Tyler Vauhgns Mystery Solved

Remember how wide receiver Tyler Vaughns did not play in the first quarter against Iowa?

It immediately led to speculation Vaughns was either suspended or injured. He eventually played and caught six passes for 54 yards.

Well, a source tells me Vaughns had a back injury that kept him out for the first quarter. So at least we know it wasn’t a disciplinary matter.

The bigger question now is whether Vaughns goes pro?

  • With the Rams letting defensive coordinator Wade Phillips go, it could mean one of two things for USC: Joe Barry could either be looking for a job if a new defensive coordinator does not want him or Barry could replace Phillips.
  • Does it matter that Tua Tagovailoa entered the NFL draft from USC’s perspective? His replacement, Mac Jones, looked pretty capable so I would say no. And if Bryce Young starts, I don’t think it matters that much either.

30 thoughts on “Tyler Vauhgns Mystery Solved

    1. Wade Philips–the perfect DC and a bomb as a HC.
      (My point is that some guys are HC material, some never will be.)

      I cannot imagine Bum’s son taking his game to the collegiate level.
      HOWEVER, Wade has ALWAYS been deferential and polite.
      I’ve always liked him. Here in Denver, he is revered (as a DC, not HC).

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    1. Tebowobama,

      Tyler Vaughns is not a head case. He is a good young man and that he comes from a very good family. How do I know, you ask? I know by knowing the father, sons (four of them and their names are Geoff, Arren, Tyler and Jon Jon), mother and her name is Tamara, and Tyler for over 15 years. The father coached my son in little league and I have hung out with them on many occasions.

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      1. I call ’em as I see ’em. I don’t know you from Adam so your word as far as I’m concerned doesn’t mean shit.


      2. Thanks for the insight, PT.
        I’ve watched him play. He plays hard. He is the definition of a “baller.”
        As I’ve stated below, I’ve never seen him not come through when the money was on the line. I can’t recall him going up for a jump ball with the CB and NOT COMING DOWN WITH THE CATCH..

        Tell his mom and dad, “good job.”


  1. USC’s version of Fan Appreciation Day


    1. I like Steele…he’s a quality young man. Hopefully, he continues to work on his game, progress, and, eventually gets paid, so he can have a nice life. Chris is easily forgivable..if that needs be.

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      1. I approached him before the Stanford game to say hi and welcome home. He was completely nice and engaging, even though I was a stranger…


      2. He was on the field early, I was in the stands. he eventually came over near where I was, and I shouted out….good Trojan…keep working…


      3. He’s a quality young fellow, and we are fortunate to have him at our University. #8 Deserves our 100% support.

        The pervasive nature of social media can twist these young people around. Heck, it works this old man!

        We need to keep supporting the young student-athletes who put in a lot of time and effort in the class and on the sports field, while at the same time we demand MUCH better performance from their coaches and the high paid administrators.

        Fight on, fella.


    2. You can find Geoff Vaughns Sr. on facebook as well as Tamara. Sir, I don’t know you from Adam, however, in terms of telling the truth, I do.


  2. Dan Patrick said that a USC donor was willing to pay for Meyer and his entire staff and was told no by Folt, the donor will no longer donate to USC despite his 3 kids having graduated from USC

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  3. I don’t know exactly how much it’ll matter —but, let’s face it —USC is at least a LITTLE better off without Tua throwing and running on us on September 5th, 2020…

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      1. He’s not better…..


  4. I’ll support Vaughs all day long.
    He’s played VERY well all three years, despite having multiple different QBs throwing, multiple QB coaches, multiple WR coaches, multiple OC’s, a lackluster ST coach….and HC CH.

    I won’t join you in dogging TV. We’d all be lucky if he returns for his Senior season. In close games (and we WILL be in a lot of close games next year versus our “inferior” opponents) an experienced WR gets the job done, where an inexperienced WR may not. Early in games he will occasionally have a drop, but I NEVER RECALL HIM HAVING A DROP WHEN IT WAS MONEY TIME.

    Given his touches every game, there was no reason to have him returning punts, unless he really wanted the job.

    You want to gripe personally about teenage FB players, then maybe direct your ire to the guys who were supposed to set the edge/control the perimeter, mount a 4 man pass rush/maintain rush lane integrity…..

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  5. I better stop uptalkin Chris Steele because Wolfy will start baggin on him tomorrow lol…lay off him and the center, Neilon, Scott! That snap hit the Finkster in both hands!


    1. I find it amusing that the young man lives in Pasadena but went all the way to La Puente for high school—are his brothers athletes as well? Maybe stay local, or at least Loyola?


      1. With another coach we might be able to steal one this time but with Helton it will be another embarrassment. Oh we could get beat like last time we played them.


  6. Michael Guarino, you are so full of it. Mac Jones of The Crimson Tide
    is a very good QB. See what he did vs. Michigan in the Bowl game. Now
    the full time starter in Spring and Fall camp he will tear up the USC
    secondary who plays soft as a marshmallow.


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