USC Notes: Swim Coach Investigated

USC swim coach Jeremy Kipp is under investigation for reportedly kicking a water bottle that hit a swimmer in the face, according to the swimming publication, SwimSwam.

USC released the following statement to SwimSwam:

“Whenever a concern is raised about a coach or staff member, USC Athletics takes it seriously and looks into it. However, we do not discuss individual situations because of the confidential nature of personnel issues.”

Kipp is a first-year coach after spending two years at Northwestern, so he was hired by Coach Bohn.

  • Clay Helton released the following statement Sunday night from the family of Chris Brown.

35 thoughts on “USC Notes: Swim Coach Investigated

    1. The longer USC keeps the corrupt asshole C.L. Max Nikias around as a puppeteer trying to cover up all the scandals he was complicit in the longer USC will be embroiled in scandal.

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  1. Please stay on this, Scott. The “investigation” will no doubt conceal the fact that Kipp placed a homing device in that bottle, virtually making it into a guided missile ….thereby violating paragraph 2 of the SALT agreement….

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      1. I don’t think there’s much chance of the Lori Nelson or Jeremy Kipp stories going anywhere…..but I have high hopes for the “Imposter” story……
        —-Godfather 2

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      2. 67 —Keep the faith, my friend! [Anytime things seem to look bleak here at InsideUSC check out Conquest Chronicles or Sports Illustrated and you’ll thank Scott from the bottom of your heart]…..

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      3. Dear Pisley, you cherry picking, road kill, why haven’t you mentioned UCLA women’s WP team kicked the sh*t out of the #1 bozo WP bimbos 13 – 6 or 7 – LOL.



      4. I’m on sabbatical right now at Sandford&SonU… I’ll get back with ya soon as I see Elizabeth.

        You dumbass, they didn’t even play their top players this game after beating the sow biotches soundly the previous day..

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    1. Buzz Aldrin can’t bring himself to lie to little girl, admits he never went to the moon…

      And there you go, the asshole liar finally admits the truth


      1. tebow –you’re a smart guy. Time to move away from this one.
        [The Woody Woodpecker stuff on YouTube isn’t bad —but I still wonder where that lit stick of dynamite comes from every time Farmer Alfalfa pries Woody’s beak open —it’s like it comes outta nowhere]…..


      2. I could confirm to you that Buzz and Neil did actually land on the moon. I was the one who paid for the rockets to get them there.


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      3. The clip was edited? She asked him a direct question and he immediately had to tell the truth.

        Aldrin wasn’t giving a speech, he answered a question, where was there time or other content to “edit”?

        There wasn’t.


        AHA HA HA HA HA HA HA!

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      4. Well If you see the raw footage not the highly edited version You’d see just the opposite. There is a lengthy continuation after each editorial cut that is quite different. They cherry picked the interview, perhaps to set him up. You can dispute whether or not we went to the moon (it’s your prerogative) but the actual full interview is not a damning piece. It is edited creatively to cut him off before he completes sentences and thoughts. Nice try but not a accurate piece. Sorry

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      5. “raw footage”?


        It wasn’t a symposium or conference Aldrin was speaking at, he was talking to a bunch of kids.

        And now you clowns are saying Aldrin was taken out of context talking to a bunch of kindergarteners.


        AHA HA HA HA HA HA HA!




    1. This brings me back to the Woody Woodpecker stick of dynamite. Tons of people watch and never ask, “where did that come from?” They just accept it…


    1. Jackie Gleason would be in SO much trouble for that line today. And this is just as it should be!
      # …ItWasAnImminentThreatToSendAliceToTheMoon…

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  2. Tebowobama, how many FBI conspiracy watch lists are you on? I have never seen so much stupidity all in one post. I don’t find your writing anything more than rambling musings of a deranged mind. I’d ask which mental institutions you lived in, but I don’t want to denigrate mental institutions. What you wrote has nothing to do with USC sports. Put the tablet down and deliver your newspapers.


  3. I got a tingle up my leg that SC starts an inquiry immediately on the plastic bottle field goal attempt but it slips the school’s oversight on the good ole Doctor’s finger massages for 20yrs.


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    1. #What’sCal75’sPoint?….


    1. Not an excuse. Just pointed out that we beat you the previous day you dumbass. The fact I discount your win isn’t an excuse.


      1. Smells like more excuses, excuses, excuses, excuses Pisley.

        Cherry picking bozo victories SUCCs Three ball. I mean how bad is the 2nd string WP unit? Face it hambone, the Bruins bitch slapped the #1 bimbo’s all around the pool. That’s a Fact.

        #”Factsmatter”….~Dear Pisley


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