It’s NFL Draft Time!

Is Austin Jackson going in the first round? Sounds like he should go late in the first round.

What about Michael Pittman? I hear second-to-third round but you never know in the draft.

It looks like Ohio State will finally overtake USC for most all-time first-round draft picks:

1. Ohio State, USC – 81

3. Notre Dame – 69

4. Miami – 65

5. Alabama – 64

6. Florida – 53

7. Oklahoma- 47

8. Tennessee- 46

9. Michigan – 46

10. Texas, Florida St – 45

8 thoughts on “It’s NFL Draft Time!

      1. As Mike Hammer says after he’s unloaded his 357 magnum into a bad guy who asks “how could you?”: “It was easy.”

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  1. Pittman, late 2nd rd if he’s lucky. The guy shows a lack of effort when the play isn’t designed to go to him. His blocking is for shit and lazy route running.

    The kid has 1st round talent, but he’s just lazy.


  2. Ohio State is now the king of the hill. Most 1st Round Draft Picks.
    Send all thank you’s to Pat Haden, Steve Sarkisian, Lynn Swann and Clay “thank god” Helton.

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      1. I think we can too but Alabama and Ohio State caught up to USC really fast. We better get our butts in gear.


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