Markese Stepp To Nebraska

Former USC tailback Markese Stepp has announced he will transfer to Nebraska.

Stepp probably noticed Nebraska ran nearly 60 percent of the time in its offense.

Maybe more importantly, Stepp will be the most experienced tailback on the Nebraska roster. Stepp had 100 carries for 505 yards and six touchdowns in his USC career.

8 thoughts on “Markese Stepp To Nebraska

      1. Scott Frost understands the run game.
        Helped develop a great run game when he was OC at Oregon.
        Gotta love the RPO at Nebrasksa in 2021.

        If fully healthy and used properly, Stepp’s gains 1500 yards in 2021.
        Happy for him!


  1. If Markese were looking for a safer environment for running backs I’m not sure Nebraska is gonna be the right place for him next year. They lose almost their entire O-Line to graduation (right guard, right tackle, left tackle….and their blocking tight end).


  2. Wait! Markese!! The door is always open. Well damn that didn’t work. Maybe Helton should have tried to keep him here. He isn’t going to win any trophies in Nebraska, but he might get some attention from the NFL. I wish him well he was our last best hope (okay that last part might be a bit of a stretch)

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  3. He didn’t notice that. Most of these guys don’t have a lot of great options to transfer into. This was probably his best. It’s not a very good program. Good luck to him. He will certainly get more carries, for sure. I only hope Harrell decides we need a good run game to open up the passing game. It’s fundamental. Trevor Lawrence couldn’t win that semi final without his run game – and Ohio State made them one-dimensional, even though Lawrence passed for 400 yards. They ran for only 38. Hmmmm. When the competition is elite, you have to have all cylinders going.

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