Is Kedon Slovis A Heisman Candidate Or Not?

Do you think Kedon Slovis is a Heisman Trophy candidate? Right now, he is not even on the board with BetOnline.

I think his woeful first half would hurt him but I doubt it. More people probably saw the TD at the end on ESPN.

But maybe it shows more how irrelevant USC is right now until it proves something.

Here are BetOnline’s odds:

11/2/20             Current (11/9/2020)

Justin Fields – Ohio State QB                             3/2                    3/2

Mac Jones – Alabama QB                                  5/4                    7/4

Trevor Lawrence – Clemson QB                         5/2                    5/2

Kyle Trask – Florida QB                                      33/1                  11/2

Zach Wilson – BYU QB                                      28/1                  33/1

Kellen Mond – Texas A&M QB                           66/1                  66/1

Chuba Hubbard – Oklahoma State RB                80/1                  Off the Board   

Devonta Smith – Alabama WR                            33/1                  Off the Board   

D’Eriq King – Miami QB                                      66/1                  Off the Board   

Najee Harris – Alabama RB                                40/1                  Off the Board   

Sam Ehlinger – Texas QB                                  100/1                Off the Board   

Travis Etienne – Clemson RB                             50/1                  Off the Board   

20 thoughts on “Is Kedon Slovis A Heisman Candidate Or Not?

    1. Agree!
      While Slovis loses Vaughns and (likely) St. Brown this year, I still feel that 2021 is “the year” for Slovis and USC FB in general. If nearly all of the rest of the players (and the productive, intelligent coaching staff) return in 2021, the Trojans shape up to be a top 10 team.

      Pre-COVID I had hopes for a top 12 season for USC FB even with the dysfunction in Pac12 leadership, admin at USC and some questionable FB coaches in HH.

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  1. “Is Kedon Slovis A Heisman Candidate Or Not?”


    Mr. Wolf the comedian…who knew?



  2. Maybe Mr. Wolf meant “Hymen Candidate” because that girl Slovis couldn’t throw a party much less a spiral.


    Mr. Wolf must have fell and bumped his head


      1. The closest Hippie got to Berkeley was when he was selling himself short on the street corners in the Castro district


    1. Whoa, Cal75.
      Last time I checked, there’s no outflow from the Salton Sea?
      Shit rolls in, but nothing rolls out.
      Just this stinky, saline, below sea level morass.

      OK, I get it.

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      1. Even with your sullied disposition, TO, I’d still throw you the life preserver as you’re flailing about in the buoyant sea. I’m that kinda guy.

        Hell, I’d even offer you my last icy cold brew as I rowed your shivering, god-forsaken soul to shore. I’m that kinda guy.

        Leave ya’ on the shore and forget about ya’. I’m that kinda guy.

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  3. This wouldn’t be Slovis’s year. At any rate, one game does not make a candidate. Let’s see where we are after next game. He is a special player. I expect to see great things. Not worried about this at all. Find something more relevant to talk about. If Najee Harris is off the board, then Vegas is stupid. That young man is a super star.

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    1. Recall, JL, that “all of us” thought that USC had a chance to land Najee during his recruitment?

      Wow. We really don’t understand how far the program has fallen.
      (Or we hadn’t understood–at that time–….)

      You are spot on with Kedon. What a talent! Glad he bulked up to 215lb..
      Darnold? What a (CFB) talent.
      Barkley? What a (CFB) talent.
      Leinart? What a (CFB) talent.

      We’re doing fine. Keep the pipeline flowing.
      We need to get back to recruiting the heck out of the OL/DL/LB talent.

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    2. Roll Tide! Look who is handling the offense? None other than
      Steve Sarkisian. He is a lot better than that fool on the hill
      Graham Harrell. The Trojans miss Michael Pittman who had
      so many tough catches, and took the pressure off Vaughn &
      St. Brown.


      1. Mr. B!
        Sark’s been humbled, but has ended up in a good place.
        Given his tribulations, I’m happy for him.
        It has been suggested that he is a superior OC, and likely a middling HC.
        I would agree. Nonetheless, he likely will be offered an HC job soon and will take it and will be mediocre. He seems really good at play calling with superior offensive talent. I bet you could amass 500+ yards of total offense as ‘bama’s OC.

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  4. Someone mentioned Tyler Vaughn and made wonder who was wearing his number last game? Was the guy who dropped catchable balls or the guy who carried the ball like a loaf of bread?
    Anyway l like Slovis, I think he is developing into a good player and has a bright two year, injury filled, NFL career which will end sooner than the low draft pick team’s line allows the umpteenth sack. (Sorry just musing over the usual fate of USC quarterbacks in the NFL)
    However three and five sixths quarters of crappy football doesn’t exactly ring the trophy bell. Maybe it gets better.


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