Pac-12 Coach: “I Don’t Know If He Knows What He’s Doing”

Long-time readers know I like to speak to coaches. So I called a Pac-12 coach today about the USC game regarding defensive coordinator Todd Orlando.

“(Orlando) is feast or famine. He’s going to blitz and either have a tackle for loss or give up a big play.

“It’s almost like he blitzes to blitz. I don’t know if he knows what he’s doing. I’m thinking, `why are you doing this?’ From a rhythm standpoint, I was trying to figure out what they are doing.

“It looked like they were confused. The players didn’t know what side to go to. I guess he’s better than Clancy Pendergast. I don’t know if he is.”

36 thoughts on “Pac-12 Coach: “I Don’t Know If He Knows What He’s Doing”

  1. Not saying one way or the other about Orlando, but here are some stats from his first 2 years at Texas that hopefully indicate he will be ok:

    “In 2018, Texas continued in its strengths of strong red zone defense, ranking 17th nationally, and stopping the run, allowing just 131.4 yards per game to rank 28th. Two defensive players earned Big 12 Player of the Year honors under Orlando. DE Charles Omenihu was the Defensive Lineman of the Year, while freshman S Caden Sterns was the Defensive Freshman of the Year. Both players, in addition to CB Kris Boyd, earned first team All-Big 12 recognition. At his position group, linebackers Gary Johnson (90 TKL, 16.5 TFL, 6.5 sacks, 8 QBH) and Anthony Wheeler (87 TKL, 8.5 TFL, 4 sacks) led the defense in tackles. Johnson was named second team All-Big 12.”

    “In his first season at UT, Orlando’s defense ranked eighth nationally in rushing (106.8 ypg), third nationally in third-down defense (.271), eighth in fourth-down defense (.300) and led the country in both defensive touchdowns (7) and interceptions returned for a touchdown (5). The Longhorns improved 53 spots (from 94th to 41st) in total defense, and 61 spots (from 90th to 29th) in scoring defense.”

    Third year at Austin wasn’t good for Orlando, but then again, their new D-coordinator isn’t doing any better this year, maybe worse.

    Let’s wait and see how it goes for him.

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    1. The Donald Trump Clown/Shit Show continues.

      Rudy books a press briefing at some slum landscaping business in Philadelphia thinking it was the Four Seasons Hotel



      Team Trump bunch of incompetent clowns

      BWA HA HA HA HA!

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      1. America is in for tough times in the next few weeks, tebow. Maybe you should stop laughing. And start praying…..

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  2. It’s time Mr. Wolf discusses what a bust the Polynesian Pipeline has been at USC over the past 10 years has been.

    Polynesian China Dolls is what they are…they’re always hurt and they get hurt in Bozo Helton’s pillow fight practices.

    Time to ban all recruits with Polynesian heritage.

    Someone had to say it, you’re welcome.


      1. Since when is telling the truth racist? Back in the day I knew guys from Sons of Samoa and the Tongan Crypt Gang, none of them ever accused me of being racist.


      2. Regrettably (for me), TO, I’m 100% sober when I read your posts.
        I would guess that most on this blog are accepting of your posting on this site. I welcome your input.

        I don’t read racist posts from others on this site. You’d be well-served to refrain from such invective. Your 2 excuses above are quite vacuous to any intelligent person.

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    1. Something I didn’t miss at SI … Trolls.
      I thought the discussion about the defense and the new coordinator.
      First anyone is better than Pendegast. This was a man whose collegiate experience was coaching a fraternity team. He has never played a down of football.
      At least Orlando has some credentials. Also he is working for a coach who has been proven to be clueless as a deaf band director. If there’s beautiful music it’s a fluke but his superiors think he’s a genius. Orlando is probably beside himself with pillows-fight practices like those he had in high school.
      The jury is out with this year’s team. They ran ASU into leg cramps and kept going. It’s easy to second guess an effort, but better to analyze and correct. Hopefully we will see that process soon.

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      1. Great analysis, Rialto (as usual)….except for one thing ….Helton’s superiors don’t think he’s a genius…..

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    2. I hate the idea that tebow is now under the impression he exists only to offend…. up until recently he’d write a lot of offensive stuff… and a bit of sharp analysis from time to time [granted the ratio was 400 to 1]….. but lately he’s given up on that one welcome nugget…

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    1. Saw the band in ’15, including Walter Becker – tremendous! Saw them again about a year ago, but after Walter’s untimely passing. Still very good, though not the same without Becker.

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    2. Hey gotroll22 nitwit, it’s “Hey Nineteen” by Steely Dan you stupid dumb fuck!



      1. MG sounds like Kayleigh McEnany when she thought she made herself appear intellectual by using the word “aggregate” in every other sentence.

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      2. Tebow something thinks that my correcting his insult to GT22 by including the name of the Steely Dan album, along with the correct title of the Steely Dan song that he got wrong, somehow is a win for him. What can you say? I mean, what can you possible say about that?

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      3. tebow — I know that you realize I was quoting Howard Cosell in his famous interview with Muhammed Ali….

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