Morning Buzz: Here’s One Way Alabama Outdoes USC

USC was ranked No. 21 in the final Associated Press Top 25 poll on Monday night, exactly where the Trojans were ranked in the previous poll.

So ducking a bowl game did not benefit USC, at least from a poll position.

How funny was it to think of USC playing Alabama to start the season after watching the Crimson Tide beat Ohio State?

I joked on this blog once that Kedon Slovis should be held out of that game to assure his health for the rest of the season. I’m convinced now that would be a prudent move.

I could write a list of 100 things Alabama does that USC does not do.

But look at how players get better. DeVonta Smith got faster from last year to this year. How often do you say that about a USC wide receiver?

Give credit to the Tide’s wide receivers coach, Holmon Wiggins, who is from Los Angeles and was the 1997 L.A. City Section MVP at San Pedro High School.

Nick Saban hired Wiggins from Virginia Tech and Wiggins is known for coaching his wide receivers to be as tough as any other position players on the field.

So Saban wins with two assistant coaches from Southern California (Steve Sarkisian, Wiggins).

Saban is so good he could probably rejuvenate Clay Helton as a coach.

28 thoughts on “Morning Buzz: Here’s One Way Alabama Outdoes USC

    1. Gomer would be in tears 20 minutes into his first practice as the Alabama water boy, when Saban catches Gomer trying to neck hug the players and babbling something about winning the state championship over Auburn or that the players are improving if you look at it correctly or that he can’t wait until November to see that this team is special.

      If USC is going to keep the Village Idiot, then Bohner should insist that Gomer and staff go to Alabama’s spring practice for a few weeks instead of conducting a meaningless spring practice at USC to learn how a real winner coaches. Even then I do not believe the lessons would sink in.

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      1. Nothing would sink in, calabasas …cuz Helton would refuse to go. Helton is the littlest of little men —and like all little men he resents superior men….and refuses to acknowledge their superiority. It’s why he hasn’t grown as a coach. I don’t know if you remember this or not but last year—in a crescendo of littleness —he ranked Alabama 13th. Do you know what Saban and Sark would’ve done to him if they got their hands on his ass (I’m speaking metaphorically here) in our 2020 opener?

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  1. This is exactly why I question Kori Forman’s decision to go to a program like USC, when he obviously had better options out there. I get the feeling that this kid doesn’t want to be coached hard or challenged on the practice field. The way Helton coaches there is not going to be that much discomfort in practice or the weight room, which in the long run makes you better.
    The main reason that the top tier talent will usually choose schools like Alabama, Ohio State, Clemson, LSU, etc., is that they know if they show up and buy in for 3-4 years, there are millions of dollars to be made in the NFL.

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  2. ” Wiggins is known for coaching his wide receivers to be as tough as any other position players on the field.”

    Gomer’s response ?

    ” That’s just not who we are. “

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    1. karma —know what makes that quote even worse? Helton said that in response to a question about why he repeatedly got stopped on 4th and 1 due to being in the worst possible —the worst possible! — formation for gaining a yard…

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  3. The way back seems like hindsight. We borrow the Delorean and go back to 2013. Keep Kiffin and send his offensive coordinator packing. If you look at Helton’s one moment in the sunshine you see his big win over Fresno State the year he was head coach for one game. Even though the Trojans lost to Notre Dame under Orgeron, it was only a four point loss. That score is good enough to get Helton a raise. But if Helton had been sent to St. Saban’s rehabilitation center, maybe he’d be a better coach.
    He watched Kiffin die by the bubble screen, but really who was offensive coordinator? Who called the plays that got Lane canned? Who was defensive coordinator? Who allowed Arizona State 28 points in the third quarter?
    Looking back, as bad as it seemed, it is acceptable on today’s USC climate and this ain’t gonna change by itself.

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    1. Folt isn’t about the kind of change you’re talking about, Rialto. She doesn’t begin to understand what it meant for our university to run a high visibility program so successfully that it became the envy of the collegiate world. The football program once brought 90,000 Los Angeles citizens to the Coliseum for big games —-and made them feel good about the city and the university.

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      1. Key concept: SUCC used to.

        I used to go to Savon or Thrifty’s and buy a 3 scoop IC cone for $.15. Hundreds of thousands of other So. Californians did too. Man did we feel good about that!

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  4. Smith may have gotten faster this year, but his progress is due to the fact that Alabama had 2 receivers go to the NFL, both first rounders. Smith will be a first rounder as well. This was his time to be the best. It will be someone else next year. Alabama starts with the best kids in the country and makes them better. When half your guys go to the NFL, you have no choice but to play against them. The best players Alabama faces all year are in their own practice.

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    1. “Best players are the ones we face in practice.” That used to be true At USC —now the best players we face are the ones from outside the Pac 12 south…… especially the ones who are outside the Pac 12 altogether…..
      #Helton: “LetsContinueToTurnDownBowlBids….

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  5. Being a dumb CAL guy,
    What I don’t understand is: with all Folt’s football knowledge, why she seems content with Coach Helton’s performance? Why isn’t that question asked?


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    1. Cal75 — Carol (yes, we’re on a first name basis —she calls me Mikey) told me she doesn’t like to give interviews, “…because they almost always wind up with somebody asking me how I came to know so much.”
      [Note: In an unguarded moment Carol revealed much of her knowledge is based on long lost manuscripts she discovered “in an Arabian Cave” —which, unfortunately, “have since become lost again”]……


  6. Very correct…the best players USC use to face were exactly that those that we faced in practice. In the current program our redshirts, and 2nd team probably would get killed against the Pac 12 South.
    The question is does the USC want to return to glory, and compete against the best, or continue with a country club atmosphere with a mediocre coach, and be quite satisfied with just fielding a team that can compete in the Pac 12 South only. Once the boosters, and donors stop contributing money I have to believe Carol Folt’s and Mike Bohn’s jobs will be in jeopardy because how you going to make up for that lost revenue from football, and you can’t raise the tuitiion during this Covid-19 period.

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    1. Where’s Carol gonna get the money?
      L. A. Times Headline February 2021: “Extra! Clay Helton gives back entire salary for years 2016-2020!”
      Sub headline: “University overjoyed at Helton’s surprise decision to deed house, gold Rolls Royce and personal yacht to university.”


  7. 1. Helton would never make the cut.
    2. Sark has had his moment. A man with his health issues may not be able to handle the stress. Most of the guys who have moved on from Saban’s tutelage to become college head coaches have success, but are missing a key ingredient. And, how do we know how much Saban runs his program, his offense, his defense, his special teams? Saban is so successful because he is willing to change and pivot, he is a player’s coach (like Urban Meyer), and he understands what the key ingredients are to being successful. Most do not. Even Pete Carroll is missing pieces. One who is like Saban? The late, great, John Wooden.

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    1. After their respective bowl games and shared National Championship, Sports Illustrated devoted a page to what would happen if Saban’s 2003 LSU team played Pete’s 2003 Trojan team: Pete would win.
      If we grabbed Meyer [which we won’t], my money would be on Urban’s ego driving him to prove Saban was not football’s “late, great John Wooden.”

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    2. The late crooked hypocrite Wooden. In this day and age Wooden
      would have been fired after a number of mediocre years before he got lucky with another crook Sam Gilbert joining forces.
      The real deal was Rod De∂eaux in Baseball winning 11 National
      Titles and taking no money from USC.

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  8. Saban is good but he is not God. Helton is beyond help. Using the Peter Principal, he couldn’t be a HC at a High School based on football knowledge and coaching alone, Saban needs something to work with. He doesn’t appear to tolerate fools, so Helton would never be offered the cherished invite.

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