USC Morning Buzz: The Pac-12’s $50 Million Mistake

By the time his contract expires next year, Larry Scott will have been paid about $50 million by the Pac-12 Conference.

Talk about stealing.

That doesn’t include the private jet that would fly him to a small Bay Area airport near his house on Saturday nights. He would often leave games at halftime so he could fly home earlier.

Or the $7 million in rent for office space in San Francisco. Or the people laid off or furloughed by him in the past year. Or the number of games you missed if you did not get the Pac-12 Network.

On top of everything else, a lot of Pac-12 employees couldn’t stand working for him.

What did the Pac-12 schools get for that $50 million besides an often-unwatched Pac-12 Network?

I wonder if USC and UCLA feel better off today after agreeing to reduce their share of conference revenues when the Pac-12 added Utah and Colorado. Whose still around to even remember? Pat Haden? Dan Guerrero?

Scott lived off the fact the TV contract expired shortly into his term and he was able to strike a deal any competent conference commissioner would have gotten from ESPN and Fox. He also benefitted from a sycophantic media that took years to turn on him.

I remember asking a Pac-12 staffer about Scott about a year after he got hired.

“He doesn’t know anything about sports,” the staffer said.

I hope the former commissioner, Tom Hansen, is laughing. But that’s not his style. Hansen left the job with his integrity and reputation in a much better place than Scott.

Whoever the Pac-12 hires, it should be a people person, not a corporate-lawyer type like Scott, who always sounded like he was more comfortable talking to a board of directors than the fans.

Oh, and the Pac-12 should offer the new commissioner a lot less than the $5.4 million Scott made in 2018-19.

32 thoughts on “USC Morning Buzz: The Pac-12’s $50 Million Mistake

    1. C.L. Max Nikias covering up for drug addict rapists will cost USC somewhere in the neighborhood of $500,000,000.

      And Nikias had the nerve to say that the NCAA sanctioning the Trojans football team gave the university a black eye.


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      1. Yes, just slightly ironic, given that Max had to be dragged out of the prez’s office, kicking and screaming, after his massive screwups that just didn’t cost $$, but that really damaged people’s lives (Tyndall).

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  1. $50 million! What a waste of money. But this is the only way you get rid of these Harvard elites. If they want it, they have a lifetime high paying job. It doesn’t matter how incompetent they are. Good riddance Larry. But probably we’ll just get another Ivy league elite who will run the Pac-12 like Cuba or Venezuela.

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    1. Hey hippie, you should not have dropped out of Pasadena City College.

      You’re a grammarist without a degree and it shows. Here’s a caveat from those in the know that you should learn, it goes like this…

      A word to the wise: Whomever is even more of a vogue word than whom. Many use it indiscriminately to sound cultured, figuring that no one will know any better.


      1. Louisiana State 52 $837,998,969
        Georgia 46 $835,239,299
        Alabama 68 $831,911,428
        California 27 $800,350,104

        Kiss this flunky. 27 guys. Not 68.🤣


  2. Hire Greg Sankey away from SEC. He was payed half of what Scott got and delivered a $3B TV deal. That’s value on the $. While $3B is pipefream for the PAC12, he woud get the best deal possible.

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    1. 2.5 million doesn’t go as far in Cali as it does in the south and why would he leave the SEC for the WOKE12 ?

      And people actually attend SEC games and they also watch them, not so much for the WOKE12

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      1. buddhakarma Is feeling extra racist today 😂😂😂. Piece of shit keeps getting his ass kicked!!! I hope you had a great time watching the orange asshole leave office. You fucking cunt!


    1. Merton Hanks has produced good results so far in other stints with other conferences, and he does know “winning” football. HE would be an improvement over Ambush ’em Scott.

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  3. People don’t go to PAC 12 games, what makes anyone think AT&T, who is selling DirecTV at a bargain basement price, wants to pay to show this crap ?

    The next commissioner is going to be a SJW Woke puppet

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  4. 18 million homes have the Pac`12 network
    73 million homes have the Big 10 network

    Larry’s incompetence + Pac 12 sports getting worse + dying fan interest on the west coast.

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  5. Larry Scott and Clay Helton are not at fault for the positions they have gained over the years. In short, they did not hire or give themselves a contract extension. Place the blame on the people who have allowed these two incompetent fools to not only get the job in the first place, but allowed them to remain on the job even though they were both proven time and time again that they had no business being in the position to begin with. Blame people like Pat Haden, Lynn Swann, and the Pac 12 Presidents. They’re the ones who signed off on this.

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  6. To appease all these socliast groups, they will hire a black midget that is a transgender. They don’t have to know anything, all they have to do is look the part for appeasement purposes.


    1. You are truly a stupid fucking faggot! I hope you and your family die a slow painful death. BITCH!!! And that’s why you and the PROUD BOYS lost the election.


  7. The new guy should get the new contract with either CBS, NBC, ABC, or Fox. F**k the cable channels. Public Networks have greater exposure w/o the Cable Ch. expense.

    I’m tired of the ESPN FB monopoly. I refuse to pay for ESPN’s service and its deluge of commercials.

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  8. Well said. I totally agree. I see where SEC Network affiliation with ESPN, BIG10 network affiliation with Fox Sports, and ACC Network affiliation with ESPN. Why did the PAC12 Network did not some type of agreement with ESPN or Fox Sports? I watch the various networks and nothing for PAC12. Hope the new PAC12 commissioner will have a connection with ESPN or Fox Sports to provide PAC12 conference exposure throughout the United States.

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  9. The past is the past and I’m just glad we are done with him. Bohn will help to make sure we dont end up with another incompetent. Now USC just needs to become a winner.


  10. NFL is getting views. Build it and show it and the will come. Oregon at one pt became the most popular program in the country supposedly, but they couldn’t win a “natty” as they like to say. SC has long been a national brand. And UGLY and Zona hoops too. People love sports. They love to hate as much as love teams and players too. It’s gotta have drama, including non PC drama. Football appeals to the conservative viewer more– it’s about tradition, history, gumption, etc.

    People like strategy and the game’s details, the strategy and technique.

    People also like to see characters, and the “bad kids” that blow that up– Miami built a brand off of it. They also like redemption. Oregon’s KKK history and a split athletic dorm got ten million hits on youtube. So did Blunt punching someone, and Burfict jumping over the OL to get the QB.

    There are cowboys, farmers, surfers, hunting and fishing, OC prep, inner city, Baldwin Hills, fraternity, hippies, island kids, Utah LDS, etc, and mixes of types. market the kids and coaches and places, the narratives, not some woke or boring stuff.


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