USC Has More Controversial Buildings

If you are a member of a USC alumni club upset that your club is being dissolved, you might ask USC why it is still calling the Alumni House the “Widney Alumni House” after Robert Widney, a university founder.

Max Nikias even erected a statue of Widney in 2014.

The Los Angeles Times ran an article that included background on Widney and his brother, Joseph, who founded the medical school.

Excerpt: “(Robert Widney) had ties to a vigilante group (Home Guard Vigilance Committee). David Torres-Rouff, a professor and historian at UC Merced, said Robert Widney was “most certainly” supportive of extralegal lynchings.”

According to the article, Joseph Widney wrote a book, “Race Life of the Aryan Peoples.”

The story also addressed Dean Cromwell’s shady history.

42 thoughts on “USC Has More Controversial Buildings

    1. Here’s some racism that just happened:

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      1. Hard to conclude that this is anything other than pure evil. I hope the young fella recovers quickly from the concussion. My niece suffered for more than 2 years with concussion symptoms.

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      1. Michael, is this how the Civil War begins?


    2. History isn’t clean, and people aren’t perfect, but Cromwell was correct with his assessment on colored athletes when he said, “Championship Techniques in Track and Field” that “the Negro athlete excels because he is closer to the primitive than the white athlete. It was not so long ago that his ability to sprint and jump was a life-and-death matter to him in the jungle,”


  1. The Spanish-American philosopher George Santayana observed that “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.”

    I thought the USA was all about forgiveness.

    At least that was what I was taught as a student in the LAUSD. Examples include Douglas McArthur; Richard M. Nixon; William J. Clinton; George H. W. Bush and George W. Bush.

    Sports examples include Mark McGuire; Barry Bonds; Tiger Woods; Marion Jones; Michael Vick and Pete Rose.

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    1. Marx wasn’t about forgiveness, though, BurrowTrump. He was about uniting “outsiders” against “everything that exists”…

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  2. Funny how all of this has come to the forefront during the Trump Presidency. Where was this outrage during the eight years of Barry Soetero? In all reality, this has nothing to do with Civil Rights, slavery, inequality amongst the races, etc. It has everything to do with these millennials and their continued temper tantrum since Godzillary lost the election in 2016.

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  3. Do any of the morons tearing down statues realize they wouldn’t be able to tear down anything if the vile people they hate hadn’t acted. People tear down statues of Columbus, they claim he was genocidal. Columbus just bumped into land by accident. He didn’t lead a charge to destroy indigenous peoples. Tearing down George Washington statues because he owned slaves when slave labor was part of the world economy is ignoring that his family wealth is what enabled him to lead the revolution. This revisionist take on history goes back to a President making apologies for ending World War Two with a bomb. We gotta stop apologizing for things we had no control over.

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    1. Gosh T, in Nazi Poland it was legal to indiscriminately kill all matter of the Jewish population in Gas Chambers from ’41 – ’44. That was the legal thing to do then and I suppose that makes it OK in your book.

      Legal slavery in the 17th, 18th and 19th century was just as despicable then, as it is NOW, IMHO.

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      1. There is no serious “redeeming value” argument for Hitler or Nazism. That was a package deal that started out fucked up….and kept getting worse….until WE stopped it.

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      2. Owns equates the Nazis with America. That’s the most honest thing he has ever said here. He really believes we are just as bad as Hitler. What a pathetic piece of dung he is.

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      3. I’m gonna defend Owns on this one, gt. He can’t possibly equate a country which LEGALLY guarantees civil rights and due process to one that MANDATED the murder of women and children. I really hope he comes back to clarify he didn’t mean to suggest an equivalence.

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      4. Don’t get me wrong I have said slavery wasn’t a good thing or in my mind even necessary, but it happened. What people forget is that the institution of slavery was put in place by the government of the Americas at the time( the British). It was supposed to help nation building. There was slavery put in place in Mexico including California. Slavery is a bad system that was established before George Washington was born. The American congress wrestled with the issue of slavery, but weren’t able to find a solution. America’s attitude towards Black people is unacceptable in any era, but to demonize someone because they happened to live in an era that accepted that attitude is throwing the baby out with the bathwater.

        Happy 4th of July Just Owns.

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      5. You think murdering 3000 babies a day is okay right now in America because the US Supreme Court made up a constitutional right out of thin air in 1973 so save us your lectures on morality you hypocrite Libtard.


  4. How long before they remove the portraits from the money ?

    And as for team nicknames, why not just call them the Seattle’s or San Francisco’s or San Diego’s or Houston’s, that solves everything and ends all racism, right ?

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      1. 67,
        Are you starting to get a bit of a knot in your stomach now that you realize all you have to look forward to for the rest of this election year is sandbox politics and kindergarten nihilism?……

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      2. Michael, more than a bit of a knot…and the election in my youngest kid’s class this past year (8th grade) was cleaner than what we are seeing now.

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      3. I’ll bet you it was more substantive, too….

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      4. Michael, I have to say, there were some procedural screw-ups, but everybody knew everybody’s name…


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  5. My Nazi post should not be inferred as I believe America is comparable to Nazi Germany.

    What I did mean to imply is just because something is legal or culturally acceptable or authorized does not make it RIGHT.

    For instance, in particular, the N-Word in American Culture is still used to racially identify people born with dark or black skin.

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    1. Thanks for 2 solid paragraphs backing up my support for you, Owns.
      [But –believe me — the N- word is 1000 miles from “culturally acceptable”]….


    2. Have to say outside of you supporting the pathetic ‘ruins on this used
      to be sports blog, only one who is politically wise. Makes me sick to
      read the others terrible posts with hatred abound. Know a couple of
      bruins who feel the same way as these stooges. What can you say to
      people who like Trump and his rhetoric if they don’t already know what
      a buffoon he is?


      1. What can you says about s-head aka Gragamel the Scott Wolf stalker? He has so much to teach us about what is good. No wonder s-head and the piece of dung Owns love the senile pervert child molester Joe Biden.


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