Sunday Buzz: USC Sets High Bar For New Name For VKC

When you send out an email late Friday afternoon, it usually means you are trying to bury the news.

USC did that Friday when it sought suggestions for a new name for the building formerly called VKC named after Rufus von KleinSmid. USC abruptly took von KleinSmid’s name off the building last June.

If you want to suggest a name you can here, but look at the criteria:

  • a significant influence on advancing the university mission for excellence and societal impact;
  • a legacy of leadership exemplifying USC’s vision to be diverse, inclusive, and welcoming to all;
  • a direct link to international relations, social science, education, and/or research, all of which take place in this prominently placed building.

And here is the kicker: “with a preference for non-living alumni, faculty, staff, or community members.”

So you need to find someone “diverse, inclusive and welcoming to all” who is no longer alive? That’s a tall order. The deadline is May 10.

30 thoughts on “Sunday Buzz: USC Sets High Bar For New Name For VKC

    1. MG, VKC was a great Trojan. His good deeds far out weigh the alleged racism. His views were held by most Trojans of his time! We should honor and celebrate the great Trojans of the past! Should we disown Moses and Abraham as racist??!! What’s next? Should we cancel the great Louis Zamperini because what he believed would be considered Homophobic.

      I support all Trojans!!


  1. I remember VKC used to have a racist nickname for it’s initials.

    Because alot of Asian students hung out around the building to eat lunch, kick back and chill, V-K-C became known as Vietnamese, Korean, Chinese. It wasn’t to put anyone down, it just came up because of the students who hung out and probably had class in the building.

    So, from that maybe racist starting point (but no further than that) maybe the new name should be an Asian alum for his/her accomplishments with a “wink, wink” to all the Asians who gave VKC its unique nickname back in the day.





    1. It’s funny that Racist always think their racist stories are funny… It does not surprise me with the crowd in here. I attended an public forum on Asian American diversity at southern cal. When I went to eat lunch at a campus eatery, some of southern cal’s finest told me that they were only at the event to “scam on some Asian tail” They wore their USC sweatshirts proudly…

      Should change the mascot name to the “racist” or “misogynist”


    1. Yesterday Arizona’s football coach got Gronk to catch a football dropped from a helicopter 650 feet in the air —great publicity stunt for Arizona University football. The entire team was totally pumped watching their greatest star catch a ball coming at him at 135 miles per hour. It was not only a Guinness World Record—- it was a dangerous stunt —since the ball is heavier and could do injury if you didn’t get your hands up to stop it from hitting your facemask.
      Helton should try catching a ball dropped from 750 feet, going roughly 150 miles an hour. It would be a NEW World Record….or not…


      1. I shouldn’t be laughing at that remark, Smackyd….


  2. in loving memory for a former president of USC…the 5th president 1921-1947
    When we used to walk the campus with Dad ( grad of sc and the dental school) in early 50’s we would always see the large bldg with his name on it. The pigskin preview before games,had his picture in it,etc…his name meant something fine…sc has definitely fallen from grace to the gutter of zero common sense…

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      1. the standard answer by those in the gutter…say something ,not liked=racist…maybe you should help wolfie write his inane posts on what is the party line today for ruining sports


    1. The Ting Bros Center

      And Corona Virus Vaccination Research Building

      Maybe you trumplicans can get Trump to fund the renovation


  3. “…a legacy of leadership exemplifying USC’s vision to be diverse, inclusive, and welcoming to all.”

    I’m so old that I can remember when the mark of a top-rate university was that it wasn’t “inclusive and welcoming to all.” Schools actually prided themselves on being exclusive. (And I attended SC when it was not exactly known for being, shall we say, picky about things like grades if you were a legacy.)

    That said, how about renaming VKC after that president’s successor?


  4. Joe Biden s INSANE ASYLUM with a Basement for Demonized Tebowobama for the mentally Insane with Illegal immigrants bringing in viruses for the evil Protestors loving Anger and Hatred against White police officer s loving your RACIST that you are …never obeying the first thing a police officer tells you to do causing you to DIE.


    1. You’re right, who knows how many of those 40,000 Chinese that Trump let in this country had the coronavirus.

      Most likely, thousands.

      And you voted for that orange loser Trump a second time.




    1. Finally a fan who gets it! They should name the whole university to the greatest person to ever walk the grounds! OJ Simpson University! Do it like how OJ did it on the field!


  5. Call it the John McKay Hall. He played the best and it didn’t matter who they were. All he wanted to do is win and beat nd and ugly.


  6. Any more negative crap you want us to know about USC? Enquiring minds want to know. Give it a rest dude. You seem like a very bitter man and no one likes a negative person.




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