Lynn Swann’s Legacy At Work

Lynn Swann was fired nearly a month ago but his decisions are in full view.

Two years ago, Swann fired women’s volleyball coach Mick Haley after he reached the Elite Eight of the NCAA Tournament.

Well, here we are two years later and the women’s volleyball team is 7-5 and not even ranked in the top 25. It lost to UCLA last week.

When Jovan Vavic was arrested and then fired as water polo coach last March, Swann waited until two weeks before the season to simply announce he promoted assistant coach Marko Pintaric to head coach on Aug. 29.

The Trojans were ranked No. 1 to start the season but lost to UC Santa Barbara and Pacific and are ranked No. 5.

Now I don’t suggest for a second Swann decided who to hire. That would interfere with golf.

But he listened to his underlings and did not push to pay the replacements. He has systematically replaced coaches at USC and replaced them at half the cost.

So Swann might be gone but his decisions linger. Of course, his biggest legacy is Clay Helton but I wanted to focus on non-football decisions in this post.

12 thoughts on “Lynn Swann’s Legacy At Work

  1. Sounds a lot like the former POTUS – the koolest prez evah ‘barakska’. Seriously the problem is that Swann was never ever serious about anything save, as noted, golf. Wait for him to make an appearance in Suffolk County-MA fed courthouse when Heinel et. al. are tried.

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  2. Going with the assistants at half the price sounds like Steve Lopes decisions. The blindsided one was too busy playing golf to make any decisions. I bet the extension of Gomer was also a Lopes operation.

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  3. I could careless about those hires, because big money was not involved. I’m just delighted that Lynn Swann will have nothing to do with hiring a new football coach. Because that in itself could have been a disaster, and set the program back another 5 years, along with costing the University millions more.

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  4. This post is why USC Senior Associate Athletic Director Steve Lopes should have been fired yesterday.

    The longer he hangs around is more poison and incompetence for the athletic department.



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  5. The new AD will leave all the department incumbents in place long enough to figure out who the losers are. Then the hammer will fall. Seen this happen many times over the years.

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  6. Lynn Swann: the gift that keeps on giving. I really don’t think he ever really embraced the position he occupied. He was more of figurehead than an administrator, and that would have been okay if Max hadn’t hand picked his goons for underlings.
    One hopes a new chapter has been opened. Hopefully now that incompetent boob has been removed, the new regime will round up the flying monkeys and dip each of them in a pail of water. Those who melt in the water will be gone and those who don’t melt can reapply for their jobs.

    And then maybe Pudly can come out of hiding because some of us were amused by his rants.

    Don’t take everything herein seriously, it’s only a blog.

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