Discuss The Game

Wow, USC got outcoached and lucked out at the end.

I said in my pre-game prediction here, “Talent over coaching.”

That was it.

Todd Orlando was awful and had his defense in poor alignments. Graham Harrell didn’t have much to offer vs. the soft defense. Kedon Slovis wasn’t great until the end of the game.

Helton out!

But now the USC lackeys will act like it was a great win.


53 thoughts on “Discuss The Game

    1. 67 —what do we know about the Trojans? The offense was good enough to come back from repeated mistake killing drives (we’ve had plenty of Helton offenses that couldn’t do that). And the defense? It should be okay against teams that don’t have dual threat QB’s — (Orlando’s front seven was totally unequipped to deal with Daniels).
      We might be okay… even finish regular season undefeated…

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      1. Michael, 580 yards of offense by Trojans – so much for Marvin Lewis’s new ASU defense. Seems like same old, same old, Clay Helton-coached team. Underachieving, unprepared, needing talent to pull out the W. A lot of improvement needed if USC is to compete at end of season.

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      2. 67 –I just checked our schedule and it looks like we are either (a) adding a game to our season or (b) making room for a covid-related make-up game the week before the Pac 12 Championship.
        Do you know anything about this?

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      3. I know, I am trusting in our super assistants- think 1997 when the ruins had a great OC and DC which hid the deficiencies of Bob Tubalardo…


  1. Scottie,
    I am as lackey as they come. It was a great win in that we will all remember it. But it was straight up as lucky as it gets. I agree with everything you posted.

    Bang the drum- fire Clay Helton!

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      1. I have watched none of the primary debates or any of Biden’s speaking over the past few years since he left the public arena in 2016.

        President-elect Biden has a left facial nerve droop (palsy).
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        This feature goes along with his frequently incoherent speech.
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      2. Question for you, Bourbon –Is it possible to chemically boost a stroke victim’s performance level for, say, 45 minutes? We’ve all seen Biden go about that length …before starting to loose steam and slur.

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  2. The results of this game makes certain that for Helton “it’s better to be lucky than good”. USC was outcoached, outplayed and outdisciplined. Even with Bohn hiring all these new coaches a Clay Helton team still plays poor football. Watching this game points to 2 facts: there is good reason why USC football is not mentioned as a national championship caliber team and that Clay Helton needs to go.

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    1. I believe it was our friend BuddaKarma who coined the term,
      “Horseshoes Helton.”

      I’ve never seen a luckier assistant or head coach in my 50 years of Football fanaticism.

      BTW, don’t you think BuddaKarma should rejoin the fray?

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      1. You are a complete pile of shit. Better drink something stronger
        for the 4 years of President elect Joe Biden. Wave goodbye to
        moron Trump and his idiotic family.


  3. Charlaton Clay has a horseshoe up his ass, no doubt about it.
    As for the game:
    1- where is all the physical play that was being reported by the coaches? ASU sure showed it.
    2- Offensive Line truly was offensive. Hate to say it but whatever magic Drevno had at Stanford, in creating great OLs, is no longer with him.
    3-Can’t see any recruit with any sense coming to play under a Helton led team. Bye, bye Korey Foreman.
    4-Unless a miracle loss happens, Bohn will not get rid of this incompetent and vile clown. Might as well write off this year.


  4. Wolf – a suggestion for you. When you do a live blog during a game why not put the last or most recent comment on the top of the thread? Otherwise, you have to scroll down through 100’s of comments to comment.Other blogs do it that way. Since you are no longer associated with that horrible website on SI why not do it right? Oh….that is right, you don’t read the comments on your blog.

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    1. Wow how times have changed I remember when cutty Sark was our coach and The Trojans lost to ASU by the same losing % margin at the end of the game. Talk about a pay back. Deja vu in Trojans favor this time. Who could of ever predict that would ever happen again, especially the same 2 teams, again. A few years later!

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  5. USC won in in spite of Helton and his coaching staff not because of them. Kind of like the Dodgers finally Winning it all with Dave Roberts running things. Lol
    Feels good to have the Wolfman blog back. Missed all you die hard Trojan fans that give me more info than the blogger. Lol Great comeback win today. Like the great Alice Davis you to say just win baby!

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  6. This team, was not the best team on the field. . Arizona State was more discipline, plus played more of a rugged game. The mistakes this team made, caused me to scream at the television, They luck up, and won s game , that they did not deserve to win,

    Helton needs to go, who was completely out coached by Herm Edwards. Please hire Urban Meyers, I am begging 😂🏈

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    1. Yes, we were outcoached —by one of the best coaching staffs (if not the best) in the Pac 12 South. But, to be fair, USC out first downed, outgained and out-clocked ASU by considerable margins.

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    2. Wow, an ugly first game of the season.
      While most of the analysis above is on target, I see some “rays of hope.”

      Donte’s CBs played pretty well, I thought. Improvement over last year (which was an improvement over the prior two years). ASU did not have experienced WR’s, so the defensive pass game is hard to analyze.

      The front seven should get a little better. While the Trojans gave up 258 yards on the ground, half (125) that yardage came on 2 QB scampers (where the edge was entirely uncontained, same old story) and two RB scampers.

      Herm and his staff are gonna be a problem for a long, long time.

      Trojan offense has some problems to work out, and Harrell needs to have a better solution for defenses that drop 8 and rush 3. With 11 games under his belt, this continues to give Slovis problems. Other than getting stuffed on 3rd and 1 and 4 and 1 repeatedly, the run game was solid. MAN DO I LIKE THE WAY THOSE 3 RB’s run. This is a nasty WR corp. Running 95 plays is fantastic. Gotta wonder if ASU’s D was a bit tired in the last 5 (clock) minutes?

      We seem condemned to a life of ugly wins with frequent hideous losses.
      Still, some bright spots cast a glimmer of hope for improvement.

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      1. Yes, 67 –corner backs looked good —a little too aggressive but very solid. Obviously, Donte has instilled swagger and attitude.

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  7. Okay I am not disappointed and my heart rate has returned to normalish. I have one good point from the game. It’s not much but it’s a start. We got special teams production. My wife pointed out that the last time USC got an onside kick right was before we met (33 years ago) I actually think Baxter’s philosophy was to tell them do it like you did in high school. Last season they actually kicked the ball in the opposite direction away from the group trying to recover it.
    I stand by my duct tape and janitor closet solution but maybe forget to let him out.
    I am waiting for the new staff to stage a hostile takeover. I think the new guys are afraid to speak up. Maybe a few games down the road the fear will fade.
    Fumbles can be fixed, but misalignment is a problem that should have been worked out before today. If the talking heads can see it the booth should have seen it.
    We can do better.

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    1. We recovered an onside kick at the Holiday Bowl in December 2019, RT. Still, I like it that your wife shares my frustrations over the state of Trojan football.

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  8. It was a good win and yet this is not a great team but because of their schedule, they should go undefeated until they get to the pac-12 championship game. There they will get their 2nd test because I think that this was a good ASU team.

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  9. The big problem that I see is with the D-Line. It would be nice to have Jay Tufele back. The O-line needs a lot of work too. If the defense is going to drop 8 and rush 3 like BYU and others did last year, they have to be able to run the ball better. But overall, the offense looks good. They ran 95 plays. ASU ran 61. Most teams that have an offense that runs 95 plays in a game will win.

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    1. Cal75: you just love the bitter irony of watching Justin Wilcox match wits with Coach Helton, so you have an ulterior motive. Sadly for you, won’t happen in 2020.

      And yes, Stripes is amongst the greatest cinematic masterpieces of all times.

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  10. I needs me some PAC-12 college ball.
    BTW- great SI article on the ’89 SC lb crew. A MUST READ.

    & 3/4 OF THE CAL-SC 75 backfield has passed. Making me feel real old. If you want to experience football like the old days watch the CAL/SC 75 game on youtoob. Oh to be young again. Don’t waste ur ute.

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