Let The Gloating Begin At USC

If there is one thing USC is good at, it’s bragging before it accomplishes anything.

Let me start off saying I spoke to a respected coach who knows new cornerbacks coach Donte Williams and said, “I think it’s a good hire, for sure.” I’ll have more on that later.

But look at the reaction of Graham Harrell:

Harrell has been at USC for 13 months. Why are the Trojans coming now? Because Harrell couldn’t recruit or change the narrative himself?

And then there is this from Mike Bohn’s No. 2, Brandon Sosna.


These guys observe radio silence for a month or more and totally ignore Signing Day. But they hire a highly regarded recruiter/assistant coach from Oregon and it’s break-out-the-noisemakers time!

What about Clay Helton? Back to radio silence.

UPDATED: Donte Williams tweeted he took the job in part because of his “father’s aging/failing health.” All the more reason to tone down the gloating.

8 thoughts on “Let The Gloating Begin At USC

  1. Hey Scott, I get it. The administration is embarrassed. Why wouldn’t they be having to keep Clay Helton. It’s hard to build a great staff around a “nonexistent” head coach. What would you do? I would say the exact same thing you are saying. I believe Bohn should own it. Own his mistakes. Own his words. Apologize and get on with it. We all try the “under rug swept” action, but alas, we all KNOW what is really going on here.

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  2. While I am sympathetic to Williams’ father and the need to be closer to him, if you read between the lines then you can infer that Williams wouldn’t have left if not for the family situation.

    He wasn’t drawn to USC. He made a personal – and admirable – choice that had nothing to do with USC except for location. He could as easily have ended up in Westwood if there was a position available there.




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  3. “If there is one thing USC is good at, it’s bragging before it accomplishes anything.” ~Scott Wolf

    #bozoisstill+50 vs Alabama


  4. These coaches are a joke! Hey GH and assistant Bohnhead, when you make the college football playoff then gloat! beat Alabama then gloat! Do something other than embarrass yourselves on the football field then gloat! All this hype about a CB Coach? Lets see how much you are gloating on September 5th. I have to walk around embarrassed to wear my Trojan gear yet these idiots are gloating?? Unbelievable!!!!

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