USC/Lynn Swann Podcast

Here are my thoughts on today’s removal of Lynn Swann along with Kedon Slovis and the BYU game.

6 thoughts on “USC/Lynn Swann Podcast

    1. There are no real little guys in basketball like there is in football. Tournaments with highly ranked opponents won’t show up on a schedule either.


  1. To the tune of Oscar Meyer Bologna

    My football team has a new coach it’s U.R B A N

    My football team fired its old coach his name’s C L A Y

    Oh, I Love it when they beat the Farm, win Rose Bowls, and National Championships

    Cause Urban Meyer has a way of F I G H T O N!


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      1. Of course I largely jest – not as to bringing in a new coach, but as to it being Urban…odds are exceedingly long on that, so don’t believe anyone should get hung up on him (or any particular individual – with all of the built-in advantages, there are probably a dozen coaches who could restore the program)…

        But it’s fun to think what a coach with his demonstrated talent could do at USC…and as to what the over/under (second/hours) for the phone to ring with a call from Alabama cancelling the opener next year (as opposed to now, where they are probably calling every day trying to get us as a permanent season opener as long as the current coach is retained).


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