Morning Buzz: USC Zeros In On Strength Coach

Clay Helton’s search for a strength coach could be over, especially since he might not be in charge of it.

I got a text from a contact at Notre Dame on Tuesday night with this detail about USC’s search for a strength coach.

Helton has interviewed Robert Stiner, who is assistant director of football strength and conditioning at Notre Dame.

Who does Helton know at Notre Dame?

Well, here’s the key: Stiner spent 2017 at Cincinnati as assistant director of football sports performance. So as I predicted, Coach Bohn is running the search.

My Notre Dame source said the feeling in South Bend was Stiner would take the job if it paid enough to live in Southern California.

26 thoughts on “Morning Buzz: USC Zeros In On Strength Coach

  1. There is a show my wife watches called “Worst cooks in America” The show gives people, who could scorch water trying to boil it, some of the best ingredients and a master chef as a teacher and lets them try cooking a dish. Occasionally they make something edible, but usually wind up with hilarious messes.
    That is what Bohn reminds me of, the host of the “Worst coaches in America” show. Getting new coaches will not change Helton’s culture. Give Bohn a white shock of hair and he could be Anne Burrell.

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  2. I hope the guy is great and makes huge improvements, but like everyone else has or will say, it doesn’t matter what is done until Clay is gone.

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  3. So Coach Bohn is continuing his research, “Explorations in Air Raid Offense’s Failure in Optimal Conditions”, where he gets to be a coach that won’t fire himself while paying a numbskull figurehead, at the expense of a program. Folt is his faculty adviser. #PhDInFailure

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  4. USC was 120th out of 127 teams this year in rushing yards per game, averaging only 3.2 yards per carry. Now AVT and Stepp are gone. Next year’s offense will be even more pass-happy.

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    1. 120th? 120?! That reminds me of the scene in The Right Stuff where the reporter asks how much the army is paying Chuck Yeager to risk his life in the x-15 and his commanding officer says $200. The reporter says $200 a week and the commander says $200 a month. The reporter tries to hide his amazement by saying, “that’s not so bad.”

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      1. At this point I’d settle for a top 50 rushing offense….

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  5. I seem to remember writing (way back when) that our pass defense was so bad because the (then) defensive coordinator( Monte Kiffin) started coaching before the forward pass became a legal play. Now I wonder if the running game is suffering because the coaches think we need to practice passing.
    Although the passing game has advanced in the years following the birth of the forward pass, it is still a simple play. The receiver runs a designated route, and the quarterback throws him the ball. In school yard ball three completes made a first down.
    We need more finesse and that means a running game.

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    1. When Harrell first said “all I want the quarterback to do is throw to the open grass”, I thought “how cool—there’s lots of open grass on the field!” I was too dense to realize that defense coordinators were easily gonna come up with ways of clogging all that grass up with extra defenders.


  6. Bohn is ok. When I say ok, I mean ok. He’s doing his best in an untenable situation.

    When his boss gives him zero support, it makes it virtually impossible to perform at an elite level. The guy wanted to hire Urb, Urb wanted to come. Carol said (and continues to say “no”).

    Further, she will not allow him to ditch CCH because of Lynn’s ultimate foolish incomprehensible extension error. Maybe they will stomach paying him to go away after next season and we can get someone who is smart, not insecure and actually is a solid football coach.

    We only need a B/B+ coach to become legit top 10. If we get an A coach, we are elite, consistent top 5.

    Tell me Carol, if we are striving to be world class/elite/among the best in the country as a university, why does that goal not extend to athletics, particularly at a place where the rise in status over the past few decades has been aided by the university’s consistent excellence in athletics? What, exactly is the problem here? How can the disconnect occur. Excellent academics and athletics are not mutually exclusive. Please figure it out and correct this dysfunction.

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    1. SD… Last paragraph and in particyular the second last sentence hit the nail so squarely on the head, it’s frightening… You would think a PHD would be able to figure that out.
      It’s all about money. So #BoycottTrojanGames&Gear

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    2. The Greek Ideal: “A strong mind in a strong body.” It was written over the front doors of the USC gym in which we took our P. E. classes. Our Coach, the great Bill Harper, told us to read it out loud as we entered.
      It’s time for Carol to drop her antipathy toward sports [and by that I mean its time for her to knock off the lip service about being overjoyed about “USC comebacks” against crap teams and let Bohn go out & get us a first magnitude football coach]……

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  7. So we are now going after lowly assistant coaches now? Wow.

    I believe that USC will get murdered by Notre Dame next year in the 2nd game of the season and Helton will be fired after that. TO as interim HC and then Fickell will be hired after completing another year with Cincinnati.

    The BOT needs to sack Caruso and Folt if they want any future success. How has the BOT become such a puppet of Caruso? This is not just about football, there is no leadership at the top to navigate troubling times. SC academic rankings falling under Folt. Finances going to hell and they have pissed off donors.


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