A USC COVID-19 Update

I’m hearing USC is cautiously optimistic that it will be able to play Sunday’s game vs Washington State.

I’m hearing it’s just a matter of getting a group of offensive linemen, who have not shown symptoms of COVID-19, cleared to resume workouts.

Of course, like everything else with COVID-19, it’s all subject to change.

  • Four-star wide receiver Kyron Ware-Hudson of Mater Dei has flipped his commitment from Oregon to USC.

10 thoughts on “A USC COVID-19 Update

  1. Good news on both counts. Trojans apparently never tried to recruit Ware-Hudson last year. They thought he would be a Duck, given his brother is there. Good pickup.

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    1. Compared to the left OT in the video, Drake is playing the game at hyper speed. Would be great to have one year of Drake and Korey Foreman on the edges together (assuming Drake will leave after 3 years).

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      1. Yep.
        Worst thing you can have in ANY med test is “false negatives.”
        We’re fine with false positives. Just re-test or develop a “more sensitive” test.


  2. only bonehead is still so clueless. It is not only trojans saying this, this is from oregon forum relating to kyron:

    “if SC would just fire Clay and hire a great head coach, the recruits would all abandon Oregon. Todd Orlando and the defensive staff are showing a glimpse of what recruiting would look like at SC if the players trusted the coaches”.

    “1. So what? Paris Helton will still be HC. 2. Will he replace Quaydarius Davis, rumored to be leaving the flock? 3. so, not an OL? Of course not. I knew it the moment “4-star” was mentioned. 4. will we still have room for Foreman, Calvert and some guys we need on the OL?”


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