Monday Reader Forum: USC Winners And Losers Of The Week


Kedon Slovis

No one will remember anything but the last pass so it’s a successful opening performance in 2020.

Drake London

His size and athletic ability already make him an NFL target, especially if he makes TD catches like in the fourth quarter.

Amon-Ra St. Brown

USC targeted him 13 times and he caught seven passes. I’d argue Slovis focused too much on St. Brown, which made the offense predictable at times.

Sean Snyder

The on-side kick might have been lucky but at least no one is thinking of his predecessor, John Baxter, anymore.

Clay Helton

The luckiest man alive continues to win through no doing of his own.


Graham Harrell

He talked about being ready for defenses that dropped back into coverage. He talked about wanting to run the ball. But with three minutes left, his offense had scored 14 points and had not established the run.

Todd Orlando

His defense looked more like Texas 2019 than Texas 2017. How often were players looking to the sideline during the game?

The offensive line

I’ve harped on them forever and they did not change opinions, especially on those fourth-and-short situations.

Ben Griffiths

For whatever reason, he is still not booming punts the way he supposedly does in practices.

Kedon Slovis

He didn’t look himself in the first half and had trouble throwing a spiral.

Mike Bohn

He needs to take control of his social media dept. before it bites him like the hype video dept. did last week.

Look at this classless tweet taking a shot at Arizona State after the victory.

46 thoughts on “Monday Reader Forum: USC Winners And Losers Of The Week

  1. Imagine what Alabama would have done to this USC team if Covid-19 weren’t a thing and the CFB season had played out in regular fashion.

    Alabama would have ended the careers of Slovis, Helton, Harrell and this Orlando clown.

    Damn You Coronavirus!


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      2. Photo of a liar, a coke snorter and marajuana smoker. Also a puppet of Chbina and Russia. Piece of garbage the both of them are.

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  2. This guy Palaie Gaoteote’s stock has dropped so much he’s not even worth mentioning among the established “Loser’s”…he’s in a class of irrelevancy all by himself, sure to be joined by others from that so called “Polynesia Pipeline” real soon.


  3. Under Lynn Swann, Lane Kiffin, Steve Sarkisian and Clay Helton USC Football during the 2010’s was known throughout the college football landscape as, “Where 5 Star Recruits Go To Die”.

    In the 2020’s under Carroll Folt, Mike Bohn and Clay Helton I think it’s safe to call or refer to USC Football as, “Bust-U”.

    USC Football = Bust U

    Remember, you heard it here first

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  4. “There is a special providence for drunkards, little children and Clay Helton.”

    I thought Orlando schemed well. ASU had no downfield passing game. The issue is that apparently Clay is continuing with his patty-cake, ice-cream-social practices and both lines of scrimmages (plus the linebackers) are as soft as Charmin. The only way to improve the OL and defensive front seven is to hold PHYSICAL PRATICES. The ghost of Buddy Ryan could co-ordinate this defense and the results would be the same.

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  5. C.L. Max Nikias’ plan to De-Emphasize Trojan Football is working to perfection, Clay Helton is employing the strategy like a well oiled machine.

    Side note: C.L. Max Nikias is Carroll Folt’s Daddy.

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  6. Who cares!!

    PFE has COVID-19 vaccine with 90% effectiveness!!

    Annual flu vaccine historically is only 40% – 60% effective.

    This is huge news and the markets are up big.

    The lockdowns will end sooner than later!!

    No more negativity Wolf!! USC won and you can’t do a thing about it.

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      1. Question is “will it save the season?”….
        A single case in berkeley throws the whole season in question.

        Bezerkely, love it or burn it down…

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      2. Pudly —When I read these words in the article you attached— “The City Of Berkeley is calling the shots” — I smiled…

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  7. Scottie, good call on Sean Snyder. I don’t recall any major special team f-ups on Saturday, and the onside kick recovery was a thing of beauty. Granted, these are largely luck, but the kicking team has to execute it well to have any kind of chance. I’ll miss the Baxter “gut photos”.

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    1. Hard to believe tebow is trashing USC today —we beat a solid team in Arizona State……

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      1. Michael, regarding Tebow, he is howling at the moon about firing Helton. Everybody here wants Clay gone. Bohn knows that – when Bohn tweeted that we were keeping Clay last year, thousands of responses came in within the first few minutes, 9 to 1 negative. Buck stops with “Coach Folt”.

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      2. Come on MG, SUCC lucked out, big time. If you think the Bozo FB team, with it’s cupcake schedule is headed to the playoffs you’re doing way too much peyote.

        As for UCLA FB, it’s time for Chip to depart.


    2. As I’m sure you’re aware, Bru was a last second addition to the K/O team on that play. So yeah lucky would be accurate. He ended up with the ball…

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      1. Bru at the last minute! Scottie, why isn’t Bru on the winner’s list? Directly and indirectly responsible for the last 2 TDs.

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      2. “the good hands people.”

        ASU forgot to put in the Allstate guys. For all the plaudits sent Herm’s way, his ST coach botched one of the lowest probability items in football.

        Ugly win, but I’m taking it. Remember the Hail Mary loss in Tempe years ago?
        JR used to tell us, “payback is a bitch.”

        Payback, Herm.

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      3. Totally agree! [I’d hate to leave the impression I don’t think Herm is an extraordinary coach…..and man]…

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      4. I don’t know about all that stuff, just talkin about his bank acct…ha!
        Nah, he’s surprised me, I thought he’d been burnt out, but he sure seems like asu has given him a real boost

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      5. Yeah –his kids play hard for him and he, in turn, respects them. It’s a healthy program …. and they fight hard every week.

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  8. All you trumpster’s need to be first in line to get the Bill Gates designed Trump-Coronavirus vaccine.

    gotroll22 needs to get two.


    As for me, hell nah…I’ll pass


  9. All you trumpster’s need to be first in line to get the Bill Gates designed Trump-Coronavirus vaccine.

    gotroll22 needs to get two.


    As for me, hell nah…I’ll pass

    “If We Do A GOOD Job With VACCINES and HEALTH CARE We Will REDUCE the POPULATION BY 10 -15%”

    – Bill Gates


      1. Is it too much to ask Charlie to switch on his “good” button —you know, like the Phantom of the Opera in the last act……?

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  10. It was great to see Markese carrying would-be tacklers as he went through the line (notwithstanding the fumble, which was costly). Turf toe is a very tough recovery, glad he is back in form.

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    1. He looked devastated by fumbling near the end of the game. Good lesson for a stud Fresh/Soph. We’ve got plenty of future games to watch Stepps excel.

      ….and I’ve not forgotten Christon.

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  11. Loser Stephen Carr. No speed, no fight he braces for open field tackles. Sorry to see this kid go the way of the has been.


    1. He had some fairly decent runs, but Vavae seems to run like a guy trying to prove something. I think a REALLY SMART team will draft Vavae in the 3rd-5th round and get a real steal..

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