Clay Helton Speaks On Thursday

Clay Helton finally spoke about wide receiver Devon Williams entering the NCAA transfer portal.

“Great kid, good player, wish him nothing the best,” Helton said.

You mean he isn’t a part of Helton’s family for life like Jack Sears? This is why Helton should not make ridiculous statements like that because they sound insincere.

  • John Jackson and Velus Jones will replace Williams, per Helton. Of course, Williams played 10 snaps vs. Stanford and 0 vs. Fresno State so how big a role was it?
  • Injury report: Defensive end Christian Rector (ankle) is questionable. Defensive back Chase Williams (knee) should play. Tailback Markese Stepp (calf) is a game-time decision.
  • Wide receiver Kyle Ford, who tore his ACL last year, should be able to play in November. That way USC can play him and protect his redshirt year.

9 thoughts on “Clay Helton Speaks On Thursday

  1. I don’t get Devon’s logic here —-he probably would have replaced Pittman and STARTED at Wide Receiver against Alabama in a HUGE game to open the 2020 season.

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    1. BRU is looming, MG. He or Kyle will be the next Ju-ju.
      You make a great point (like always) about the Bama game and I will take it even further: Devon Williams is a future NFL player and if he is just patient enough ( this season and next then he is eligible), his time will come. Now if his goal is to be a college football star, then by all means enter the wormhole portal, sit out that same year where you’d be playing, and voila. However, why peak now? Why not develop in the year round Cali sunshine? Why not sharpen your skills against some hungry, top notch DBs like ITS, Olaijah G, and others? Makes little sense. He needs better advisers.


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    2. You’re looking for logic and a lot of this is emotional and kind of spiritual in a way. When you feel like you have game and yet you mostly just stand there and watch it, it’s hard to be content. On the one hand, you’re looking for guys who feel that way, but guys who feel that way don’t want to sit. Arturo made a comment about him being an NFL player and from his size and the little bit I’ve seen, I don’t doubt it. Football players want to play and it’s kind of a “have game, will travel” situation with how easy it is to transfer. I appreciate the logic of him staying, but I appreciate the feeling that makes him want to leave as well. There are a lot of mouths to feed on this offense and you don’t want to go hungry, especially when so much is on the line. We don’t know what’s in his head, but I honestly don’t blame him for seeking playing time. It could be the best move he ever made if he chooses his next school well.

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  2. I hate losing the kid. He’s going to be a star somewhere. It should have been here. But we’re stacked at the receiver position. But they better start giving Stepp some carries or they are going to lose him too. We can’t afford to lose Stepp.

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