USC Athletic Director Odds

Bovada actually has USC athletic director odds. Not good odds, but odds.

When you have Urban Meyer as the No. 2 candidate, how serious can this be? Or O.J. Simpson? But at least it is a start.

Pat Chun+100
Urban Meyer+280
Dave Roberts+400
Rick George+800
Desiree Reed-Francois+1100
Joe Parker+1100
Jamie Pollard+1100
Mark Jackson+1100
OJ Simpson+100000

14 thoughts on “USC Athletic Director Odds

  1. Oh puleeeze does anyone actually believe OJ would take a stab at being an athletic director? But honestly I am rooting for someone with experience and acumen for the position.

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      1. Buddha,

        If you are not aware, Darryl Gross was the person who recommended Carroll to Garrett. He was the AD at Syracuse. His family still attends SC football games. He is solid as any other.


  2. How about a real post. Where is the “10 things” USC needs to fix in order to beat BYU? The favorite thing would be not to have two #7’s, o ask Talanoa Hufanga not to celebrate after making regular plays.
    I miss those posts. They were very funny.


  3. What are the odds for Steve Lopes? I hope he never gets it but just curious.




  4. C’mon, everybody knows O.J. couldn’t cut it.

    And our boy Reggie Bush has got to go ahead of Simpson

    Why not bring back the guy that hired Pete Carroll?

    Only kidding!


  5. Daryl Gross was the Assistant Athletic Director under Mike Garrett. But, before that, he was a wide receiver at U.C. Davis when it won a National Championship in the 1980s. The quarterback of the Cal Aggies at that time was Chris Petersen of the University of Washington, Both remain close friends to this day. Gross left USC to become AD at Syracuse, and later, when Mike Garrett moved over to Cal State L.A. he brought Gross on board, and Cheryl Miller.


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