Mike Bohn Calls USC Recruiting “Miraculous”

To his credit, Mike Bohn has apparently resumed the “State of Troy” interview with the athletic director series.

Bohn called USC’s recent successes “miraculous,” perhaps a bit of hyperbole since USC had the No. 3 recruiting class in 2018.

“I think it’s miraculous, it really is. It’s impressive. More importantly, Clay Helton and those new coaches, and the existing coaches that are on that staff. They have attacked (recruiting) with a competitive spirit and gusto. With an all-in approach.

“I anticipate some further good news coming quickly.”

This is presumably athlete Julien Simon of Tacoma, who makes his commitment this weekend.

Bohn also addressed the status of having a football season below.


16 thoughts on “Mike Bohn Calls USC Recruiting “Miraculous”

  1. Yeah Yeah Yeah .., What a bunch of continuing
    BS from these Dimwits..(Bohn,Helton.and Folt).
    Even if these recruits show up on campus,
    They won’t be coached up to any NFL level.
    You’d be stupid to put your future career in the hands of these mediocre so called coaches..


    1. Pendergast and Baxter are gone. We haven’t seen what the new members of Helton’s staff can do yet (or how much independence from Helton they’ll be granted)…

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    2. Dimwits? Helton certainly but if he’s relegated to figurehead status as I believe he is currently, I’ve got no problem with the currently upgraded football office, new coaching staff and their recruiting. Every new staffer is a specific replacement value upgrade, including on the recruiting end. I think your nonsense statement above WB is just prematurely ejaculated WhiningBullcrap. At least give it a chance to succeed. Fight On

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      1. You continue to an idiot!
        Why would I gave any credit or be optimistic with these fumbling twits.
        You obviously have a short memory, if you have one,The NFL has ignored USC lately. Zero, Yes Zero, USC Defensive players drafted!!
        Michael Pittman was the best of the class.
        USC will never get back to its past Consistent greatness with these very
        Average administrators in charge!
        If you think that hiring previously fired assistant coaches will bring USC back,
        and Helton will give these guys a free hand, then your really are a simpleton!


    3. Agreed, because it’s not like USC recruited a bunch of scrubs over the last five years, they just never developed. And I’m not sure why everyone thinks things will be different under Todd Orlando, because he went through the exact same scenario at the University of Texas with their #5 ranked recruiting class. And Orlando’s defenses were average at best, which is why he, and his sidekick, Craig Naivar got the —> boot 🥾


      1. Actually Fan Boy, Orlando/Naivar only had one tough season, and that was the last one and it was specifically b/c of Texas’ massive injury factor on the D side. They were the scapegoats that now ‘hot seat’ Coach Herman had to have.

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  2. The miraculous part will only continue if Gomer is shackled into ‘figurehead’ status throughout the remainder of his tenure which hopefully will be short. Hopefully the newly created staff will be left to getting the job done, not only recruiting but especially on field performance. I honestly feel that “actual developmental coaching” and “in-game” decisions have a huge chance of creating a huge improvement. special teams and all aspects of total defense specifically.

    Hopefully we’ll have this 2020 season!!! It is realistically our first chance in years, to really have a great team for a change. With our returnees, coupled with a handful of new recruits that can be effective right out of the gate, this 2020 season is our chance…. which would also go a long way towards keeping our incoming committed in the 21 class.It would be a sad shame to lose this opportunity with the makeup of the current team.

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    1. So true, gillyking. [I wish that the USC Administration shared your appreciation for how important this season is for the future of USC football. There are ways of competing this season that would respect all CDC guidelines —- let’s see if they are honestly pursued].

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      1. MG… watching video clips/podcasts etc… as long as they feature Helton’s participation, I just can’t stay with them. I get zero content from CCH’s pie hole! Nothing but rhetorical BS.. But looking at the current program… past the Head clown, I feel that there’s a ton of positives there. Bohn et/al simply cannot let Clay screw it up!

        What I wouldn’t mind though, would have been given the summer practice time to install the new defense and general association with the newest coaches.. Regardless, we must be competitive and not nationally (Helton style) disgraced in game 1 regardless that it’s Bama

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  3. When asked if USC would play football this season, Bohn showed his cards by saying that the two PAC 12 schools located in “back to work” states were “outliers.”

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    1. MG.. well errr… Democrat Gov’s do not care about Pac 12 football or any sporting events specifically b/c they, being against America want the nation to continue economically spiraling the drain in dire hopes that Mr. Trump’s agenda will suffer. Taking out Mr. Trump is their goal, not the good of the country. Plain and simple.

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      1. I understand politics: if you will the ends, you will the means. And I see how the Dems are trying to exploit this crisis to create a worse economy than necessary to win in November. Ordinarily, I’d classify this under the “all’s fair in love and war” category. But I just watched a news spot in which a landlord explained his tenants aren’t allowed to return to work (in spite of the fact they each wanted to). The guy went on to say all 3 of his tenants worked at a job where they could get back to work today if the Governor would simply require them to follow CDC guidelines…. rather than stay at home. In the law, the rule is always to do your best to MINIMIZE damages, not MAXIMIZE them. California’s leadership is doing the opposite….. and hurting those they have sworn to protect.

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  4. Mike Bohn, Clay Helton, and a few other clowns in the administration office, would love for the Trojans fans to play the pretend game with themselves. But as long as Helton’s in charge, then It’s going to be the continued merry-go-round ride that we’ve be on for the last 5 years. I’m sure Carol Flot wants it done this way to avoid firing Helton, but she’ll end up looking like a FOOL, and Bohn will be the fall guy.


  5. Mike Bohn is a car salesman…Man, can that guy talk making things always look wonderful. You would think the football program is on its way back but I don’t think so because the head coach is so important to winning games in college footbal.

    USC should and expects to have good recruiting classes.
    What’s lacking is too many mistakes have been made with the hiring of assistant and head coaches. Even Helton, Tollner, and Hackett all had good recruiting classes, but it didn’t matter since they cannot develop players year in and year out.

    Mike, please look at Clay Helton resume. Based on his qualifications I don’t see the results that justify him being the head coach at a place like USC.


  6. “I anticipate further good news…” Mike Bohn’ s psychic ( the new one the old one was fired after LOI day) told Mike that Clay will soon win the lottery and with his new cash he will resign and leave the U.S. For an island with no income tax. The psychic went on to say he will drown in a freak accident. And will leave his money to a psychic in Los Angeles.


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