Kedon Slovis Returns To Practice

Quarterback Kedon Slovis was back at practice today but only for non-contact work. USC did not practice in pads today.

Clay Helton said Slovis is not yet cleared for contact. Talanoa Hufanga also returned.

Tight end Josh Falo has a sprained MCL. Wide receiver Amon-Ra St. Brown (foot and shoulder) and tailback Vavae Malepeai (knee) were not dressed.

USC is scheduled to practice in pads Wednesday and Thursday.

37 thoughts on “Kedon Slovis Returns To Practice

  1. As long as Slovis is practicing throwing a football to Pittman, Amon, Carr and Vaughns, I’m happy. [As for the “no contact” part —what else is new]?

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    1. I just listened to Helton’s post practice presser. Not to keep kicking a guy when he’s down …but…
      First, when asked about his feelings on player compensation, he actually said “I really trust the Governor, California legislature, the NCAA and all the California universities involved in the decision making process.” WTF?! Everything that comes out of his mouth sounds as rehearsed as an Academy Award speech. People would be so much easier on him if he fricking called it as he saw it and cut the crap. But that wasn’t the scariest part. When asked about the QB situation, Helton said he’s glad “that both quarterbacks got to see how HARD road games are —how bad it gets when you’re not in the friendly confines of the coliseum.” I swear, it seemed like when Helton heard himself say the word “road” he actually scared himself ……….

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      1. Pudly runs his mouth, and insults people constantly. My “attacks” are in “fun” as well. I just find it to be chicken bleep that he runs and hides every time he is proven wrong, again.

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      2. My dear friend, Owns—
        As Clint Eastwood said In The Unforgiven, “we’ve ALL got it coming.” But I’d like to see Pudly back —I mean what could PJM say to him after a USC loss that he hasn’t already said (multiple times) after USC victories?

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      3. 67 —I hate losing any of our regulars — they ALL make this place fun—along with Scott, of course. I started off really thinking PJM had nothing to say to me —but over time I actually found myself agreeing with a lot of his stuff. [I could do without the personal attacks on Pudly’s family, though —I just don’t see the point]. Anyway, I hope Pudly returns, too.

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      4. For the record, I’ve never said anything about Pudly’s family. I’ve found that I enjoy making mince meat out of his “football” arguments more than exploiting his deviancy.

        Come on back, Pudly.

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      1. Fan Boy —
        Have you taken a real good look at the photos of Helton that Scott’s putting up? Ian McKellen would avert his eyes.

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  2. I noticed the dig about no pads. And Scott is right. The next game is Notre Dame! Not some PAC 12 patsy. This week should be the most intense work out of the year. We are not in a position to pull out chaise lounges and sip pina coladas.
    But the only person in the PAC 12 who doesn’t realize this is Clay Helton. Some want Helton to fail and I see the logic in this plan, but has anyone thought it through to the logical conclusion? Talented players being psychologically damaged by losing games they shouldn’t lose under competent leadership will cause damage that can’t be measured. Many of these student athletes have been unaccustomed to losing. They played on teams that had coaches knew how to lead. Suddenly they are on a ship being piloted without a rudder.

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    1. I have always wondered if the kids that end up injured or somehow never make it on the playing field are kids that have spoken out on CH’s type of practices and playing favorites. They just end up never seeing the playing field at USC. Then they transfer and play at other schools. It’s just hard to believe kids coming from winning high schools and seeing a huge difference on how preparation, practices, and discipline are valued.

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      1. I think you’re right on the money with this comment, Dude. Reign of Troy made a list of all the USC football players who NEVER returned from minor injuries. It was staggering. Whether Helton is telling the doctors to keep them out forever or to just keep them out til they get fed up and leave, it’s a fricking disgrace.

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      2. Dude —It would be the lowest kind of “small.” You don’t get to blab about “”God & Family” 24/7 and, then, turn around and fuck over 20 year old kids cuz they see through you.

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      3. MG
        The new Peristyle with Dan – so dead on again (just listen to the introductory 10 minutes – even the host betrays as much admission of futility as he’s capable of…and Keely sounds like a sideline reporter mulling how to move up to a better studio job in a different zip code)…and it perfectly conveys how Helton has driven the ship to the bottom of the ocean where Tollner and Hackett (and the others like Smith, Kiffin, and Sark were closely eyeballing) tread…the sense of gloom…as you’ve noted, they made the start…but the engine is revving in neutral – let’s get on with it…

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      4. Reklama

        At the end of, Dan with the Money Shot: “It can be a bye week for more than one reason…”

        Coach Hyde and Dan this week excellent listens – well worth listening to – and also the post-UW WeAreUSC was on fire with Darrell Rideaux…

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    2. At between $3-$4 million per year, Helton will hang on to this as long as he can with the hope that the occasional victory will bail him out.

      RT is on the money with the theme that players deserve so much more.

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      1. 67 –This photo was taken before Kenny Bigelow broke Clay’s nose in a locker room brawl (and then became “retired” during Notre Dame week).

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      2. P. S.
        Okay. Kenny didn’t really break Clay’s nose. Over the years, Clay convinced himself that oxygen introduced into his brain via his mouth was superior to oxygen arriving through his nose……

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  3. It’s so bad that gallows humor is my only relief. On that note, perhaps the team should place the “Faith Family and Football” mantra on the back of the helmets.

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  4. Players that are getting shitted on have a right to speak up just as Coach Helton has a ‘right’ to banish them to his doghouse.

    Sunlight is the best disinfectant. But it sure seems like a waste of a guys college years. Really sad if it’s happening. If it is then smiling, vindictive Coach Helton can go straight to hell & not pass go.


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  5. Where there’s smoke, there’s fire.

    And just take a look at our recruiting class rankings the past few years. PC never had 3*s in his classes…

    And the Illinois Trojan transfers, and the Geauxjans…

    I just hope Sears doesn’t flip to ucla next year. That would really bite…

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    1. I hope he starts Slovis too, Tim. I think Slovis has gotten all his throwing over the middle into double coverage out of his system. I think Fink wants to do it some more…..


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