Kobe Bryant, RIP

It’s an awful/heartbreaking day with the tragic news of the death of Kobe Bryant and his 13-year-old daughter Gianna.

Former Lakers GM Jerry West said it “was one of the worst days of his life.”

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16 thoughts on “Kobe Bryant, RIP

  1. Well…..Kobe was the kind of guy that makes me think this country is going to be just fine…….for the time he had he did not waste much time…..RIP.

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  2. Jerry West has been on CBS talking to Jim Hill. I respect West more than just about any other athlete. He is absolutely heartbroken. He felt he was a second father to Kobe. God bless us all.

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    1. Rest in Peace Kobe. You were one of the most exciting players ever to play the game.
      And Linkster you are right. I met Jerry West in a suite at the Staples Center. he is a sincere and humble man. This is a sad day in LA. Prayers to his family.

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  3. That double 24 second violation tribute was badass. Classy for sure. It’s just a sad, shitty day. It’s crazy because this makes you realize that these superstars are not untouchable, even guys as elite as Kobe.

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    1. Horrible day to be a Laker fan.

      So blessed to have sat courtside on June 4, 2000 to see Lakers win game 7 vs Trailblazers in conference finals (it was the Kobe Shaq alley oop moment in 4th quarter).

      Let’s remember how precious life is each and everyday.

      Maybe a 24 hour moratorium or 8 day moratorium on being mean spirited, petty and ultra critical of everything USC.

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  4. Enough about Kobe. The real tragedy is the loss of his daughter at age 13.
    He was old news being replaced by Lebron James for Laker fans. A dumb
    move flying a death trap ( helicopter ) in the fog to show off his wealth.

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    1. Lebron (Mr. Suitcase will travel) will never be replaced by Kobe. Never in a million years. James is typical of todays athletes all in for the $ and fame, traveling to four different cities “to take my talents” where they pay me the most. What an asshole he is.


    2. Her and the other kids on board! But yeah, people are ignoring all the other stuff. His ego forcing them to trade Shaq, other great players not wanting to come to LA & play with him, Jeannie ignoring the real cause and referring to those players as “losers”, demanding a trade in 2007 which never came through, still being accepted by most of Hollywood after the payoff of his accuser, crying about his jersey no longer being #1 in sales and changing his number so he could reclaim that spot! He was an arrogant jerk.


  5. S,

    I disagree. Kobe did not show off his wealth. He just wanted to get more done by not being stuck in traffic. God Bless all who lost their lives.

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