When Will Season Start, Take 2

Here’s another prediction football will start in October.

“We get questions a lot about football…[and] in some conversations with SEC officials and NCAA, I think they’ve come to the conclusion that you can probably start football as late as October and still have a 13-game schedule,” Texas A&M University System Chancellor John Sharp told the Texas Tribune.

  • Meanwhile, Wisconsin athletic director Barry Alvarez, a former football coach, said he will not allow spring sports seniors to return for another year of eligibility.

Do you think Alvarez would have a similar opinion if football lost a season and he had a quarterback and tailback that would return for another season?

“What we tried to do was encourage our seniors to go ahead and, if you’re going to graduate, graduate and move on with your life,” Alvarez said.

  • Quarterback General Booty, the nephew of former USC QB John David Booty is transferring from JSerra to Allen, Texas.

This means General Booty will have attended four high schools in four years. JSerra is coached by former USC offensive lineman Pat Harlow.

3 thoughts on “When Will Season Start, Take 2

  1. Scooter,
    Has any one thought about the football season going into February? Let us say it does. You have December and January where the teams are playing. Reminder, it is very cold out in the north during those months and someplaces it could get down to -40 below zero., say Minnesota and Wisconsin. Then you have the playoffs where they will compete against the superbowl. After the superbowl, a lot of people are done with football. Then you have spring ball opening in March. Kids are just getting out of pads and getting some down time and then you want them to suit up again? Don’t forget recruiting. That is on the first Tuesday of February. That could be a problem. Not a good idea.

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  2. Alvarez is right. We have all been interrupted by coronavirus but with spring sports most of those do not result in pro careers. So the need to move on is important!


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