hoping that will materialize but flip who gets sacked first because unless that clown Swann is gone no guarantee the next head coach will be any better than poor clueless Helton.

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    2. My script has the wacky but loveable incompetent head coach winning tonight (thanks to NW’s dirty hit on the Indians starting QB last week) and the AD extends his contract another three years. I call it “How To Succeed In Football Without Really Trying.”

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  6. There’s no way to pick this game because I know next to nothing about how this QB will perform in his first real test. Contrary to what the Wolfman says, the offense would be a lot different under J.T. unless this kid is better than we all think he is.

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    1. I know it sounds mean, but any of the were 3 better than helltons favorite jt…he can’t move as well as the others …this ‘O ‘ line is just starting to improve…Drevno is doing the best he can with a dumbass helton still in charge…good thing he has a few good coaches to counter his incompetence as a so called head coach.


      1. Harbaugh is the kind of coach who can turn a program around very fast, but then he always wears out his welcome. The guy is sufficiently nuts that ultimately no one can stand being around him. The first sign is poor team performance.

        Maybe his last year at Michigan?

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      1. UCLA FB Succs big time; there is no excuse for UCLA’s hideous, vacant RB, deja vu loss.

        Just for the record, I much preferred Rocky Long to replace Mora before CK was lured to UCLA. The consensus opinion: “He’s too old.”

        Last thought on this ugly day, CK, please, please turn the team over to Chase Griffin: DTR is spent fuel.


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  7. USG Research Labs West 20
    5th Century Western Empire 6

    But then again…I thought UCLA showed potential against Cincinnati, so I’m a ****ing idiot (but still 4*, according to my own recruiting service, so…)…

    Congrats to Colorado…nice comeback (Scott Frost still with much work to be done in Lincoln)…

    And even if against Sac. State, congrats to Herm Edwards and the Desert Devils…

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    1. James —First, may I assure you that I’m not “liking” the [you’re] “a f**king idiot” part of your post — I am joining with you in congratulating Herm. The USC of 2019 would never intentionally go out and grab a coach with that much savvy and heart…

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      1. In some ways (not all), Herm is what Clay tries/pretends to be, but isn’t…but oh well, as Mr. Spock says to Kim Catrall in Star Trek VI: “You must have faith…that the universe will unfold as it is meant to…”

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  8. Hers’a score SDSU 23 bel-air tech 14….year 2 for Kelly and what a year it’s been so far huh? They’ll get a decent crowd next Saturday as OK kicks them down a flight of stairs and 80% of those in their seats are Sooner fans…..just think clowns you only have another 25 years to go at the Rose Bowl…..truly what a mess ucla is and Guerrero what an AD huh?

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      1. Except days where something you love has been horribly defiled…. and all your beliefs about the way the universe works have been trampled…. and something you’re closely associated with has become the laughing stock of the industrialized world…. (I could go on —but you get the picture)…
        Say! Wouldn’t today be another fun day to visit the UCLA sports sites?! Bruins always buy it when you offer really insincere condolences —like anyone really gives a sh*t their AD flushed their whole program down the toilet….
        (I know I’m being way excessive, James, but I need to revel before the game starts……just in case)……

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      2. James — It was just my fear of losing to Stanford talking….


  9. If I was a neutral defensive coordinator, USC’s offense would scare me far more than Stanford’s.

    For me, this is not about Mills versus our secondary, it’s about our front 7 versus Mills. He’s on the road for his first start, in a conference opener, against a defense that is far more athletic than what he saw last week or has ever seen in his life. I can almost guarantee you that Mills is more nervous than Slovis is and he has reason to be. It’s time to bring that speed, quickness and athleticism I saw on the outside last week into focus and put it to practical and purposeful use. I’m looking for the freshman end and Gaoteote to have coming out parties tonight. Stanford is bound to have outlets available for Mills so get you hands up too. The question is who is going to be able to dictate the pace of the game and how long the defense will be on the field.

    I’m agreeing with Coach Helton that we just need to run the offense and execute. Keep the ball off the ground and Stanford on their heels. There’s no way they can stop this offense consistently.

    SWAG is confidence plus pride, let’s see it.

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    1. You’re showing quite a bit of Swag yourself today, Clay. I don’t know why I agree with you so strongly —only a lot of little about last week’s game seem to indicate it —but I see what you see: A Stanford QB getting into serious trouble —sacks, near sacks, tipped balls, fumbles, interceptions. I think this is gonna be the game USC fans have been waiting for for a LONG time.

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      1. You gotta follow your own mind about it, MG.

        We’ll see what Clancy does or feel he has to do in the box. The DTs are going to see a lot of action and we’re going to have to rotate more than we did last week for sure.

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      2. Clay —Shaw is used to having more experience on the O-line and at QB — this could be everything we’ve been hoping for…..

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  10. Wolf, I like your critical comments on the State of the Program, because it always keeps me grounded.
    But if you ARE A TROJAN FAN, have a little more faith in us, my man!
    Stan- 20

    And it was a good game!


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