USC Band Under Investigation

The Daily Trojan has a lengthy story today on the USC band that includes sexual-assault and racial allegations. Full story here.

Excerpt: “In early August, a letter questioning the same culture was drafted and signed by 135 current and former marching band members. It detailed sexual assault allegations from three anonymous sources directed toward a tenor sax player who graduated in 2019, as well as the sexual assault-permitting culture they said was pervasive in the organization. The letter also alleged a “failure to effectively address cases of … toxic band culture” as a whole.

“We want to reiterate that we love the band,” read a note sent alongside the letter. “This letter and its message are about more than just one person, more than one case. We chose to participate because of the band’s mission of spirit and inclusion. What we are asking, in this letter, is that they prove us right.”

USC is investigating, according to the story.

And then there was this: “Additionally, it revealed that the alto saxophone section, as recently as 2016, would number its Black students and give them nicknames based on those numbers, and said the flute section gave students of color nicknames based around syrup and pancakes in a nod to the racially-stereotyped branding of Aunt Jemima. The anonymous alumnus who authored the post graduated in 2016.

“Current band members confirmed these instances but said that they view them as a relic of the past.”

And here is a band statement:

“The TMB is looking forward to participating in a Climate Assessment to improve the organization’s environment,” said the band’s leadership when asked for a statement. “The health and well-being of our members is our top priority, and the senior leadership of the program is working ardently to make the necessary changes.”

32 thoughts on “USC Band Under Investigation

  1. And I thought Clown U was finished shooting itself in the foot.

    The next Clown U embarrassment: The 2020 – 21 Men’s BB team. Andyain’twinning wanted an easy, cupcake BB schedule just like the one the FB team received.

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    1. Just rent,

      Where have you been? Did your two story cardboard box for a home float away and did the Night Tain run out? Don’t throw stones. If you start, then we will have to go through Thug U aka ruinville aka ugly’s infamous and historical list of what ugly, coaches, teachers, students, and alumni have done

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      1. Dang, guys.
        I’ve missed your ribald banter.
        Glad we’re all back–one big, happy, “American family.*”

        *As in petty, surly, dysfunctional, “I can barely stand ya'” American family.


  2. I know someone that was in the USC band, he said Bartner used to flirt wirh and screw around with members of the band all the time.


    1. Can’t listen to dueling banjos without getting that creepy, sick (vagal nerve mediated) feeling in the pit of my stomach.

      Ole’ Burt (Rest his soul) was quite the shot with that bow, no?


      1. Adolph J. does nothing as Red State half-wit deplorables continue to die of CV-19 at record rates.

        Plus 22, Adolph J. claims he’ll run in 2024, although I think a felony conviction for tax evasion or rape or both would make it tough to do from a tweetless prison cell block.

        Buck up 22, you stupid shit, Adolph J. is finished as an American Traitor and Putain political stooge.


      1. Although I can’t put my finger on it, there is something about FUCK YOU that makes me think he’s not gonna play fair with us….

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      2. IQ13 just received really bad news!


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      3. Only relief possible: throw out 500,000 improperly counted ballots. Let repub state legislature take it from there…..


    1. Awesome tune. Great guitars, indeed. Lyrics and vocals score highly, also.
      KLOS and KMET played the HELL out of this tune on their 3 day weekend binges “back in the day.”


    1. ArtBart is impeachable, nearly sacrosanct.
      Not his sideshow, Proud Trojan.

      At any given time there’s several hundred (seems like a thousand) testosterone and estrogen charged young people in the Spirit of Troy.
      From TTT, might occasionally be some liquor, MJ, and coke involved (?).


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