Who Jumped Into The Julie’s Pool?

A long-time USC fan told me that in the 1950’s and early 1960’s, if you headed over to Julie’s Restaurant after a game, the crowd would become more and more boisterous.

Eventually, there would always be some fully-clothed fans who would jump into the swimming pool in the back patio.

“People were cheering and celebrating,” the fan said. “Sooner or later, they would jump into the pool.”

The only time I saw someone jump in the pool was when USC basketball coach Stan Morrison promised to take the plunge if the Trojans made the NCAA Tournament.

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7 thoughts on “Who Jumped Into The Julie’s Pool?

    1. I believe it closed sometime around the late ’90s.

      If it was still operating, there are two possibilities of what might happen.
      Either Helton would not even be allowed in, or alternatively, he would be tossed in the pool, and not allowed to leave, at least not until the next game had finished.

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      1. Man I was listening just now to ‘tunnel vision’ and what awaits USC if this clown Helton stays past next November – class of 2020 is lost but if the mess continues to 2021 looking at, with a decent coach, 2 – 3 yrsadditional, to recover a top 10 class

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  1. Exactly. The damage would be so much easier to undo if the inevitable decision to fire Helton had been made now. Otherwise, the decay just keeps growing.

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