USC Morning Buzz: This Week’s Winners And Losers


Clay Helton

Recruiting is going good. The press is writing lots of positive stories. And the season might be off. You can’t lose if you don’t play!

Pac-12 administrators, football, basketball coaches

The spring meetings, scheduled in Scottsdale, will be conducted remotely. So no one will have to listen to Larry Scott in person.

Oluwole Betiku

It took a few days but the former USC defensive end signed a free-agent contract with the New York Giants.

This blog

People in the athletic dept. don’t like reading all the time that Clay Helton and Andy Enfield need to take a pay cut. Well, they won’t have too now. You’re welcome!


Mike Bohn

The USC athletic director clumsily had it leaked that he, Clay Helton and Andy Enfield were giving back $1 million in salary. A press release would have handled it professionally like every other school does it but then how could Bohn and Co. get a favor later if they told everyone at the same time?

Andy Enfield

I hear he was blindsided by the departure of Elijah Weaver. USC is now looking to add another grad transfer.

Incoming freshman athletes

What a rough time for the incoming freshmen. Summer school is online only so there is no chance to bond with other athletes and live in a dorm. And no summer football workouts. Well, maybe they are winners too. But they didn’t even get to go to their prom.

The offensive line

USC obviously has no confidence that it can develop a right tackle going after two grad transfers.

When people talk about player development, it’s not a good sign when you start two grad transfers at right tackle in two years.

11 thoughts on “USC Morning Buzz: This Week’s Winners And Losers

  1. Until I see a track record of players developing under Clay Helton, then there’s nothing to get excited about the recruiting. This is a repeat performance for Todd Orlando, and Craig Naivar, because both had a hand in recruiting Texas’s # 5 ranked recruiting class a few years ago. And guess what? Nobody developed over there either, so loud mouth Orlando, and Naivar both got the boot 🥾 to the curb 😂 So why should things be any different at USC under Bozo Helton, who’s a proven clown ?—> 🤡 Hmmm 🤔


  2. The writers are all picking USC to win 9-10 games. I have yet to see a program win with a terrible head football coach. Assistants are important, yet leadership, vision are also important. While Helton is a so called “nice guy” who treats reporters with respect, he is not even an average football coach. He was never a great coordinator or position coach. His father had one of the worst records in college football history at a decent football school at Houston. Clay just doesn’t have it in his DNA. He doesn’t have the killer instinct to win. He never will.

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    1. But Clay Helton has one thing most terrible coaches lack- luck. It just so happens UW and WSU are bringing in new coaching staffs and Oregon, Utah and Stanford will be down this year breaking in new QBs. The Trojans under experienced QB Slovis and a loaded defense can run the table to the Pac 12 championship if the Red Chinese Flu wipes out the Bama game.

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      1. Pudly — Thanks for that video. I hate to set up a situation wherein you feel obliged to defend Mike Bohn — BUT…… Jordan tries hard to get Bohn to answer the million dollar question (i. e., will you personally take a leadership role in ensuring USC plays football this season?)….and the closest he gets is Bohn saying “I sense…..” (after which he catches himself & drifts into doublespeak, never answering the question). No need for anyone to remind me that Bohn is in a difficult situation. No need to remind me that no one can forecast the future. I get it…… but Bohn comes across like Helton: emphasizing how many hours of meetings he attends, how many people are involved in the decision making process (always a wonderful sign) and how prepared he is to deal with a totally unpleasant outcome. The topper is Bohn talking about how excited he is with all the great players coming in….who may not get a chance to play.
        I don’t expect Bohn to work miracles (he’s one of the last people I’d look to for that) —- but we’re operating in a world now where the way in which we go forward is simply a matter of emphasis: will Bohn emphasize the kind of boldness we’re seeing from SEC A.D.’s or the kind of timidity we see at every level of Team Folt?

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    2. As much as I love coach O, his record after leaving USC wasn’t much better and sometimes worse until he dumped his staff and hired himself some awesome Offensive and Defensive minds. And most important, allowed them to do their thing.
      Now if CH would just stay off the practice field and continue his posting, I think we may have a good chance.

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      1. Ha! And Clay needs to stay a LOT further from staff, players, team meetings, practice field and sidelines than Coach O…..

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  3. Did you get the cash-call message from SC President Folt:
    Your gift of any size helps the USC Day of SCupport make a difference in the lives of others “like only the Trojan Family can”.

    Donate and check the box below to direct your gift:
    1. Pay for our president’s new $9 million crib in Santa Monica even though SC owns a $15MM (13,000sf) house in San Marino;
    3. Pay for the $215 million sexual assault settlement to 18,000 USC women harmed by Tyndall;
    4. Pay for the additional $300-600 million for the women who don’t settle;
    5. Pay for the Lifetime Trustee salary of Chrysostomos “Max” Nikias who allowed above to happen;
    6. Pay for Helton’s $3.5 million salary (remember when we had Kiffen, Cutty AND Helton all on salary at the same time);
    7. Pay $315 million to renovate to LA Memorial Coliseum for mostly Donor Tower and now they want us to buy seat licenses; or
    8. Bolster the measly $20 Million USC will not return In Federal Coronavirus Relief Funds Amid Backlash.

    Such exciting choices of where to direct your donated dollars… You cannot spell “The Most Scandal-Plagued Campus in America” without USC!

    TONE-DEAF adjective
    \ ˈtōn-ˌdef \

    Definition of tone-deaf
    1: having or showing an obtuse insensitivity or lack of perception particularly in matters of public sentiment, opinion, or taste

    At the time, I wondered how such an fine university could be so tone-deaf to the harsh realities facing it’s students and alumni

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    1. I hear you & agree with much of what you’re saying….but USC is hardly the only or the most scandal plagued campus in America. I won’t bore you with the list but the last few years have seen one university after another deal with first degree murder, multiple rape, drug distribution and serious coach/player sexual harassment investigations. [In fact, if it weren’t for the fricking Medical School —USC would look pretty good in comparison]……

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