USC Getting Some National Love

I’ve been saying for months that USC is going to win games next season, maybe too many to fire Clay Helton. And Reason No. 1 is the Pac-12 is not a great conference.

You think the over/under would hover around 8.5-9 if USC played in the SEC or Big Ten?

Now CBS Sports is weighing in that USC is better than you think: “If USC could manage to go 5-0 against Pac-12 South foes last year while dealing with so many injuries and a porous defense, what might it do against them this season?”

This is why Helton would not cry any tears if USC does not play Alabama or Notre Dame.

27 thoughts on “USC Getting Some National Love

  1. USC is gonna be a force on offense this season, so good it might even satisfy Scott (well, at least give Scott something to ponder)—but why is CBS asking “think what will happen with our new defense!?” No one has any idea what our new defense is even gonna look like.

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    1. “Gonna be a force on offense this season”? That all depends on the offensive line, and it doesn’t look great. The skill positions are just fine, and hopefully Harrell’s game-calling will be as well. Whether the O-line can open holes for running backs and keep Slovis safe remains to be seen. I hope you’re correct, Michael.

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    1. Speaking for all Trojan fans, it’s important that we have a first rate coach by 2025……. or Lane will get his revenge (times ten)…….

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      1. You think lane is interested in living in Starksville that long? After working in the Bay Area, LA and south fla? I’m thinking he’s three and done, if he has any success. Heck, it’s not like lane spent years at rocky top..

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      1. Yeah —that’s the kinda thing we don’t stand for around here [from now on, Pudly, just contact Scott directly & stop being such a show-off]!

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  2. With Helton USC could go undefeated against the PAC 12, but would get curbstomped if it had to face tOSU, Alabama, LSU, or Georgia in a playoff game.


  3. i got mad again over the weekend while watching old usc games for a number of reasons. but, the reason i’ll share now is that clay helton’s greatest win — the 2017 rose bowl — only happened because husky was elevated to the playoffs. 🤬

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    1. And the Trojans–who actually were below the Buffs in the Pac 12 West–leapfrogged the Buffs to get into the RB.
      #horseshoeshelton (an homage to Buddahkarma)


      1. BooHoo — we won in exciting fashion and the Sam Darnold we all love established himself in Trojan Lore forever. You sound like bRuin.


  4. USC has the most talent in the PAC 12, but with the imbecile, Clay Helton running the show, that doesn’t mean the most wins. The media gets caught up into the Trojans teams of the past when making predictions, as oppose to the current situation.

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      1. Ha! Very good, gt. I guess we should be wondering about the people who think of the last 10 years as an unqualified success.


  5. If USC played in the big 12, Helton would no longer be coach. So yes, I think the over under would still be 8.5-9, based on what a really good coach could do with the talent leve.

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    1. I think the Trojans would do fine in the Big 12 (-2)—annually having trouble with Okla& Texas, with maybe occasional trouble with TCU/Baylor (from time to time) and the Fighting Gundys. The Big 12 and Pac 12 play similar types of football–wide open offenses and touch/flag FB defense.


  6. You’re a pathetic joke Little Snarky Scotty. Not only do you rarely miss a chance to ridicule USC, but now tradition be damned, you mock how “REAL” Trojans view the Notre Dame game/rivalry. How wonderful coming from a “so-called” beat writer.

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