Max Tuerk Memorial Set

The family of former USC offensive lineman Max Tuerk has scheduled a celebration of his life for Saturday at 10 a.m. at Salt Lake Creek Beach in Dana Point.


4 thoughts on “Max Tuerk Memorial Set

  1. By doing a “paddle out” they are excluding most of his former teammates! 13% don’t do swimming out in the ocean! There are sharks in them waters!

    #13%exludedagain #racismcontinues


  2. Who says black people don’t swim! I was a frogman! I swam for miles with a knife in my mouth and slash and cut with the best of them white boys! Just send me an invite! I’ll paddle out and show y’all whats up!

    #itDidn’tfit #AskMartinSheen #youcantspelltrOJanswithoutOJ


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