USC Morning Buzz: Mike Bohn Didn’t Like TCU Rumors

Like him or not, Mike Bohn is more sensitive to what gets written about USC than his predecessors.

He didn’t like the way it came out yesterday that Alabama might play TCU instead of USC, so he tweeted about it.

Greg Bryne is the Alabama athletic director, who reportedly turned down the USC job, probably because he wanted to fire the football coach.

So again, Bohn tried to address the topic of the day. And he did not deny the Paul Finebaum report, because he knows USC’s chances of playing are less than Alabama’s on Sept. 5.

It really must have killed Bohn those weeks in December and January when he went underground and could not talk to the public while getting roasted on his decision to bring back Clay Helton.

And the darn TCU story stepped on his apparently off-the-record chat with “the media” yesterday. No invitation for me or Petros Papadakis even though Bohn told me he reads this blog. Probably would be too much for Brandon Sosna to hear a tough question.

24 thoughts on “USC Morning Buzz: Mike Bohn Didn’t Like TCU Rumors

  1. He told you himself he reads this blog!?

    I find this hard to believe. C’mon man, he was just flirting with you to make you smile.


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  2. I’m sure Clay Helton was on the phone with Mike Bohn right after that tweet .😂😂. And the hype video guys are probably confused now, because their preference would be to start the con game after the Alabama contest, so they don’t look stupid

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    1. gt,
      As a trial attorney, I spent 35 years of my life trying to persuade 12 people at a time to see things through my eyes. I know how much it means to find just the right turn of a phrase, to speak only the most emotionally loaded words. [SO] When I hear some on the left rely only on the word “death” to explain the implications of a return to normal commerce and education, I know what’s up.

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      1. So MG,
        If the Cal State system (with almost 1/2 Million students) will not have on campus students for Fall 2020, would the UC system be any different?

        Can UC Berkeley and UCLA ask their scholarship athletes–FB specifically–to be on campus practicing FB, playing in empty stadiums, etc?

        Seems to me that this should be the death-knell for Pac 12 sports for 2020 (at least)?

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      2. No way this transforms into the death of USC sports in 2020! Folt will stand up to these forces of destruction!

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  3. Everyone has their expert right now. Mine say constitutional rights are being violated daily. The government knows they are flirting with mass riots if some form of normalcy doesn’t return soon.
    The issue is not playing a game with healthy players. It is state travel restrictions. Some states are requiring 14 day quarantine after flying in from California. But this can be eased by having players disembark onto a bus and taken directly to their hotel. Bus them to the game and back to the plane. No public contact. This is pretty much the way things are done now. Add temperature checking and testing and they should be good to go.
    Unless you are listening to Scotty’s experts who will tell us USC is in talks with a local JC to replace the Alabama game.

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    1. Ever notice that the people telling people what to do..ALL ARE UNCLE.GOV EMPLOYED & being PAID full salary?
      Relying on unelected UNCLE.GOV consultants & ‘scientists’ for guidance. When unelected 100% fully salaried bureaucrats can prescribe what happens to the majority of people in this country…well…we’ve lost the country.


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      1. How could we NOT notice, Cal75?

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      2. CAL75,

        Garcetti, Newsome and the rest of the tyrant democrat gang are having a field day. They remind me of Hitler, Stqalin, Marx, Trosky, Castro, and the rest of the liars proclaiming that what they do is for the good of the general public. All it is good for is them to have control over what society and what they want to do with society. Where are the antfastas to go against these tryants when you want them. People need to get the control of the country and this state back.

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      3. I’ve noticed a few things. Santa Barbara County is under lockdown yet almost all the problems are at the Lompoc prison facility, federally controlled BTW.
        Los Angeles County has over 50% of the deaths within nursing homes-all federally licensed, BTW.
        IF a person is admitted to a hospital & is ‘diagnosed’ with C-19-$11,000 fed reimbursement. If placed on a ventilator(even for an hour), an additional $39,000 fed reimbursement. Hey now, I call that motivation.

        Hospitals are laying off nurses right now because they were forced to delay elective surgeries which are a huge significant of income. There is talk of hospital bankrupcies.
        I have a friend who just returned from the river. AZ is having fun. I’m going to Prescott for a week. I need some San Miguel therapy & BBQ.


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  4. Is Bohn “sensitive” or competent, you know, actually listening to USC’s alum and supporters, former student athletes, popular blogs and forums???

    We have gotten so used to administrators who are such self-involved sociopaths (Pat Haden), that this all seems strange.

    Bohn had a rough start, new job and pressured to make a disastrous decision that alienated him from the entire base of support, and anyone else in existence that cares about SC. Doesn’t help that the revenue sports are struggling so horribly at SC and around the conference and the commissioner is totally mailing it in from a gilt palace.

    Bohn is trying to clean up what’s there, position things for positive change. Maybe he doesn’t have the ability, proactive nature, and the balls; maybe he does. But he’s a lot better than what we had, and he feels like a Trojan– ya know, he has the vibe and he get it. Pat Haden benefited from SC more than any single human and he never got it.

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    1. As two fellows who had great Trojan football careers, we all wanted Haden and Swann to succeed. Ironically, the success that they had at USC was a springboard to lives that they lived in a bubble, where everyone told them how great they were. And they believed it to the point where they became arrogant, wouldn’t listen to anyone outside a tiny group, and believed they could do anything. Now their legacies are tarnished by litanies of AD mistakes that would not have been made by a professional athletics administrator.

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      1. Incredibly sad–especially for Swann who distinguished himself in CFB, NFL, and private life.

        Haden struggled to start at QB for Troy. IMHO, Hertel was a better QB during those years, but…..


    2. Dear GC,
      Smart and nuanced replies like yours ruin everyone’s day. Get on board!
      [Maybe you need help — here goes: Bohn isn’t as intelligent or as honest as he sometimes seems —in fact, he’s bent on professional suicide —- working against our and HIS OWN interests 24/7 —nothing good will ever come from anything he does]…..

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    3. While you and I disagree on the USC offense of 2019, GC (and let’s not renew that discourse), we seem to agree on AD Bohn.

      I met him briefly in 2011-12 as CU was entering the Pac 12 and he was trying to clean up a legacy coaching mess in Boulder, CO. While he failed with one FB coaching hire (foisted on him by the CU FB alumni) and broke even with his second FB coaching hire, he hit a HOME RUN with his only MBB coaching hire–Tad Boyle. He impressed my by his enthusiasm and understanding of the CU fan base (as it exists, har har).

      He’s a good, professional AD who is now in the Dream Job for AD’s (infra vide). Given a modicum of support from the President and BOT, he (we) will succeed. Sadly, I feel that 2020 would have been the watershed season for MBB (had Enfield not made it to the sweet 16 in 2020?) and for CFB (had HC CH not earned 10 victories in 2020?) with the AD empowered to move on from both coaches for lack of performance if such occurred.

      You’re right. Bohn is a good hire. Personally, I’ll give Folt a few more years before I judge.

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      1. Oh, we’re telling our deep down feelings? Ok, I’ll bite. I think Bohn IS a good man doing the best he can in an extremely fucked up system……

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      2. You are a little more sanguine and likely more experienced than I on the Folt issue, Mr Guarino.


  5. Bohn knows there’s no chance USC will play Alabama, he’s trying to act like he wants the game.



  6. Bohn only wanted softball questions from his minions. BTW that hype video is a disappointment. I think those hires are greatly overblown. Maybe USC should stop celebrating every single thing they do until they start winning football games

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