Tuesday Reader Forum: What’s Up With The Safeties?

I thought it was a quiet opening performance for USC’s much-ballyhoed senior safeties — Talanoa Hufanga, Isaiah Pola-Mao — but I’m not blaming them.

If the safeties are mostly playing man-to-man coverage, it’s difficult for them to make plays. Or maybe they were tied up because Todd Orlando loves to blitz so much?

The safeties, who are seniors, are one of USC strengths. The dilemma as a coach is do you want your best players to do what you want or do you want to highlight what they can do best?

  • Some people were upset I gave coaching a “D-” instead of an “F” in my report card Monday. That’s because I think the coaching will/can be worse in the next six games. I’m told the report card was discussed on the Mason and Ireland show Monday. Anyone hear it?
  • Center Brett Neilon (ankle) and defensive tackle Brandon Pili (finger) are questionable for the Arizona game.

10 thoughts on “Tuesday Reader Forum: What’s Up With The Safeties?

  1. Talanoa Hufanga is a bust with a capital “B”.

    Her middle name should be Buster.

    That kid has amounted to absolutely nothing in terms of being the highly touted playmaker on both sides of the ball she was expected to be.


  2. Hufanga was the leading tackler and Isaiah was second leading tackler. None of the ASU WRs made any big yardage plays (granted they were without their best WR in second half). ASU passing game stats were:

    11/23, 134 yards, one TD.

    That is about as good a defensive record against the pass as it gets in today’s pass-happy game.

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  3. If you were to predict the score if USC has played Alabama this year, I would say…

    Alabama 59

    USC 10

    I give USC 10 pts. only because someone on SC’s special teams might have gotten lucky and broke a return for a TD at some point in the 2nd half after a Trojan field goal.


  4. “Center Brett Neilon (ankle) and defensive tackle Brandon Pili (finger) are questionable for the Arizona game.”

    So is the coaching… just sayin’

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  5. Orlando got burned several times on his blitz and twist calls.
    I do not know if it was the call, the players involved, or a good read by Jayden Daniels. Red Zone D was decent.

    I think about 6 or 7 plays amounted for half of ASU’s total yardage.

    I’ve not read the analysis by the defensive expert (former USC LB Kevin ….) over on WeareSC. Might be a good second opinion.

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  6. Do we have anyone else who can play center and be serviceable, other than Neilon? He is sub-par, and that’s putting it bluntly. When is the last time USC had a good or great center?


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