College Football Playoff Title Game Forum

It’s over. Alabama just too good.

Ohio State still in it, for now, 38-24.

OK, this is the Alabama dynasty at work. Mac Jones, Najee Harris and DeVonta Smith time. It’s 35-17!!!

Ohio State is not bending but stalled in the red zone and got a field goal. It’s 21-17. I should have predicted a higher score.

Mac Jones didn’t mope after his turnover. He is 16-18 for 194 yards and 2 TDs. Alabama leads, 21-14. Who is going to blink?

Mac Jones fumbled! Ohio State recovered and it’s a short TD drive. We’re at 14-14.

Are we having a barnburner? Alabama leads 14-7 as QB Mac Jones is 12-14 for 127 yards and a TD.

It’s early but these Steve Sarkisian play calls don’t impress me as much as the players running the plays.

And just like that Ohio State comes back and scores quickly. It’s 7-7 in the first quarter.

It’s a Pac-12 ref crew. Who says the Pac-12 can’t make the College Football Playoff?

Alabama scores first on a 1-yard TD run!

If you want to vent during the CFP title game, here’s a forum where you can do it.

Who do you like? Alabama? Ohio State?

I’m taking the Crimson Tide, 31-28.

43 thoughts on “College Football Playoff Title Game Forum

  1. Clay, why is it that when USC is inside the five yardline you don’t go into 21/22 personnel and play physical football like Alabama does?”
    Answer: “That’s just not us.”

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    1. Fun game to watch. Unfortunately, even at full strength, USC would be behind by 4 TDs at the half to either team. Maybe behind by 6 TD to ‘Bama, which looks like a TD machine. They have it all, talent, size, speed, discipline, execution.

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      1. 67 —There would be SO many more comments here tonight if it were USC matched up against Alabama instead of Ohio State….. and, but for “not making that last play against Oregon”, it could have been!

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  2. But Clay, when you took the USC job you stated that you wanted to have a physical ground game.
    “I know I did. But today, that’s just not us. Especially when you have an offensive genius like Graham Harrel.”

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  3. We’ve seen fullbacks, playing under the center and play action pass– Sark has given up trying to be creative and just running the Norm Chow playbook.

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  4. Clay, why doesn’t USC go best on best at some point during the practice week to sharpen the competitive spirit of the team, like Alabama does?
    Answer: “That’s just not us.”

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  5. Wish we were good enough to play these two teams.
    Fu**in Clay Helton.
    But looking at next years schedule beating Notre Dame Oct 23rd is at the top of the list next after Helton resigning or being fired but not far behind or up there next to them is Nov 27th and getting some payback against BYU, last season’s loss was just one that I can’t except as a Trojan fan thanks to Clay Helton grooming his program to be a soft and polite football team who gets pushed around by who? BYU.
    Can’t wait to smash them.

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  6. Alabama is a real football team! They are well coached, have discipline, depth, talent and spirit.

    On Mon, Jan 11, 2021, 5:14 PM InsideUSC with Scott Wolf wrote:

    > scott wolf posted: ” If you want to vent during the CFP title game, here’s > a forum where you can do it. Who do you like? Alabama? Ohio State? I’m > taking the Crimson Tide, 31-28. ” >


    1. Whuuut? He’s only been way off or wrong like this every now and then let me count and tell you
      Hold on I may have to use my toes besides my fingers for this one………………..(Music from Jeopardy🎶)………….Look I keep losing count and I don’t have time for this or we may be waiting all night for the answer😀

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  7. SUCC FB in the same sentence as Alabama FB is ludicrous.

    Just imagine Clownster’s if SUCC had to play Alabama before SUCC’s luck out victory vs AZ St. Alabama would have been up 35 – 0 before the Bozos tried a 59 yd., FG. Slovis would still be in traction.

    #Anyteam, anywhere, anytime…..Joka, joka, joka, joka joke.


    1. Hey BruinRob, there hasn’t been one post stating that USC belongs on the same field as Alabama or any other Top Fifteen team in the country, so stick it up your ass. But the better question is how can a incompetent fool like Helton have a 5-1 record against UCLA?

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      1. “how can a incompetent fool like Helton have a 5-1 record against UCLA?”

        (a) Helton is awful, but better than Chip Kelly
        (b) The gutties suck
        (c) Both (a) and (b)

        owns, what is your answer? Remember, full credit is given only for the most accurate response.

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      2. Oh that hurts.

        trojnfn4, you’re a typical stupid Clownster that bases SUCC’s middling FB success on defeating UCLA. Imagine UCLA BB basing its 11 BB NC’s on kicking the sh*t out bozo BB 54 straight times.

        Lest you forget AH, SUCC just bought off UC Davis from it schedule.

        SUCCster’s yap about being free of the paddy cake PAC-12’s FB conf. and going independent. Once again eight-ball, it’s all mouth and defective trigger.

        trojnfn4, does your mother know you’re making blog fool of yourself?

        #OhioSt.didsomethingSUCCwishesitdid-score a TD vs Alabama


    2. owns, really? Coming from the land of the gutties? Who are 4-17 in the vic bell game since the Millennium?

      how much would the gutties hoops team lose versus Gonzaga? 30 at least. gutties barely beat crappy pac-12 teams like Colorado. Put them up against a real team and it would be over before halftime.

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      1. I doubt UCLA would lose by 30 pts to Gonzaga, the #1 BB team. The difference is UCLA could get a H&H games with Gonzaga, SUCC couldn’t. Gonzaga only has room on their schedule a couple of cupcake like bozo BB.

        UCLA is 5 – 0 and leads the Pac-12 conf.

        It’s true ’67 we won a close game vs Colorado, unlike bozo BB that lost to Colorado by 10 pts. in Galen Barn. A one pt. or a 50 pts., win is a win.

        Will Andyain’twinning fire daddy Mobley when the Mobley’s depart?


      2. We’ll know more about both programs on Feb 6. But as of now, I don’t see any of the Pac-12 hoops teams being able to compete in the top 10. Both USC and UCLA have depth issues, and ucla had bad luck with Smith’s injury, We’ll see…


      3. Hey BruinRob, speaking of getting taken to the woodshed, remember the epic 50-0 beat down when the gutty ones showed up at the Coliseum in the all white ice cream outfits? By the way, did you ever track down the two USC fans supposedly harassed you and your two “kids”?


    1. To para[hrase Simon & Garfunkel:
      Where have you gone, Pete Carroll?
      Our nation turns its lonely eyes to you
      Woo, woo, woo

      Only by hurting them in the pocketbook, will they listen

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      1. Yeah, 67….how did they get in that much trouble w/o massive medical school “problems”…?

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      2. Maybe MG, but SUCC’s the last Univ. I root for. How do you root for a CS Univ. full of Trumpturds that Hollywood taunt after truly lucky wins.

        What’s worse MG, bragging loudly about a 50 – 0 cupcake win or losing to a 41 pt. dog at the Crumbing Mausoleum?

        #13 – 9
        #52 – 6
        #Clown U up 12 pts. on Tixas w/10mins to go and choka, choka, choka choke the NC away
        #St. Pat buys a alky HFBC, and loots a scholastic trust fund via nepotism and greed

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      3. Dear Owns —We’re in complete agreement….as to the sentiments expressed in your very last sentence.


    1. Owns whats with the violent outburst buddy?
      From 1-10 I got you at a 12 on the SUCC meter.
      But we will never know the score from USC/Gonzaga unless we meet in the tournament since our scheduled game was canceled.
      I think UCLA would 29.

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  8. USC would have been blown out by all 4 of the playoff games, and probably most of the teams in the top 10, SC, plays flag football jut like we all played in jr high where the lineman just stand around, and you throw and catch until the defender takes off your flag. John Mckay, would have watched the Championship game tonight, and put together a plan in recruiting to match up against the best just like he did in the beginning when he figured out his team was too small, and too slow to compete for a national title against Notre Dame, and others.
    Clay Helton, just does enough to keep his job so he does not get embarrassed against a weak Pac 12 South year after year. Next year we will be his last, he knows it, we know it, but Bonehead, and Folt don’t want to believe it. Folks the National Championship days appear to be over until Folt, and Bonehead are long gone. In the meantime, Helton will continue to recruit wide receivers, and quarterbacks with the sole idea they will keep him competitive in a weak Pac 12, and lineman both on defense and offense just don’t matter.

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    1. Not to be a downer, but I think Helton stays after next year. The schedule is so weak that it will be hard even for Helton to lose more than 4 games. 8-4 means he will probably stay. The guy is such a fraud.

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  9. I hate to think what our offensive line will look like next year. You think we could not run the ball this year wait until next year. Losing Stepp was a huge blow, but I can’t blame him for transferring with what SC has with returning lineman next year.

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    1. I hope Stepp transfers to Alabama, or Ohio State. He might win the Heisman with a good offensive line, and have the last laugh at Helton’s, and Harrell’s Air Raid Offense.

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  10. I don’t think the schedule will matter next year with such a weak offensive line. Arizona State, Utah, Ucla will be better than the Trojans. The wide receivers will be good, but not good enough to carry the team, and surely you have no running backs. The defense might be a little better but not dominant after losing so many players. Corey Foreman is just 1 player, and the linebackers are not physical enough.


  11. Hey Wolfman, you don’t know shit. Sark has become the man
    and an offensive guru. Scored points like basketball even w/o
    Jason Waddle for the last many games. This Alabama team
    equal or better than the 1972 & 2004 USC champions. Win
    by 3 you fool. Hope you took OSU and the point spread?
    Roll Tide!


  12. Well, you got the right team….just a little off on the score. Both those teams have much better players and much better coaches than SC. If you take the same coaching staff along with the 2nd string and lower players, they’d still each beat SC and probably beat us good. The administrations of Alabama and Ohio State want to win national championships. SC’s administration wants to win Pac-12 south championships.


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