More Fourth Of July Photos

Above is a photo from the 1957 Coliseum fireworks that features the big, white clock atop the scoreboard.

And below is the 1959 show with Vice President Richard Nixon, his 10-year-old daughter, Julie, and Japanese Consul General Yukio Hasumi.

L.A. Examiner/USC

22 thoughts on “More Fourth Of July Photos

      1. I like President Nixon. He was our bestest President until President Trump.

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      1. It’s a 4th of July Miracle, Michael!

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      2. Whaaaaat? Nixon was a RINO/Deep State/Corporatist closet-libtard who started the Environmental Protection Agency (communist). He would be wearing a mask today like all the old/fat/weak people who are afraid of THE GERM.


  1. Errol Webber going against USC alum Karen Bass. We should root for Biden to pick her for VP to give Mr Webber a fighting chance in November!!

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    1. Oregon won’t be “ahead of the Trojans” when we play ’em, Sam. They’ll be crying for mercy by the second quarter…..

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    1. They know that Kanye will split the Senile Joe vote. Many ignorant white and black Millennials and Gen Xers who get their news from the Comedy Channel will vote for him instead of the doddering 78 year old fool Biden.

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