Maybe This Explains Why USC Played Flat Against ASU

I’ve heard from a USC player there was little-to-no emotion in the locker room before the Arizona State game.

This surprises me because USC and other Pac-12 teams have not played a game. for 11 months. And there was no emotion?

Not Todd Orlando’s yelling/square jaw routine fired anyone up?

Maybe that explains why USC played the way it did.

Time to fire more hype video people . . . again!

  • No one is better than USC at patting themselves on the back than USC.

Here’s an article on what a great job Mike Bohn has done in his first year . . . by USC.

29 thoughts on “Maybe This Explains Why USC Played Flat Against ASU

  1. Empty Coli and Covid; I could see how that would impact the locker room. On the other hand, emotion might be overrated. Remember how emotional the team was against ‘Bama a few years ago?

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    1. Good point, 67. Whatever the contact sport, “Emotion” lasts till you get hit in the mouth —from that point on discipline and preparation kick in…..or not…..

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  2. There is no Trojan player on this years team that could start or even be 2nd string on the 2008 Trojan team

    2020 Trojans bunch of pansy ass, hurt little finger, overweight poi poi eating slow fat fucks that ain’t worth a shit


    1. Everyone owes it to themselves to read the “Bohn is the Bestest A. D. Ever!” article Scott cited. Looks like Bohn wrote it himself …the style certainly looks like his: “Bohn also….and then Bohn also….and then Bohn also….and, finally, Bohn also…”

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      1. Bohn is a bone head for not firing Helton as soon as he got the AD job end of discussion. Should of pulled a power move as soon as he landed in Heritage Hall then he would’ve been the bestest!

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  3. SC made a lot of mistakes in that game but I wouldn’t say that they played flat. Look at the box score. The defense is a new defense in a year when they haven’t had that much time to practice and put the new defense in. They stopped them when they had to. You can’t come to too many conclusions after the first game. We have no idea how good ASU is.

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  4. Maybe it had to do with a 9 a.m. start Wolfman! Did you even think of the freaking obvious? Like you need rocket science to figure that out; of why they came out so flat. I don’t want to hear that they played that early, growing up, playing in the Pop Warner league. That was like over 10 years ago when the mighty mights division started that early. Like 8 or 9 a.m. on Saturday mornings.

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  5. Well the recruiting dead period has been extended…

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      1. I was really looking forward to a terrific football season. Remember, In March–

        ‘All we need to do is bend the curve.’


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  6. Bezerkely still at it….

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      1. The worst run cities in Merica are…


        SF & Berkeley aren’t even in the top 10.


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