USC Morning Buzz: Winners And Losers Of The Week


The two Drakes

Does USC realize every time it hypes up wide receiver Drake London or defensive end Drake Jackson it reminds the fans it didn’t use either player enough last season? It can’t make the same mistake in 2021, can it?

USC song girls

The fact Lori Nelson resigned as coach is a big win for the song girls. If they scrap the current selection committee and make things transparent, it will be even better.

USC women’s basketball

If Mark Trakh was forced to retire, he would have the distinction of being forced out two times at USC. I guess LSU got Kim Mulkey before USC had a chance to hire her (just kidding).

USC women’s golf

Pac-12 champs. Some cello-recital applause for a program that people don’t recognize when they deserve praise.

Player power

I’m still laughing the baseball team stuck it to Mike Bohn and the rest of the administration over limiting attendance to a women’s soccer game to several hundred while football was allowed 5,000 for the scrimmage (and didn’t appear to get it).


Football injuries

USC had four players leave practice Saturday: RB Brandon Campbell, WR Michael Jackson, OG Liam Jimmons and LB Tuasivi Nomura. None of the injuries were considered serious but it seems like a lot of players got hurt this spring.

VKC renaming

The criteria for renaming the VKC building seems to have an almost-impossible-to-meet standard. Oh, when is the same thing going to happen to Cromwell Field?

USC baseball

Swept in Arizona and now sitting in seventh place in the Pac-12. It looks like the program is in a better place than two years ago but when do results show it?

Season-ticket sales

The deadline for renewing football season tickets keeps getting extended and people keep declining to renew. When is the Salute to Troy? Kidding again.

32 thoughts on “USC Morning Buzz: Winners And Losers Of The Week

  1. The song girl thing is a nothing burger, I’m sure this is SOP for most schools. How long before Woke Folt disbands all cheer squads ?

    Kim Mulkey is a native of Louisiana, SC wouldn’t have had a chance with her anyway, LSU probably pays better as well.

    Bravo to baseball for sticking it to USC, but the play on the field leaves a lot to be desired, they are better but not good.

    Good for women’s golf, the men however are awful.

    Does anyone care about VKC ? And only Wolf seems to have his panties in a wad about Cromwell

    With the new NCAA rules for football practice no on will be getting hurt because no one will be hitting anyone else !

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    1. I care about VKC, mainly because it is the start of the avalanche of renaming everything. I want John Wayne associated with USC. Leland Stanford said things against asian americans when he ran for Governor. Berkeley….well he owned four slaves. Do I want these institutions renamed? No. Are the people in charge of USC better people who are more enlightened? Do they really walk the walk by living in the surrounding neighborhood of USC? No, they live in $8M homes in very gentrified neighborhoods making over a million a year spending most of their time lecturing everyone on how woke they are and how bad everyone else is.

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      1. I think it helps if you understand the psychology of the ‘woke hypocrite’: Spend all your time pointing out sore spots and vulnerabilities —it takes the focus of your ineptitude. Carol Folt is making this approach into an art form.

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      2. Sanford ran for CA Governor on a “no citizenship for the Chinese immigrants” platform. Stanford Univ. is named for his son.

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    2. One tiny correction: Scott does not wear panties. In fact, he does not wear any underwear. Ever.
      P. S.
      Carol Folt doesn’t either.

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    3. I know all you poor bastards are too poor to buy season tickets… I the most benevolent of the greatest university ever will pay for your tickets for the fist 1000 people to kiss my ass!!



      1. Suggestion Department:
        Try to think of some other condition people have to meet to get free tickets…..

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  2. If nobody had pointed it out I wouldn’t know that the person a building was named after was racist. Furthermore the building itself cannot be racist so why punish it? Just kidding.
    The big loser of the week for me is the San Bernardino Sun (newspaper that used to carry Wolf) they printed about two thirds of an article yesterday stopping mid word without a lead to the last part. Not bad writing bad publishing.
    Finally in high school we had varsity cheer, Jr. varsity cheer, song girls and flag twirlers I don’t know how any of them got on the team and after fifty years I don’t care. So why do I care about the snowflake cheerleaders at USC?

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    1. “San Bernardino Sun (newspaper that used to carry Wolf) they printed about two thirds of an article yesterday stopping mid word without a lead to the last part. Not bad writing bad publishing.”

      – Rialto Toejam

      Not bad publishing, bad editing you fucking idiot


      1. Oh thank you for pointing that out TO. I assumed the editor of the home paper would have made sure the original article was complete before sending it to the local edition for placement. But I had no idea you were a newspaper boy.
        Maybe you can get mine further up the apron of my driveway. There’s a nice tip at Christmas for you if I stop getting wet newspapers thank you


  3. LMFAO!

    NASA wants the world to believe that 5771 photographs were taken in the combined time of 4834 minutes over an alleged six missions!

    This equates to;

    Apollo 11…… photo every 15 seconds
    Apollo 12…… photo every 27 seconds
    Apollo 14…… photo every 62 seconds
    Apollo 15…… photo every 44 seconds
    Apollo 16…… photo every 29 seconds
    Apollo 17…… photo every 26 seconds

    Given all the facts, was it possible for two men to take that many photos in so short a time?

    Any professional photographer will tell you it cannot be done.




  4. Speaking of the Biggest Loser’s, check out these clowns on the International Fake Station…

    They’re hooked to a harness pretending to float




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    1. The Navy now has photos of the creature flying an aircraft at 17,000 miles per hour over our destroyers. The photos clearly show the pilot is Golden Age movie star, Montgomery Clift.
      But the Navy keeps pretending it’s not him.

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      1. He’s probably up there too…
        Some F-18 pilot is gonna spot him….
        …and Tyrone Power will be next….

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  5. “Does USC realize every time it hypes up wide receiver Drake London or defensive end Drake Jackson it reminds the fans it didn’t use either player enough last season?”

    Of all the offensive gems the Trojans had or could have had on the field, Drake London was deployed effectively. For a full season, his stats project to 66 catches, 1004 yards, and 6 TD. Sure, they could have thrown to him more, but they also had St. Brown and Vaughans.

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    1. If Drake stays healthy he’ll catch more passes for more yards than either St. Brown or Vaughns (and maybe more than both combined).

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    2. Almost all his catches came lined up inside (like a TE)… and this is his first season playing football year round and as his sole focus after giving up BB. Does the fact that California was shut down and didn’t allow group workouts (PRPs) have any affect on his development? I think so. They moved him outside and with the added reps he gets with Kedon he should have a stellar year.

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  6. Will USC be so bad at drawing attendence that they will have ot pull an ugly stunt and have free tickets placed in the newspaper and sell them at Costco?

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  7. I’m actually beginning to think that the best QB that SC has is Dart, even over Slovis. I know that it’s a little early to say that but the one thing that Slovis has over everyone else is game experience. He’s long since adjusted to the speed of the game whereas I’m not sure the other 2 guys have made that adjustment and he should be pretty good at reading defenses by now. But Dart is much more mobile than Slovis and I actually think that he has a better arm. His passes are more sharp with more power and on the money. He doesn’t float the ball like Slovis quite often does.


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