Pick The USC-BYU Score

With an early kickoff, you can pick a score for the USC-BYU game today. USC is a 4-point favorite. I will make my pick tomorrow. Is this a “trap” game as Clay Helton said earlier in the week?

43 thoughts on “Pick The USC-BYU Score

    1. James —I hope it’s a bigger margin but that score sounds about like what Vegas is thinking, too…. the thing I like least about that prediction is it almost has a last second USC winning score built into it….

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    2. Just seemed right…not sure if that (last second USC score)…or USC cushion that BYU scores late to cut into…don’t think a blowout (BYU has played Utah and Tennessee…and they have a history of being tough, especially at home)…

      Big game for staff…get past this then you’re to your exam and it’s only about the exam…like ’67 would sure like to see Stepp get a good workload…

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    1. I kinda hope we don’t play physical, run-oriented football this weekend —-I don’t want to see anybody on the o-line out for Utah….

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  1. Here are some factors to consider before predicting
    1.Clay Helton’s road record
    2. The Altitude in Provo
    3.Clay Helton is coaching
    4. The weather in Provo
    5. Solvis’ first college away game (he never rode an airplane in HS)
    6. Clay Helton doesn’t substitute
    7. The number of players in the Portal as of today
    8. Clay Helton will be there

    My Score 42-17 USC because the equipment manager just bought noise cancelling earphones for Clay Helton

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    1. It’s amazing how many times Clay Helton’s name appears on your list, Rialto…..

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      1. As Dan Weber put it —“No way BYU can beat the Trojans… but the Trojans can beat the Trojans”….


  2. 38-20

    We will break at least one long TD run and turn a short pass into a long TD. Defense comes up with 3 takeaways.

    Their QB will pick up at least 3 or 4 maddening first downs on the ground where we should have drives stopped.

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    1. Wow! Sounds like Fresno State [times two]!


  3. So, I’m still trying to wrap my head around all the implications of this new offense and something seemingly obvious struck me. Turnovers are always a problem regardless of the offense you run, but the problem seems even more acute in this offense. If you are already especially sensitive to the amount of time your defense spends on the field, you can’t be giving the ball back to the other team and putting the defense back out there prematurely. The turnaround for your defense is already fast enough when you are completely successful on offense. I mentioned in another post that I’m having a hard time seeing how you beat this team, but I think I’ve found the answer in something that is standard dogma already. Given the fact that the ball is in the air so much, the potential to have a lot of turnovers is there and I can’t stress the importance of ball security enough. (I know this all seems obvious, but think about it) If USC loses a game this year, I can almost guarantee that they will have lost the turnover battle by at least 2 to a good and well-coached team.

    As it’s true that losing turnovers seems especially dangerous for USC, it’s also true that USC getting turnovers is at least as lethal to the other team. With USC’s new found ability to score on offense, any extra possessions for that offense is going to put the opposing team in an uphill situation. In 2 games, USC has yet to win the turnover battle and I think tomorrow’s game is a good time to start. I’ve mentioned that I’m seeing a more ball-centric defense this year and I have to wonder if that is in consideration of the new offense or if it’s just a matter of new coaching. I would like to think that it’s the result of the staff thinking of the implications of this offense in the terms I’ve described and making a determination to make an extra effort at turning the ball over more. As a defensive coach, I would be beating my defense over the head with the fact that there’s a really easy way to get off the field if you’re tired: take the ball away, give it back to the offense and sit down.

    With that said, I never pick scores and I’ll never pick against the Trojans, so my prediction will always be the same. I just hope that the team understands that they are in a position to win the first game in a 2-game playoff for the Utah State Championship. This is the first championship available in what I see as a championship season for this team. I know we’re a pretty loose bunch, but this is a business trip. Here’s the business at hand; take care of the ball, stay healthy, get better, show your asses and win.

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    1. Clay —It was interesting to listen to the USC coaches this week. Very impressive bunch —d-line coach, o-line coach, both coordinators —everybody sounded focused and very dialed in. But nobody was talking about ball security —not even Clay. It didn’t seem to be a point of emphasis this week. Maybe it isn’t being stressed explicitly because Harrell preaches throwing “the high probability ball” to the receiver in the “greenest grass” —which amounts to the same thing.

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      1. MG, I’m kind of on my own journey of discovery when it comes to this offense and what it means for the team and program. I think the staff is going through a little bit of the same thing, as you get the best feedback on what you’re doing when you play a game. We’ve only played 2 games now and I guarantee you that the coaches are learning more about their team and system every time out. Also, what they say in front of the mike is less important than what they say in front of the team. Basically, what I’m saying in the post is what coaches always say, but I think it has more meaning and is worthy of more concern with this offense. I wouldn’t want the team being tight or playing conservatively by over-stressing it, but the coaches need to be mindful that turnovers (both losing them and gaining them) have a little different meaning and effect this year.

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      2. Clay — I think you nailed it about the distinction between what the coaches are saying to us and what they’re saying to the team. For all the criticism he takes, Clay HAS grown as a coach. His Assistant Coach demeanor (which translated into “please love me”) has largely disappeared. The press means absolutely nothing to him now —and he doesn’t even try to give honest assessments of our strengths and weaknesses. It’s all boilerplate now. [Reading between the lines, though, I have a feeling Clay is gonna follow the Harrell gameplan on offense —error on the side of daring, not caution]……

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  4. Look for a lot of QB option runs and a few double reverses and trick plays by BYU to even up the speed mismatches. Also look for BYU to try and score by field goals wherever necessary. The spread is likely to be 5 points which means any critical turnaround play could decide the game.


  5. Anybody notice that Kansas win over Boston College…wish SC had grabbed Les Miles…Kansas is on the way back from the dead…a long journey but they will be back…SC should have little problem if last wk’nd was not a fluke…I have no idea what kind of real practices they had,one can wish and hope….35-14.

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    1. Miles got beat by Coastal Carolina, he may put the program back on track, time will tell.

      Keep an eye on Kansas State, Chris Klieman from No. Dakota State is the new coach, he won 5 national FBS championships, they play Miss. State today, if they win they will be a real contender in the Big 12.

      Hard battle last night, WSU beat Houston, but barely. Without Minshew WSU May not be the threat it was last year, I’d venture a 9-3 season for WSU. Dana Holgerson (Houston) was a Leach asst. at Tex Tech.

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    2. self you were wrong on the score…but right on the real practices…which is why they still cannot out physical 3-4 defensive linemen to have a consistent running game to counter the defense dropping back 7-8…hellton will never change …he will lie about it to your face…


  6. SC receivers are the best in the country. SC will open with the passing game first. The receivers will have a few big gains. BYU has to blitz to hit Slovis in the mouth and try and shake him up. The question is, can BYU put Slovis out of his normal trend or does Slovis maintain what he did last week.

    SC 42 BYU 21


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