Wednesday Reader Forum: Different Opinions Before/After ASU

Six days ago, Clay Helton said this about USC linebacker Palaie Gaoteote.

“I’ll tell you the one I cannot wait to see play, I’m expecting big things from (Gaoteote). He has just had an amazing six weeks.”

Who could question Helton with all practices closed because of the pandemic.

But here is USC defensive coordinator Todd Orlando today talking about how the linebackers played vs. ASU.

“They were OK. They’ve got to get better. I’m ok with saying that because I coach the position.”

  • Meanwhile, Graham Harrell has a shoulda, woulda, coulda moment.

27 thoughts on “Wednesday Reader Forum: Different Opinions Before/After ASU

  1. Palaie Gaoteote’s little brother should take his overrated talent and head north to say, Utah or Oregon. We all know she can’t get into Cal or Stanford.

    USC doesn’t need anymore busters from that Polynesian pipeline humiliating themselves and the university.


    1. A challenge for you all.

      Name 5 players that came through the “Polynesian pipeline” to USC (football) in the last 10 years that have been worth a shit?

      Good Luck with that


  2. Not saying one way or the other about Harrell, but 560 yards of total offense should have delivered more points, irrespective of the offensive scheme. 4 turnovers was the killer.

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    1. Vavae on his fumbles…. “Our staff really emphasizes…selfless, toughness and discipline…and that played a big role in my mindset with the game….I obviously did a “selfish act” by trying to reach for the end zone on first down…they always say the rule is unless it’s 4th down or end of the game…never reach for it and I did that. So I understood why I did not go in after that…but at the same time be happy for the guys in the field and enjoy watching their hard work pay off….I just stayed ready for the opportunity and I knew when I got the chance to go back in I’d make the best of it and I think I did and added “it was a team effort with the blocking from the Oline and the wideouts blocking on the edges.”

      Kept his head up and came back and delivered in the 4th qtr.

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      1. We all know there’s a coach sitting in the Fox studio that would have USC turned around as fast as PC did, but Carol Woketard will never hire him, well maybe she would if Meyer got a sex change.

        I wonder if ucla would hire Meyer, USC better hope they don’t.

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      2. IMHO, odds are slim that Westwood would hire Meyer. They don’t have the $$$, and I suspect that at the end of the day, they will make Folt-like choices. Plus, Westwood isn’t a football school. I think he would strongly prefer a university that is all-in with football.

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  3. MG, it’s a question of Univ. entrance requirements. If you can prove you attended HS, and fog a mirror, you’re eligible for a FB scholarship at Florida and Ohio St. – Just like at Clown U.


    1. “It’s complicated*,” JO.
      We’ll get to it in another thread.

      *Title IX sporting doesn’t happen at it’s present scope without CFB…..


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