Matt Boermeester Scores Court Victory

Former USC kicker Matt Boermeester, who was expelled two classes shy of graduating after a 2017 incident with his girlfriend, has won a California appeals court decision that ordered his discipline set aside.

Boermeester filed a lawsuit in 2019 alleging the school ruined his academic and athletic careers when he was expelled from USC after a “third-party, non-witness filed a false report” about a supposed altercation between him and his girlfriend in early 2017.

19 thoughts on “Matt Boermeester Scores Court Victory

  1. In other news…Matt Boermeester has been named the new sergeant at arms for the Southern California GOP He-Man Women Hater Club.


    1. This kid is set to follow other trOJan kicker extraordinaire Mario Danelo! Get drunk regularly, beat his girlfriend and jump off a cliff!

      #typicaltrOJan #atleasthedidn’tcutoffpeoplesdomes

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  2. Another example of exemplary AD leadership from Lynn Swann.

    I guess Swanny headed for the golf course when this situation occurred, and, since SC bungled the investigation, the University gets to write another big check.

    It’s open season on the USC bank account.

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    1. With Swann absent, the blame fell to the guy with day to day control over the A.D. at the time of the incident.

      Swann certainly did nothing but Steve Lopes deserves as much blame for failing to take control of the Boermeester situation.



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    1. It seemed weird at the time that they portrayed him as a roid-rage addled football monster. He was probably less muscular than his tennis star girlfriend. Still the treatment was closer to Gestapo than institution of higher learning.
      If he gets something from this I’ll be happy.

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  3. SC has been the ‘JOKE’ of all title 9 manipulations. They are the epitome of kangaroo decisions…hope they get slapped silly, what an embarrassment their decisions have been to anything remotely fair or due process to the legal system.


    1. So it’s USC’s fault that Boermeester shoved his girlfriend into a wall? Yeah, that account of the assault made by a witness was corroborated by Boermeester’s girlfriend before she changed her story.


      1. You may want to read up on this before you continue to make a fool of yourself. His girlfriend stated that they were horsing around, he was not physical with her and the Obummer acolytes at USC strong armed her into saying something different


  4. Thank God for the changes this year in Title IX rules. The kangaroo Title IX court didn’t allow Boermeester any due process! He was guilty once he was accused. Whether you like Boermeester, or think he is a dickhead like I do, he deserved due process in his case! Title IX and USC completely failed him!

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  5. Really, they were “horsing around”? And I supposed you can provide a link to that quote, right?

    You might want to read up on the court documents.

    In court documents, USC said Katz recounted her story, at first confirming an assault and detailing a pattern of abuse when contacted by Title IX investigators.

    Katz, in a declaration, said her comments were “misrepresented, misquoted and taken out of context.”

    Who the fuck is going to allow someone or some entity strong arm them into saying something that isn’t true? You would have to be one weakminded or habitually abused idiot to let that happen.

    Who’s to say Boermeester didn’t strong arm her into changing her story? Ever thought of that one genius?

    GTFO you fucking clown


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