Larry Scott Stepping Down

Pac-12 commissioner Larry Scott is on his way out, according to Sports Business Daily.

The Pac-12 CEO’s made the decision tonight and Scott’s last day will be June 30. A national search for a successor will begin immediately.

Here is the official conference statement:

SAN FRANCISCO (Jan. 20, 2021) – The Pac-12 Conference announced today that following ongoing discussions between its governing executive committee, its presidents and Commissioner Larry Scott, it was mutually agreed that the Commissioner would not seek a new contract.

The decision was made well in advance of next year’s contract expiration, in part, to allow a new commissioner to be in place to negotiate and maximize the Conference’s next important long-term media rights agreement.

 The Conference and Scott decided it was time for new leadership after his 11-year tenure. Scott’s existing contract is scheduled to expire in June 2022 and it was agreed he will remain in the role until June 30, 2021 to assist in the transition. 

The Pac-12 executive committee, including University of Oregon President Michael Schill as chair; Kirk H. Schulz, Washington State University president; and Ana Mari Cauce, president of the University of Washington, will immediately commence a national search for Scott’s replacement as commissioner.

 “We appreciate Larry’s pioneering efforts in growing the conference by adding new competitive university programs and accelerating the Pac-12 to television network parity with the other conferences,” said Schill. “At one point, our television agreement was the most lucrative in the nation and the debut of the Pac-12 Network helped deliver our championship brand to US and global markets on traditional and digital platforms. That said, the intercollegiate athletics marketplace doesn’t remain static and now is a good time to bring in a new leader who will help us develop our go-forward strategy.”

Scott, whose current term expires in 2022, said this time is right for several reasons: “I was in pro sports for 20 years, I’ve now been in college athletics for more than 10 years, and now is a great time in my life to pursue other exciting opportunities. This moment, when college athletics are moving in a new direction and with the Conference soon commencing the next round of media negotiations, it seems the right time to make a change. It is important that the conference be able to put in place the person who will negotiate and carry out that next agreement. Based on the recent robust valuation and marketplace interest we’ve received from traditional and nontraditional media organizations, I am confident the conference is well-positioned for continued success. I appreciate the support of the Pac-12 member institutions and a very talented staff, with whom it has been my privilege to work.”

 Commissioner Scott will leave a significant imprint on the Pac-12. It was during the 2010-11 academic year that Scott helped deliver changes that transformed the Conference into a modern 12-team league.

In addition to expanding to 12 teams, member institutions agreed to equal revenue sharing for the first time in the Conference’s history, created two football divisions––the North Division and the South Division––and established a Football Championship Game for the first time.

Scott also secured major media rights deals with ESPN and FOX that dramatically increased national exposure and revenue for each school, in addition to establishing Pac-12 Networks that guaranteed enhanced exposure across all sports. 

Another area of continuity that both the Pac-12 and member institutions will prioritize in the search for Scott’s successor will be continuing positive graduation rates for the Conference’s student-athletes.

President Schill cited the Conference’s improvements in graduation rates as measured by the NCAA’s Graduation Success Rate (GSR). With 90% of the NCAA Division I student-athletes now achieving graduation during the measured period, the Pac-12 experienced improvements across the Conference, with some member institutions and athletic programs achieving 100% graduation rates among student-athletes in specific sports programs. 

The Pac-12 Conference has led or tied the nation in NCAA Championship in 54 of the last 60 years with the exceptions coming no lower than third. Under Commissioner Scott, the Conference also debuted its Pac-12 Impact program using the power of sport to promote a culture of diversity and inclusion. It also played a leadership role with its Student-Athlete Health and Well-Being Initiative which is doing groundbreaking research into injury prevention, brain trauma, and mental health.

38 thoughts on “Larry Scott Stepping Down

    1. What a sad day… Our Larry is gone….

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      1. While many on this site will be rejoicing, I must voice my worry that Pac12 tennis will never quite have the gravitas it deserves with Larry gone.

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  1. Hallelujah! Now that this Sports socialists is leaving, hopefully we will get a sports capitalists in there. Now that we are getting rid of the guy who once was quoted as saying that he wants “parity over strength” in the conference, let’s bring in a guy who wants real competition that will make the whole conference strong as opposed to Scotts Pac-12 conference where everyone is equal…..equally mediocre.

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    1. Merton Hanks has the street cred to help rebuild the Pac12 football brand.
      Nevertheless, it remains to be seen if West Coast College Football will ever be relevant again.

      I think not. Football and West Coast academics/politics are counter-intuitive.

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      1. Read a really good article that pointed out how PAC 12 football’ s slow decline coincided with the four- team CFplqyoff. The Pax 12 has gotten royally screwed by the committee. Combine this with players wanting to go to teams that are in the playoff and the PAC 12 is dying a slow death.

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      2. No doubt, Arturo, that the the ESPN bias for SEC/ACC FB has had an impact on Pac 12 credibility. We all recall how we thought having Pat Haden on the CFB playoff selection committee would be a boon for USC and the Pac 12. Well, most years the Pac has been unable to put up a 12-0 team for the playoff. Lousy performance by Pac 12 teams in intersectional and non-conference games has not helped. Lousy performances by the Pac 12 in Bowl games has not helped. If I weren’t so busy I’d accumulate the Power 5 conferences’ Bowl records for data. I already know who would be #5 out of 5.

        Finally, Larry Scott and his Friday ambush games and his “Pac12 after dark” games (which make traveling home after midnight Sat AM for the players and coaches ridiculous) helped drive the product down.

        I was sooooo excited to watch Pac12 network sports when the channel was formed. I wasn’t gonna put a big Dish on top of my apartment just to get their offerings. Living in Colorado, I could only get Utah and CU sports anyway.

        I know people in Boston and New York and Philly still get excited about BC and Syracuse and Temple football. If they are smart, they understand that their teams are irrelevant in CFB. I hope that this does not happen to the Trojans, but if it does, I still be around to talk Trojan sports with you.

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    2. Just like saying everyone is not entitled to medical care, because they are poor. We’ll just let them die because they are not as fortunate as we are. Let that bulldog kill the poodle. Or because one was fortunate enough to inherit a better brain and someone comes along and says the less brainy one should not be given a hand up.
      Survival of the fittest, is that it? What about a different model, create an even playing field . So, this guy who wants to even the playing field is bad? I have been thinking about that one. I see it in our politics one group would like to help that poor devil at the bottom and the other says there is something wrong with that then we call him a name, socialist. Why not call him someone who cares about someone else? Why double down on drip down. At first I thought it was funny, after thinking a bit , I thought that may be the divide between the republican and democratic parties. One may believe in dog eat dog and the other may want all the dogs to live and not just look for a place to bury a poor man. I guess I qualify as a socialist, along with the commissioner. What do you think? Or maybe you’ll be kind and say we both care a little, what about that ? Is that reasonable?

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      1. All nice thoughts. Let me humbly offer one reservation. We have a problem. Our country is broke. But we are determined to do the right thing and provide medical, housing and education assistance to all our citizens. Someone (taxpayers) will foot the bill. I’m fine with that. Always have been. That’s what a moral country should do. But we still can’t get away from the fact we’re broke. Unrestricted borders will prevent us from doing everything possible for the diverse population living in our country right this moment. What some dems are proposing is a little like a bankrupt daddy coming home to tell his wife and kids he’s adopting 10 more children.


    3. If that’s the case, the conference should pony up the money to give USC to get rid of Helton and hire a real HC. The PAC12 is only as strong as its flagship program. When USC thrives, so does the conference.


      1. Well, there is another way of looking at that. As long as we are giving big tax cuts to the wealthy, we do not claim that we are broke. This huge tax cut did not help the middle class, where the burden lies. But did help the super rich. I paid close to $40,000 in taxes and one multi millionaire paid $750.00. I am not wealthy and people like me picked up the tab. Now we complain that we are broke. The money did not go to the underclass and my 40,000 dollars did not go to those who needed it,why because we gave it to the super rich. That is always the cry when we would like to help the underdog. I did not hear that when the welfare check went to the rich. My taxes went up and we went broke because the wealthy pocketed the money. Think about that. Many of these people are going to bed hungry at night.I do not mind paying the taxes because I benefit from the opportunites I am given but I do not want to subsidize the super rich. But, would like to feed that hungry kid. Think about it!


    1. Did you watch him leave? I felt a little sorry for him, but he brought it on himself, all he had to do was try to save some lives and stop lying? But, I guess that is hard for him. Why would you want to put out a hit job on your own VP? That sounds a little bit out of bounds, maybe a little bit “nutty”?

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  2. As a true sociopath, he is busy patting himself on the back on the way out the door. And he leaves without making a single payment yet on the 7.7 million dollar real estate loan that the conference gave him for his house 11 years ago. My guess was that they zeroed that out as part of the buyout. 7.7 and the appreciation that the property has had and he hasn’t made a scheduled payment yet…choice. There is a sucker born everyday…actually 12 and they are all presidents and chancellors. Maybe the pseudo intellectuals are not as smart as they think. Highest paid commissioner in all the NCAA by 3.5 times the next highest paid (not to mention the perks and private jet). Meanwhile the conference has free fallen during his tenure. All of his “improvements” are just window dressing. Something anyone could have done to make the books look favorable. But what he was brought in for, (revenue) has actually been a fiasco. They moved from a close second of power 5’s as revenue goes, to a distant 5th and will be swallowed by the AAC next year at the current pace. They will be in the mid major range. He tried to hold the media rights negotiations as a hostage for job leverage. What a Dick! Im actually a little surprised that the prezes and chancellors pulled trigger. Well the first domino has fallen. Maybe we can start the healing. Put another bullet in the chamber cause there are more incompetent fish to fry.

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    1. He makes more than the big 10 and sec commissioners combined and if you throw in the acc commish then they beat him out by a nose… just barley. All conferences that win and graduate players and lead instead of follow.
      Charlatan is a pretty fitting description.

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  3. Twenty years in the pros. Ten years collegiate. Next up five years in high school.

    Who hired this grifter?I want their names. I want their number.

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      1. “not doing nothing”. So are doing something. Illiterate on top of everything else. Barbarbarbarbar…


      2. U Idiot,

        He can do anything he wants with the information. Reminder, until Biden flys China’s flag over the US Capital, whhich he will, this is still a free country, idiot






  6. Hire Greg Sankey from SEC – he gets $2.6MM per while Scott was getting $4.8MM per. Snakey gets 1- big pay raise; 2- legagcy that he made PAC12 relevant again.

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