USC Notes: An AD Candidate

I met with a USC donor today, who said he believed Oregon athletic director Rob Mullens is going to pursued by the university.

“I don’t think (Nike owner) Phil Knight will let him go,” the donor said.

  • I think fans will be surprised USC is not more popular with the oddsmakers when it comes to winning the Pac-12 basketball title. Here is what BetOnline has for current odds:

Regular Season Champion – Odds to Win the Pac-12

Oregon                         11/4     

Arizona                         7/2       

Washington                   4/1       

Arizona State                10/1     

UCLA                            10/1     

Colorado                      12/1     

USC                             12/1     

Utah                             20/1     

Stanford                       25/1     

Oregon State                33/1     

California                      33/1     

Washington State          50/1    

15 thoughts on “USC Notes: An AD Candidate

  1. SCooter,

    Please proof read. Sheesh. So the question is, is the Oregon AD that good or does Knight’s money talk with all the new gadgets that the kids can use. Does the Oregon AD bring along Knight and his cash and put in all the gadgets. We will see.


    1. Poor Andyain’twinning, he’s recruited a top BB class and he still doesn’t rate any BB respect.

      Question is, WHY does Andyain’twinning deserve a soupcon of BB respect. I mean Enfield took his highly rated BB team on the Spinach tour and feasted on Spanish and French HS cupcakes.

      True, Andyain’twinning has scheduled Villanova vs Clown U at Staples. Problem is, it’s an exhibition BB game for charity.

      Therefore, Enfield and the bozos can choke big time in the meaningless game w/o much loud criticism.

      And the Clownster’s wonder why Andyain’twinning receives zero respect.


      1. gt –As somebody here said — if our team can keep their heads with all the crap flying around this week, they’ll be ready to face ANYTHING.

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