USC Is Having A Spring Game April 11

USC president Carol Folt put out a long statement today about a variety of topics. Buried inside was this nugget: “With only four 2019 starters not returning, this young football team will be looking for support from the Trojan Family as they head into their first spring game on April 11.”

I always like when the university announces a spring game before the athletic dept.

She added the following on the College Admissions Scandal:

  • The university has completed the majority of its investigations into potential admission violations in the scandal known as Varsity Blues. Each case was unique and handled with sensitivity and fairness. Only a few student reviews are still ongoing.  
  • Reforms have been implemented to strengthen our internal controls and deepen the vetting of our student-athlete admissions process.
  • To safeguard our admissions process and make sure no aspect of our process can be abused, a task force comprising Provost Charles Zukoski, Athletic Director Mike Bohn, faculty, staff and students will audit, evaluate and oversee our protocols for admitting prospective student-athletes.

13 thoughts on “USC Is Having A Spring Game April 11

  1. They are looking for support from the Trojan family?? Well the Trojan family is looking for support from the Head Coach, Athletic Director and President. I really really dislike this lady.

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    1. M, there are alot of us that fully agree with you.
      She has been here long enough to understand the passion of the fanbase and yet she just seems to keep on poking the bear. She lives in her own reality, much like Marie Antionette.
      Knew nothing of her when she was hired but was prepared to see what she did before deciding on her as a choice for president. Like you, I now really dislike her as I can’t stand hypocrisy and dishonesty much less her INTEGRITY.

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  2. bozo u investigating itself is like hiring a hungry fox to guard chickens.

    How pathetic is Folt’s Clown U mea culpa and her de rigueur pledge SUCCX won’t cheat again?

    Will the NCAA buy that two-bit bozo BS?


      1. owns says:

        “One hopes ’67, your daughter(s) weren’t auditioned for Doc. Tyndall’s 20-year porn festival.”

        classy, owns. Talking about my daughters and Tyndall is just so amazingly funny and classy at the same time. Bravo. Now I see why you are banned from the bruin sites.

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    1. Here’s some sugar for ya…

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      1. The Dodgers need pitching not Mookie Betts for a year or a broken-down Dave Price, who has chronic IR issues.


  3. Why isn’t anyone calling out that POS, Pat Haden ? And somebody please tell Carol Flot that the football support goes both ways, and her decision to keep Clay Helton is not supporting USC football at all .

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    1. Anytime something bad or controversial happens at SC then you can bet mule shows up in 3…2…1..


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