USC Friday Notes: Recruit Gets Honor/Job Offer Declined

USC incoming freshman QB Jaxson Dart was named Maxpreps Player of the Year.

Dart’s senior stats were impressive: He set a Utah record with 67 touchdown passes. He also passed for 4,691 yards and rushed for 1,195 yards with 12 TDs.

  • Former USC defensive lineman/defensive line coach Kenechi Udeze has joined the Tennessee Titans staff as assistant defensive line coach.
  • According to Football Scoop, USC had hired Central Florida’s Angelia Brummett as director of on-campus recruiting and just when she was leaving for L.A., Josh Heupel hired her at Tennessee. I wonder if USC offered her a three-year deal too?

13 thoughts on “USC Friday Notes: Recruit Gets Honor/Job Offer Declined

  1. Scott Wolf logic: Markese Stepp was not contributing at USC, so he may /may not contribute at Nebraska ( this is the logic he used to describe incoming transfers X. Alford and K. Ingram).
    Of course this is not what he has been saying; he’s been writing about how Stepp was underutilized. I guess everyone employs a narrative that is most convenient for them.

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      1. JT ended up with an efficiency rating of something like 180 last season. Higher than Trevor Lawrence, higher than the OU QB, really he would only be behind Mac Jones at 180. Scottie never really walked back how much he crapped on JT. Good to see the kid succeed at GA.

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      2. It takes a minimum of a year to recover from ACL surgery, so hopefully that is behind him now. Fingers crossed he is good to go.


      3. I don’t know what level of talent Jason Dart played against to stack up numbers like he did but going off stats it shows we have a qb that can take off and run immediately as a threat when the situation calls for it. That would be big time.
        USC and their passing/running quarterback.
        With a different head coach he sounds like a qb that gets us to the top .

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    1. I second the motion, PT.
      BKU was a good hire and likely would have produced great results….under a different DC. Pendergast just could not scheme nor make second half adjustments. Made all his assistants looked subpar. I was at the Iowa game where he was annihilated. Embarrassing.

      BKU whipped Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia. Football coaching is trifling compared to that!

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