Pete Carroll And Steve Sarkisian In News

Steve Sarkisian met Bevo. Life is good.

Here’s a tip for Texas fans: Don’t speak to him in Armenian.

When Sarkisian was an assistant coach at USC, former USC All-American Marlin McKeever wanted to impress him, so he learned an Armenian greeting.

McKeever went up to Sarkisian and offered the greeting. Sarkisian stood there confused, unable to understand what McKeever said. A disappointed McKeever walked away.

  • Look at how Pete Carroll changed his mind in 24 hours:

The part where Carroll said he tinkered with the offense late in year reminds of what he said he did at USC, when he claimed he had to adjust offense because Norm Chow was passing too much.

25 thoughts on “Pete Carroll And Steve Sarkisian In News

  1. He did tinker with Chows offense. But it worked. He made Chow bring more balance to the offense and the offense blossomed. But PC demanded that Chow change things. Later when when the offense was running on all cylinders and they were praising Chow for his great offense, he admitted that this is PC’s offense. CH ought to go to Harrell and do the same thing….demand that he bring some balance to the offense. Until he does that, forget a NC. You’re not going to win a NC with a throw happy offense that gains 5 yard rushing the ball against Washington State and 38 yards against Oregon.

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    1. PC doesn’t know a GD thing about offenses, and he said that because he had an ego issue, and ego issue that ended a championship run. If we are really being real, PC had to adjust what he did in defense– he was exploited several ways, it took a whole season of passes to the flat (by his admission because Monte Kiffin is the one who told him to drop back the DE).

      And we saw what happened vs Texas when our DL, which didn’t run any line games and blitzing was minimal found that it just could not beat Texas’s OL man to man on talent and determination. Go watch the game, the Texas OL is literally shaking their heads and laughing because they know nothing will change. Chow ran a balanced offense, loved the run as much as the pass, because the BYU/West Coast offense runs so much play action, so you need the run. And since it uses FBs and TEs, it is a power, heavy offense.

      PC is one o f the great CEOs of all times, and it has been a process– he had a very good plan, of competition, of having fun, of having clear stakeholders and clear accountability. And at USC he learned something from his own egotism.

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    2. SC will NOT win a Naty with Helton as HC period. He isn’t in the least bit qualified to be a Haed Coach let alone at SC.


    1. No forked tongue.

      Pete says he will have a role in the offense.

      Brian could stay if he was ok with that, but today they meet and Brian says he wants to run the offense 100%.

      Pete says no. They part ways.

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      1. Remind me ’67, what’s Little Petey 2 face’s expertise designing an offense? What would he contribute to the Seahawks ugly offense.

        Remember ’67, Little Petey, on the Patriots’ 1 yd. line in the SB, called the pass that was intercepted, instead giving the ball to Marshawn Lynch.

        Little Petey’s forte is defense.

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      2. Owns, there is a difference between what Pete should do and what he thinks he should do.

        That said, Seattle clearly needs an offensive reset. Not saying Pete is the guy who should take the reins, but something is not right with Russell Wilson and the Seahawks O the last few weeks.

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      3. Owns is probably right about Pete’s specialty being defense (although it’s not inconceivable Pete knows more about offense than Owns does).

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      4. Gotta admit, PC lost a perfect chance to win 3 natties in a row with some disastrous coaching IN THE FOURTH QTR.

        Fast forward a few years, and he loses a perfect chance to win 2 Lombardi trophies in a row cuz he gets cute and throws a slant instead of handing off to BEAST MODE.

        Still, 2 natties and one Lombardi look pretty good on a resume.
        He’s always been blessed with great QB’s. Just sayin’

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  2. Bring back Norm! After the shakedown cruise year in ’01, the next 3 years with Norm were two natties and a number 4 ranking, plus a Heisman for Carson. Pete’s worst personnel decision was to let Norm go.

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    1. Norm was “the guy” in the early 2000’s —I’m afraid today’s players wouldn’t relate to a (soon to be) 75 year old Offensive Coordinator…….
      #P.S. –Let’sKeepPressingForUrbanMeyer……
      #…[NotThatItDoesAnyGood…. ButIt’sKindaFun]
      [I bet it rubbed Urban the wrong way when ESPN was talking about how “nobody can touch what Saban has done.” Urban was thinking, “Oh, yeah? Has he won National Championships at THREE different universities? If that dipshit from USC would give me a call —I could do that pronto!”].

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      1. Michael, yes, Norm is a bit long in the tooth.

        But Norm could be 120 and still smoke Helton’s ass. Which is why the village idiot turned Norm down for help. He doesn’t want to be threatened. Because anyone halfway competent is threatening to the village idiot.

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      2. Wow. I thought about it…and I can’t disagree with you: If Norm were double his age he WOULD still smoke Helton’s ass…

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      3. Chow never tried to relate like a young man to the players. That’s what was part of his ability as a coach. He has always been a teacher, someone that wanted to know what players saw on the field, understood the expectations, and knew the skills they needed to have. Chow made Bush sit while he taught him to properly block, even though Bush was the best runner and pass catcher in the backfield. He drew the line at PC’s love of open competition at certain positions, particularly the QB because he understood that when players had the right aptitude, confidence was important, and that people that handled the ball and were the leaders, had to be stable.

        Oh, and re PC’s supposed comment (who knows if Wolf is putting a spin to make PC look petty when he’s not winning); we can look at how much SC ran in the the early years, which was a lot (I’m looking at the numbers) and see clearly that there was no upswing in running the ball more in Chow’s last years. We also know when the championships stop coming, and how the team fared post Leinart, who was clear that he ran Chow’s offense and would overrule Sarkiffin.

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      4. Global makes a good point, 67 (one that I’m embarrassed didn’t occur to me). Young players DO respect wisdom. And they would respect Chow for being what Helton is not: a teacher worth listening to.

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      5. Michael, if you go back to the Helton interview in the LA Times, what jumps out is that Helton says either “everything is great”, or “on the way to being great.” Including the running game, and the offensive line.

        Any criticism from the interviewer is “unfair”. The best coaches don’t blow smoke, they are honest about what needs to be done and then they go out and do it. Not the village idiot.

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      6. MG, liked your comment but need some clarification on UM’s Natys. He won 2 at Florida and 1 at tOSU. As he still hasn’t signed with the Jaguars, I have the slimest of hopes that he may want to outdo Saban by winning Natys at 3 different schools. SC would give him the best chance as the PAC12 is just miserble right now and would be a quick way to get to the Playoff.
        We can only hope and pray for miracles.

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  3. Disgusting picture of Sark…… would be more appropriate if he had a bottle of Jose Cuervo tequila in his hand with a shot glass while standing next to Bevo the Texas mascot.

    Bet on it he will have a relapse most alcoholics do, and he will now be living in Austin which is a party town known for its bars. It is a well known fact Sark is a sleeze ball behind closed doors just ask his ex wife and kids. He reformed just enough to get another chance, and based on his poor character will fail once again. The bottle is just one of his problems the affair he had with the USC women’s assistant track coach while still married is an even greater depiction of his true character.


  4. Pete Carroll is a defensive minded coach and knows shit about offense. He wants to take credit for everything as he is an egomaniac. Norm Chow ran the offense fine and found Carroll too much of a micromanager as Chow was getting credit deservedly. If you hire coaches, let them coach. Ironically, Carroll’s defenses sucked.


  5. Maybe Norm Chow was passing too much but he was passing extremely well when he was at SC. His departure was eventually very damaging for the Pete Carroll teams later on. Think about how many more championships they could win with him in the staff.

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