USC-Arizona State Report Card


Kedon Slovis was way off the form that led to all the pre-season hype and no one will say the tipped TD pass was great, but he can live off that final TD pass all season.

Grade: C


They didn’t get much help from Graham Harrell or the offensive line. And they fumbled.

Grade: D+


I was starting to wonder if Tyler Vaughns regretted coming back until he started getting some passes in the second half. Drake London needs more touches. The end.

Grade: B+


USC couldn’t run the ball or convert fourth-and-1. And remember ASU had a four-man rush most of the time.

Grade: D-


Marlon Tuipulotu made some plays but otherwise a pretty anonmymous performance as untested Arizona State running backs plowed through the line. Where was Drake Jackson? Oh wait, he’s a “linebacker.”

Grade: C-


Last week, Clay Helton spoke about the improvement during training camp at this position. Maybe we will see it this week vs. lowly Arizona.

Grade: D+


I worry what happens when USC plays a team that can throw over the middle? Might not happen this season with the easy schedule. In the meantime, there was a lot of grabbing of the wide receivers.

Grade: C+


Sean Snyder didn’t do anything special except not be John Baxter. He got a guy to kick the ball into the end zone, which eliminated Baxter’s big problem of allowing kick returns for TDs.

Grade: B+


Clay Helton was Clay Helton. But even my low expectations were not met by the defensive staff. The defense looked confused and disorganized. Players were in wrong stances and alignments. The cornerbacks were misaligned. And don’t get me started on Graham Harrell’s shortcomings.

Grade: D-

28 thoughts on “USC-Arizona State Report Card

    1. Yeah, same ol usc football under helton. Until they get some beasts in the trenches, this program will not compete on the national level with the likes of Alabama, Clemson, Ohio State, etc. A continuation of the last 5 years under helton and I’m tired of it.

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    1. Scottie is back! Old-school grading! I think Slovis may have gotten one or maybe – maybe – two “A” grades last season, one was for his record-setting performance against Westwood, and it may have only been an “A-“.

      But still, a straight “C” for Slovis? He threaded the needle on that last pass to London to win the ballgame.

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  1. Scooter,

    I agree with most of report card. Special teams seemed like they were the only comptent group. However, I will give the team a break due to the virus, and new coaches, and not being able to practice. ASU had 100 hours during the summer for practice. If i see improvement with the defense I will give them a break. The oline was horrible. They could not drive anyone off the ball. Slovis’ ball was wobble, probably due to a wet ball. Offense had not spark, they look incompetent. Maybe they will be better next week. We will see.

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  2. So your saying that otherwise everything was great…other than a win I thought the game was really disappointing and the play was uninspired.


      1. Ha! Only Scottie! C for Slovis, but he was one of 8 QBs to get the Manning Award for the week. Scottie, does Slovis deserve a regrade? Maybe a B-?

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  3. Scottie,
    Tell me what the proper stance or alignment is for the defensive backs. Guaranteed you have no clue. You watched the game just like the rest of us and regurgitated one or two thoughts from the broadcast- exception being the stance part. Tell me what a proper d back stance is. Please, more insight.

    With that, I pretty much agree. The running backs were better than your grade.


  4. Covid makes an appearance….women’s BB on hold

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      1. Michael, you should know better.
        While LA County is heading down a high speed COVID superhighway,
        “Horseshoes Helton”–the luckiest man in CFB coaching–will dodge this COVID hex and field a team vs the UA Mildcats on Saturday.

        In a World where Gov’nor Gavin Nuisance “imprisons (no Trick or Treating, no Thanksgiving dinner, no Christmas Dinner)” all but the most dysfunctional, one might wonder if Cal FB got cancelled because so many of their players chose to non-COVID social distance protest instead of abiding and carrying out their “job” as a scholarship entitled CFB player.

        Apologies to Cal75.


  5. Scott

    You need an intervention.
    USC won the game.
    Not sure if you ever played organized football. Your grades during the Pete’s National Championship years were low too!

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    1. Fortunately, even within L. A. Unified (at least for the time being), Report Cards don’t include a “Luck” Grade…….


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