Tuesday Notes: Will USC Be In New EA Sports Game?

USC is currently one of nine schools that is not part of the partnership for the new EA Sports College Football video game.

Before getting excited, I suspect USC wants to cut its own deal.

Do you really think USC would not be in the game with all the recruiting implications and bragging that could be done on social media with a the new game? No chance.

The other schools are Air Force, Army, Georgia State, Kentucky, Navy, New Mexico, Notre Dame, Troy and USC.


Tiger Woods was in a car accident in Palos Verdes this morning. His agent said suffered “suffered multiple leg injuries” and was in surgery. The sheriff’s dept. said the injuries were not life-threatening.

10 thoughts on “Tuesday Notes: Will USC Be In New EA Sports Game?

    1. They don’t send him the updated schedules these days.

      Scott- “USC Basketball vs Oregon? They played ball already? This is the first I’ve heard anything about this”



    The Irish & The Trojans
    “CFB RIVALRY 2021”

    Problem solved.
    SC and Notre Dame puts their own game out with knock off programs Alabama as the Crimson Wave, Clemson as the Bengals, and Ohio State as the Cyclops and we make money.
    They won’t sue when they see the money they will get and they’ll join eventually when Nick Saban finally leaves college football and retires.


  2. Everyone says that stretch of road is prone to accidents. I’ve lived the area for 20 years and this is the first one. It is more a speed trap than accident prone.


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