Afternoon Notes: Where Could USC Play In Emergency?

I’ve heard in recent weeks USC mulled a worst-case scenario where it moved practices to UC Irvine and played games at Cal State Fullerton if COVID-19 cases/restrictions endangered the season.

USC held training camps at UC Irvine in the late 1990’s and held a scrimmage at Cal State Fullerton in 1996.

  • The Sun Bowl has been canceled, according to Stadium, which makes it the fourth Pac-12 bowl game canceled this year.

The Sun Bowl was the second-longest running bowl game and has been played since 1935.

  • The USC-Washington State game will now kick off at 4:30 p.m. PT on Sunday.

36 thoughts on “Afternoon Notes: Where Could USC Play In Emergency?

    1. Cougars are tough…I recall they finished in the top 20 last year, several players return. Their center is 23, 7’3″, and 260. Tough matchup.

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    2. ATLANTA — “Three Atlanta Hawks newcomers are dealing with injuries as the team prepares to open training camp.”

      “Most notably, first-round draft pick Onyeka Okongwu has inflammation in the sesamoid bone of his left foot. An MRI confirmed the condition, which has forced the No. 6 overall selection from USC to make a gradual return to form shooting and conditioning activities.”

      Another lame, unhealthy former bozo BB player.


      1. You mean #12 in the first round Bears draft flop Cade McNown? You could tell in the ruins Rose Bowl loss in 1999 (their last appearance 21 years ago!) to WISC that his arm was shot when he threw those wounded duck passes.

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  1. We’d better keep our eyes open or we’ll miss the game. Can you imagine tuning in to FS1 on Sunday and finding out the game had been played last Thursday? And Bowl games being cancelled? Shocker!! A revenue raising event cancelled because the revenue raised will not cover expenses. If people cannot attend a game, does it happen? El Paso isn’t the popular destination it once was.
    I have pointed out the obvious, that it doesn’t matter where the game is played the crowd size will be the same. This season is becoming another link in the end of civilization as we know it.

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    1. I had a lovely time in El Paso the one time I visited, though the Sun Bowl is never a game WE wish to attend. Great restaurant–Crave–just a short walk from the campus and the nicer part of town where I stayed. Awesome lil stadium, if you like that SW vibe.

      Unfortunately, Matty B was injured and Wittek couldn’t throw the ball on an unusually windy day. Kiffin was beyond lame with his calls. We lost to a Georgia Tech team of vastly inferior quality. Couldn’t get the ball to Marqise nor Woods. It was the beginning of the end for Kiffin.

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      1. Ha! [As I’ve told girlfriends over the years —“I’m afraid I’m going to end up being kind of a nasty disappointment”]….


  2. Sometimes you just gotta be you.. just such a wasted talent.

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    1. Though I have chuckled so many times watching Jack Jack getting burned, I thought he played better at ASU these past two games vs. USC. I was hoping that Herm could help him out. Bummed.

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  3. I recommend Hay-why-eee for all practices & games. I hear the weather is nice this time of year. Coach Helton might decline a quick dip in the Pacific a la Carrol Rosenblum.

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    1. But I’ll go out swimming with Clay ….to protect him and keep him safe….

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  4. Dear Pisley, you useless pustule, I post a factual story on Oingo Boingo’s injury and you get mad and whine about some stupid FB crap. I merely point out that Oingo, the 2020 #6 Hawks draft choice, hasn’t played one NBA game and he’s already hurt. It’s tough to jump and land on bad feets.

    Oh Dear Pisley, when the $30 million Piglet is healthy, he’s thrown 3 TD passes and 8 Int’s in 2020. Furthermore, the Piglet led Jets are 000000000 and 10 – F**king yuge!

    Has Leonard Williams learned to drive yet?

    Clown U has littered the NFL and NBA with “losers and succers.”



  5. Memo: PT, #1 SUCC chump

    “UCLA has produced 33 first-round NBA draft selections.
    Since the draft’s inception (1947), UCLA stands as
    the all-time leader in draft picks with 108, ahead of
    Kentucky (102), North Carolina (100) and Duke (77).”

    bozo BB: 66 NBA picks.

    And still 000000000000 forever.

    Reggie Miller’s sister is still the greatest ex-bozo BB player.


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