USC Officially Hires Todd Orlando

Todd Orlando is the new defensive coordinator, officially, per Clay Helton.

“He is an experienced and successful defensive coordinator who has made an impact everywhere he has coached. He brings a passion, energy, toughness and discipline to his coaching and those characteristics were evident in our discussions,” Helton said. “His defensive system poses an extreme challenge to offenses.”

An extreme challenge? The Texas pass defense was ranked No. 127 out of 130 last season.

“You can’t practice soft and play hard,” Orlando said.

Has he told Helton yet?

You can watch the hostage video below:

39 thoughts on “USC Officially Hires Todd Orlando

    1. Just got back from parts unknown. Wish the first piece of USC news I got wasn’t this video.

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      1. 67 & gt — I made a video of my daughter after the first day of kindergarten. The first half minute is just me making fun of her crazy-strict German teacher, the next 3 minutes are my daughter saying really phony nice stuff about how wonderful her teacher was (I guess she thought I was gonna rat her out if she said something bad)……

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  1. The “welcome todd orlando” vid is a perfect example of the fake ass, make believe, horse shit that this helton/bohn/folt triumvirate thinks we’re gonna buy into. Two things about vid caused my stomach to turn:
    1. Orlando saying the opportunity to coach with Helton was the attraction to coming here (you can almost see the gun pointed at his head)
    2. The oddball question/answer about how physical practices are gonna be. It all sounded pretty forced, like no matter what he wanted to say, Orlandos answers were scripted to a T to directly address specific shit Helton is criticized for. Orlandos body, Clays words. God fuckin god

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    1. Same old, same old….
      The question is – will Helton/Coach Bohn have open practices so that independent souces can readily confirm that SC practice are indeed PHYSICAL or are “we” going to have to rely on Mr. Integrity lying to “our” faces about how physical the practices were.
      Will the media ask Coach Bohn what his intentions are about open practices?


  2. Forget about what Wolf is saying. Give this guy a shot. We needed a change and we got it. If he holds true to his words, practices should be more physical. New blood sometimes makes all the difference. So I say F.O.

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      1. gt —I WANT to believe you’re right. I WANT to believe Todd’s inner strength just doesn’t come across in this video. I WANT to believe he was simply being politic when he said it was an honor to work with Coach Helton. And I especially WANT to believe that’s he’s lying when he says he and Helton believe in the SAME things…..

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  3. Sounds like soft, pansy-ass practices are a thing of the future.

    Or does Gomer sit Orlando down and explain to him why being soft is so crucial to his coaching technique. Orlando does not look like a hugs and hersey kisses type of guy to me. Nor does he look like a guy that likes to loose or have his lunch handed to him by opponents – things our ‘friend’ Gomer doesn’t seem to mind, or just sluffs-off.

    Welcome aboard coach. Make a difference please – the players deserve good, hard, quality coaching.

    Fight on!

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      1. what i love is how wolfman will now exclusively use this granite faced pic of Tony Orlando….while continuing to use the mouth-agape hapless looking Hell-TON pic!



      1. Yes, 67…..

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    1. That pic looks like Henry Rollins doing a parody of a football coach.

      The video looks more like there is a Holy Warrior just off-camera sharpening a scimitar.

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  4. Tony Orlando .. I mean Todd.
    Another total BS spin by dimwit Helton.
    Hell, if he’s that good, why was he fired by Texas?
    Oh well, President Folt was fired by UNC
    USC Football will only get better once Helton and Staff are fired!
    I really feel sorry for the players, because they won’t be coached up to NFL Standards under these coaches!

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  5. MORE HATRED. Most every one wants HE’LL TON Fired…. Give Todd Orlando a Chance Football fans Need to Support the Football players that are playing on the USC football team Fans should tell Todd Orlando to have PHYSICAL Practices and Tackling Screw what Texas defense did last year they had freshman players look where texas was the previous 3 years. So err t your head out of your A O. Because USC is Moving HE’LL Ton to WATER Boy

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    1. Todd may very well be better than Clancy as a motivator. [Actually, Jonah Hill would probably be better than Clancy as a motivator]. I think the complaints here have been aimed at the video, not Todd himself. I’ve seen videos of Dave Aranda that convey strength and determination. This video makes Todd look weak and clueless ….even if he’s not.

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    1. Fire Folt — I got that same feeling! I think if someone had slipped in a cue card reading, “Next year we will be dedicating every win to our communist friends in North Korea!”, Todd would have read it into the microphone as written

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  6. “You can’t practice soft and play hard.” His words are important because in the next breath he wants to get into his office and meet the players to talk things other than football.
    It’s hugs with an attitude. And like I said I have a sense of relief rather than a sense of disappointment. The wait worked for me. I just hope he’s the real deal and that he’s auditioning for a future move up.

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  7. If he can stop the run he takes away the advantage of teams who control the clock and force them to play our game. He gives our high octane offense a chance.

    He actually played the game and Clancy didnt.

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