USC Closes In On Recruit

I’m hearing USC is increasingly confident tight end Jack Yary will commit a second time and sign with the Trojans next week.

Yary is the son of Ron Yary, one of the best offensive linemen in USC history, so it’s not exactly a surprise if he picks the Trojans. The question is whether USC will actually throw to the tight end?

And how often Graham Harrell would rather throw to the tight end instead of having four wide receivers?

  • USC recruiting is so bad that when a player committed as a preferred walk-on yesterday, one USC site called him a “three star.” He had zero stars from Rivals and 247 and zero scholarship offers.

I’m not mentioning the recruit because it’s not about him, it’s about the site adding stars out of thin air.

6 thoughts on “USC Closes In On Recruit

  1. We are SC podcast is worth a listen. Darrell Rideaux talked to Kris Richard and had some good insight. I like him, most here will think he is a homer. Still worth a listen.


  2. LOL, Yary would be better off somewhere else, but he’s a Trojan from birth so I get it, maybe he’s hoping for a new coach after this year


  3. Tight ends and fullbacks are for blocking they get the ball when everyone gets lulled into thinking they are in for blocking. I’d like to see us balance out the offense a bit more. One reason we didn’t is the running backs all got tweaked. That is also why we got Helton back. His team in won in spite of having no running backs. (Although he wasn’t training them in the first place-but any excuse to keep him)


    1. As a former SC LB, TE’s are difficult to cover and throw a new wrinkle in the defense’s game plan.
      RB’s that can run routes and block for the QB are essential for the offense to beat the defense. Also very difficult fora LB to cover!!
      USC is easy to beat. One dimensional and no dual threat QB!
      Your comment praising Helton is ridiculous!
      SC only beat very mediocre Teams and got their ass handle to them by an average Big10 team in Iowa!
      You can bet Slovis or any SC QB will get more concussions this upcoming season. Poor OL discipline and no FB or RB blocking.
      Alabama with be brutal and eye opening!
      Hopefully, Helton will be fired immediately after the game!
      But with these two Twits in charge, Folt and Bohn, I doubt it!!


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