If It’s Friday, It’s Time For A USC Notes Column

A part of me still finds it hard to believe Lynn Swann is no longer athletic director.

After the way former president Max Nikias celebrity-worshipped Swann and interim president Wanda Austin chose to ignore his shortcomings, Carol Folt is a totally foreign entity for USC’s administration.

Witnesses from Monday keep emphasizing how blindsided Swann was by his dismissal. Remember, he wanted to be USC athletic director for 10 years.

Swann showed such little concern for the fans that it’s easy to see why he has generated no sympathy this week.

  • “Is he going to lose his complimentary membership at Wilshire Country Club now that he is no longer athletic director?” one booster mused this week.
  • USC interim A.D. Dave Roberts has his own share of critics. A former USC coach contacted me to complain about his own run-ins with Roberts, who could be abrasive when he was compliance director. And a donor complained about the time Roberts tried to kick him off the sideline before a road game. The standoff ended with the donor winning when it was determined they had a field pass from USC’s opponent.
  • BYU ranks No. 128 out of 130 teams in rushing defense. The Cougars allow 252 yards per game. Will that force Graham Harrell to adapt a run-first game plan Saturday?
  • A Pac-12 TV analyst agreed with me that USC played with more energy vs. Arizona State last year and Stanford last weekend when backup quarterbacks were thrusted into the starting job.
  • Oklahoma athletic director Joe Castiglione is speaking to the Pasadena Quarterbacks Club today. It is hard to imagine he would leave for USC but Folt might want to call him to see if he can help lure Bob Stoops.
  • USC is offering the first 100 former players who responded two free tickets and a sideline pass to the Utah game. After the first 100, it is offering one free ticket and one sideline pass.
  • Can you believe USC defensive end Connor Murphy recorded the first sack of his career vs. Stanford? His former classmate, Oluwole Betiku, also never had a sack at USC but now leads the nation in sacks at Illinois.
  • JT Daniels will not make the trip to BYU because the flight could cause swelling in his injured knee.
  • Off topic: I spoke to three NFL scouts this week and none of them said they would take Oregon quarterback Justin Herbert with the No. 1 pick. Their primary complaint is they are not sure Herbert is a leader or QB who plays well when his team falls behind.
  • And finally . . . if you missed my USC podcast this week which deals heavily on Swann, it’s below.

38 thoughts on “If It’s Friday, It’s Time For A USC Notes Column

  1. Will someone please give Devon Williams the phone number for Cary Angeline? Angeline was the scout team player of the year in his redshirt year and was skipped over in games and left. It appears like Helton is incapable of learning. He repeats mistakes. Apparently Drake London started against Stanford and the message must have been that he leaped over Williams in the pecking order. Williams probably has the best shot at being a starter in the pros even over the other starting receivers. So Williams was not going to get buried on the bench. Now he will go to Oregon or Notre Dame and show up in a game against USC………this year!

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      1. Slovis says you’re full of sh!t. Your predictions say your full of !t. Your knowledge of how the portal works says you don’t know sh!t about football.

        “Bawaaaa” cried the troll….bawaaaa, waaa!

        ruins suck. troll.

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      2. Why does Helton’s cock Sucker, Pudly 76 bother to log into Scott Wolfs page ? It’s because he wishes he were him, or Petros Papadakis, either one will do, because both are USC insiders . 😂😂. Hey Puds 76, go start you’re own blog, and let’s see how many people follow you, you Bozo wanna be insider .

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      3. There is talent up and down this roster. How can you say the guy who put the roster together has no eye for talent? I’m not attacking you, but I don’t know where you’re coming from with this. This is the guy who found a QB that nobody else was looking at and gave him a scholarship that you most likely bitched about.

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      4. Bawaaaa…..I’ll throw a tantrum and call names if I’m called out for being wrong….bawaaaa!!!
        I’m not only stupid about football, I’m a homophobe and transphobic troll who’s only contribution has been in edumacating this board with your filth. Good for you and your little troll buddies. You really showed me.


        ruins suck, troll


      5. Pudly-
        WTF are you talking about, transphobic? If you like hanging out with men whom pretend they”re women and think it”s normal, have at it. But I don’t think it’s necessary for you to discuss your mental illness with us.

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    1. Williams was Michael Pittman’s back up and Drake London is St Brown’s back up. They play different positions and saying London “leaped over Williams” is inaccurate.

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      1. After a torn ACL, surgery can’t take place until the swelling goes down, usually about a month. So Daniels not flying is most likely due to the fact that the travel would delay his operation.

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      2. So sensitive, Wolfe. It is very cringey how you use your alterna users to defend your narrative. It’s like they have separate personalities.


    1. Scott is a mean little man who is petty and jealous. Even if JT loses his starting position he won’t be second string at USC. He could end up at Stanford reeking havoc on USC’s back 7 and upgrading his education there working on his masters degree.

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        Little early in the day to be hitting the crack pipe isn’t cloudshithead ?

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  2. Weak BYU rush defense sounds like a great opportunity for Stepp if he is healthy.

    Today’s photo of Swann says it all – he is over-the-top entitled and arrogant, and so of course he never saw his firing coming.

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  3. Helton’s nonchalant attitude about losing Devin Williams was on full display. Gomer will never admit he blew it and lost yet another talented player to stupidity.

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  4. Scott –Just wanted to update you on Swann’s complimentary membership at the Wilshire Country Club —– Swann received a hand delivered letter on Tuesday that read in relevant part, “Of course it would look bad for all parties if your membership was cancelled as of yesterday…. so please be assured that you are in good standing through December 31st…… kindly don’t embarrass us by forcing the issue after that date.”

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      1. This really is kinda a blessing in disguise, 67 —Swann can hang out under one of the chain link baskets on the asphalt courts and sell autographs for fifty cents (I’m sorry —am I cruelly venturing a little too close to the memorable ending in the “Blue Angel”)?

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    1. MG, I am guessing that after pocketing roughly $16 million from SC – assuming Scottie is correct with the $3 million annual salary, plus my guess at one year of severance pay – that Swann will be relocating to a fancy home on a fairway…

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      1. Nice work, 67 —Now Swann’s lawyers are gonna sue for the missing “four million” ….

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      2. His net worth coming into the job was said to be about $22M.. don’t think he’s sweating the membership. Unlike krappa who’s net worth is calculated in cents.


      3. Pudsucker, I bet you’re a rich ‘man”, they say gay porn actors make more than straight porn actors so you should be rolling in dough, or feces or whatever you like to roll in !

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      4. 67 —remember the Eddie Murphy stand-up routine?: “10%!”…….

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  5. J.T. Daniels should definitely make the trip to BYU. There’s a solution to his knee problem: sit at the back of the plane, lay on your back, and put both knees in the air. Your knee pain will be the least of your worries, especially with Fink and Sears around.


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