Are Sports In Danger Of Being Dropped?

The NCAA Division I council is considering a proposal that would allow Division I schools to sponsor 12 teams instead of 16, which would save money during a challenging time for most athletic depts.

Group of 5 athletic directors have led this push and it has led to fears, particulary among men’s volleyball and beach volleyball supporters, that sports will be dropped.
  • Colorado announced coaches Karl Dorrell (football), Tad Boyle (basketball) and JR Payne (women’s basketball) will take 10 percent pay cuts. Athletic director Rick George will also take a pay cut.

20 thoughts on “Are Sports In Danger Of Being Dropped?

  1. Many universities as bleeding money, particularly those with recent debt-financed dorm expansions, because there is no dorm revenue coming in. There will likely be across-the-board cuts at these colleges, athletics notwithstanding, and the male non-revenue sports will be tempting targets to eliminate, or put in a club category with a tiny budget.

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      1. They could return to the halcyon 1930s era of “barnstorming” across the country, stopping in quaint small towns to play the local Y or whoever can field a team….

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      2. Guarino

        CAL75 rarely cries. Read, ‘Charley Company-the boys of 67’. Like 5bucks on ebay & then pass it on down to a high school entitled one.

        That ought to do it for most people our age.
        Although you are CONSIDERABLY older than I.


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    1. Imagine the savings if SC fires their 25 Equity and Diversity employees? The University of Michigan has 93 at an annual compensation of over $11 million a year. They could keep all the sports if we excised this cancer that has metastasized across American universities.

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      1. How ’bout a compromise?…..

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  2. First, universities in the Group of Five have not been hemorrhaging money– tuition is at an all time high, price of college Increasing 8 times faster than wages, and tuition has rose 100% in the past 15 years AFTER accounting for inflation. Football is extremely profitable for Group of Five schools and takes up the cost of athletic departments including the budget lines that partially pay for a lot of people that would otherwise be on the payroll of universities if it weren’t for sports. It all smacks of elitism, the desire to not have so many goddamn athletes around, even while a bunch of other kids attend who might otherwise not be at the schools for various reasons.

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    1. Perhaps ‘SC should drop a few sports. Especially, the non-revenue rich kids sports whose budgets are subsidized by the toil of less rich kids who play basketball and football.


      1. There’s a solid argument against revenue money being spread around for scholie money to sports, especially “country club” sports and to fulfill Title IX but only if the money went to the revenue generating/ neutral sports athletes instead, but I wouldn’t take it is as far as removing the sports and their consideration in admissions. There’s a lot of angles to this but I’ll leave it there.


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